Yesterday was apparently National Best Friends Day, and I was honored to have been tagged someone who I consider to be one of mine in her post about the day on Facebook. I’d considered posting about it, but didn’t think the world would care so much about my love for the 4 people who immediately come to mind with thinking about best friends.

One of the things about those people though, is that they are supportive as fuck, so when I mentioned to Kirsti that I was considering writing about it, she was rather enthusiastically in favor of the idea.

I’ve mentioned to Sheryl and Karina before that I’ve wanted to write again and both of them are always quick to say that they welcome my voice in any form, so I should definitely ignore the fact that it’s been more than 6 months since I’ve even logged in over here and just get to it!

And then there’s Mallory. The wonderful friend I met because of blogging more than a decade ago and the only one of the women mentioned here I’ve actually met in person. Is there possibly a better way to mention how much I value her friendship than in the medium that facilitated a friendship that could now be in 5th grade?

There are many more amazing friends who I could write about, and I am super thankful for each and every one of those friendships, the four ladies mentioned above though, they just hold that extra special spot that needs a shout out for occasions like this.

Even if I am a day late.