Pro tip: If it’s 6:00PM and you’re ready to go to sleep, just go to sleep.

Even if you had grand plans to get back to this month-long blogging project you gave up about a week ago so you could sleep more and get over the death plague you’re finally over, just go to sleep.

Definitely don’t lay around until you motivate yourself to make some chicken nuggets and pierogies, thinking that it’ll help wake you up and then you’ll have energy to get something done; just go to sleep.

All the chicken nuggets and pierogies are going to do is keep you awake enough to start watching The Good Wife, but not actually get anything done. Then you’ll still be awake as the clock nears 10:00PM and you won’t have done anything but fallen in love with Julianna Margulies again because apparently it wasn’t just Nurse Carol Hathaway that you loved more than a decade ago.

So really, if you don’t have anything you have to do and you’d like to go to sleep at 6:00PM.

Just go to sleep.