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Getting Excited!

I’ve been blogging (rather inconsistently) for a little while now, and in that time I have found a friend or two in this here blog-o-sphere. Not nearly as many friends as I would like, mostly because these people are kind of insanely cool and I am just a little terribly, frightfully intimidated by them.

Yet, these people are opening up registration for a gathering they’re having to the first 100 people who sign up!

I can get in without having to impress one of them enough for an invite! And even better than that, when I’ve mentioned my excitement about going on Twitter, I’ve gotten replies from some of them encouraging me to attend!

Psst! I think I might actually be getting closer to being cool!

(I say closer because honestly, as cool as these bloggers are, most fall into the category of nerd, or geek on some level. So yeah, I’m getting to cool, but it’s with awesome cool nerds!)

Oh, and that event that they’re letting me come to…

It’s called Bloggers in Sin City, which of course means that those 100 of us who are going will be taking over VEGAS BABY!!!!

It also happens to be the weekend that I would be walking across a graduation stage to get my BA in English from Sac State. I’m actually okay with this. I had only just started to get excited about walking, and I can do that in another year after my credential.

To those of you reading this who will be attending Bloggers in Sin City, I expect to have a drink from each of you at the opening night mixer!

I can’t register until my student loans for this semester come in, which has actually turned into quite a relief. This means that I have about a week to obsessively watch the number of available spots go down and hope that I get the money in time, while also figuring out exactly what to put in the scary box to introduce yourself and perhaps even take a decent picture to include with registration! Maybe I’ll get my hair cut before then!

What would you put in a box with this description? “Introduce yourself! What are 5 things that everyone going to BiSC should know about you? (Yes, this will be published on the website!)”

Xoso Babies!

This was my day yesterday…

First I got to hang out with Chloe and her awesome mother Melinda, which included a trip to Old Navy, where I got some really good fall weather clothes that I didn’t expect to find. Melinda also tried on some jeans that looked super cute, but she wasn’t completely sold on them, so she passed.

There’s a sale today on baby stuff, so she’s going back and trying on some more jeans while she’s there. I hope she can find something she likes!

After that I got to come home and get to a little bit of homework before going out to dodgeball, where I was promised another smiling face!

Has anyone else but their parents gotten to see both Xoso babies on the same day?

Luca wasn’t as smily as he has been other times, but he was still fun to see. That should really happen more often. Maybe times when his father isn’t throwing dodgeballs in his direction, being the only reason that the baby wall was needed!

Please excuse my messy hair, and the poor lighting not showing how awesome my new highlights are. And yes, that is one of the new sweaters. I also got a solid purple, considering changing that out for the purple argyle, or maybe even just getting the purple argyle as well. I’m such a sucker for argyle right now!!!

Let me know what you think, feel free to click through to the Old Navy site and suggest other colors!

Midwest Magic!

Tonight, I was feeling magic in the air. There were thunderstorms in the forecast and everything smelled amazing. So much so that I actually wandered outside to just be for a little while. I wanted to walk around Old Sac and just take everything in during that awesome pre-storm energy, but night had already fallen and I didn’t want to go alone. Nor did I want to take away a lead from Sweet n’ Hot by grabbing one of the guys upstairs. So out front I sat for a little while.

When I got home, I couldn’t ignore the magic outside my window, but I had no one to take a walk with me, and it was almost midnight, so I just had to settle for an open window and blinds.

As I sat down to read more of Wicked (oddly enough the scene describing the tornado) the lightning really got under way. As I was putting down my book and thinking Screw it! I’m going out to get me some of this magic! my phone rang, my darling brother who had just turned me down for a walk in the pre-storm magic was being called outside as well.

As soon as we were outside, the sky just seemed to open up and pour on us. I couldn’t have asked for much better. Only one thing that I can think of right now would have topped it, but playing in the rain with my brother while my soul was reenergized by nature is a damn close second!

Sadly, I got no good pictures of the actual lightning, but my friend Davis got the one above!

Jeff and I got some other awesome pictures. There are a select few here, and more on Facebook. I’m pretty sure that 97% of the people who read this will be able to find them on Facebook. If you can’t see them because I don’t know you and you would like to, let me know!

My hair is totally going to be tangled and smelling of rain tomorrow. I can’t wait for the reminder of the magic!

I definitely felt like I was back in Iowa for a little bit, for all of the reasons that I loved it there. (I didn’t completely hate it!) Specifically, I’m recalling a trip Mallory and I took to Maid-Rite, during which we got caught in what seemed to be a 15-second downpour the moment we got out of the car and ran inside. If I remember correctly, it wasn’t even raining when we left her house, just a couple miles away.

Now back to Wicked! You don’t really think I could sleep after such fuel for the soul, do you?

Please Excuse the Language but…

I’m pretty fucking amazing.

Seriously. It’s taken me much longer than it should have to realize it, but I really am.

This realization comes from a boy seeming to get a little weirded out actually, or maybe I’m just reading things wrong. I have been dating a boy for a couple of weeks, and in that time he’s realized that I pick up on details pretty easily. This is true. If you tell me your birthday, or I see it on Facebook, I will probably remember that it’s the same or similar to someone else that I know, and therefore I will know it sooner and remember it longer than you might expect.

What’s my best friend from elementary school who I haven’t spoken to regularly in 15 years you ask? June 8. Her mother’s? August 7.

I don’t know how, I don’t know why. They don’t always stick, but they do tend to get in there pretty quick.

That same boy doesn’t know this (yet?), but I really like doing things to show my affection. Things like mix CDs or post cards sent by snail mail. I’ve had some people make me feel as though the kind of attention that I can give is not a good thing. Those people are wrong.

Sure, there are people who don’t handle the attention so well, and I probably won’t be super close with them for very long, but that doesn’t make either of us wrong. I do believe that it indicates that I’m going to be a pretty kick-ass mother though.

I’ve blogged before about this awesome party put on by an amazingly talented mother and how blown away I was by it. I’m starting to realize that I have the potential to be just as inspiring.

So, it sucks if I’m reading this boy correctly and he is getting scared off by things like awesome sandwiches that I make and remembering birthdays, but just think of what the one who won’t be scared away will be like! And I could be totally wrong anyway, and he could just be busy. In that case, lucky him!


Once upon a time I searched my own name on Facebook.

There were are few girls with the same name, but only one who stood out. She happens to live in Seattle, very close to Tacoma, WA, where I was born. So I sent a friend request; she of course recognized the amazingness and accepted!

Thanks to the ever-so-functional Facebook chat we talked a little bit after finding out through status updates that we’ve got many a thing in common. Turns out, she was born in Santa Cruz (if I remember correctly) which is relatively close to where I live now when compared to Seattle. We tended to update our status within half an hour saying very similar things.

Obviously, we’re both made of the same kind of awesome.

A couple months ago she let me know that she was coming down to visit her dad.

The Katherines Wessel would be in the same state, and for a little while, the same city! This was obviously going to either solve all of the world’s problems, or bring on the apocalypse.

That’s right, you can breathe easy tonight. We met today, and I see no signs of impending doom, which only leaves one reasonable outcome.

All is now right in the world.

Also, we’re both reading an amazing book that you should probably check out.