It’s hard to be angry with a company who is currently auctioning off 17 items that will go for at LEAST a few hundred dollars for charity, especially when they support a practice that you believe in, so we’ll say that I’m frustrated with Jockey right now.

Jockey had a limited run of MadBum underwear following the World Series and the fantastic performance by San Francisco Giants pitcher Madison Bumgarner. Like, 2000 pairs, limited.

Apparently some were handed out at the parade in San Francisco, and then Jockey seems to have given out many pairs on Twitter to people who showed early support, and now there are 17 autographed pairs on eBay, the cheapest at $99 with 4 days left to bid.

I wanted a pair of that underwear. I would have worn them proudly, probably showing them off on Opening Day at Cheesie’s next year.

But I can’t pay that much for something that I won’t end up wearing because of a few scribbles of silver sharpie.

It’s really frustrating to me that I can’t simply buy an overpriced pair of underwear with MADBUM across the ass. They would definitely sell out anyway, couldn’t they put the proceeds of that toward their foundation?

Just let me have that underwear!