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I know I won’t be…

Remember this awful video?

No? Why haven’t you been reading? I posted this less than a month ago. Anyway, I hope you didn’t just watch it again if you watched it before. I’m a little sorry I posted it in the first place.

I’ve been thinking about this song a lot lately.

Mostly because I totally identify with the title. I don’t want to be a crappy housewife! I still don’t know whether Tonje wants to be a good housewife or not a housewife at all, but I know where I stand on the issue!

I’m not worried about it!

The following is a list of things I did this week:

● Started re-making a dresser
● Sold things I no longer needed through Craigslist and
● Donated a bag of clothes to Goodwill
● Read a bunch
● Did laundry
● Cleaned the kitchen after…
● Making my own fruit roll ups
● Glittered some shoes
● Ate lots of left overs from when I…
● Made lasagna and enchiladas (ok, so that was last week, but still!)

I believe that those ten bullets are more than enough to suggest that I will be a fantastic housewife, should my future husband and I be fortunate enough to not need two incomes.

Either that, or you could all just buy glitter shoes from me and I could have that second income and be at home!

*Update* I forgot to add that I also got some decent tanning in, which obviously shows that I won’t look like a crappy housewife!

I’m an awesome sister.

Hey guys, giving my brother a little plug and an html lesson. If you’re a total nerd awesome you should check out his blog by clicking the picture of he and our next door neighbor non-biological sister.

(Seriously though people it’s about video games and ridiculous fantasy card mumbo jumbo and some Dr.Who (ok, so that one I can get behind have you seen Blink? Carey Mulligan is totes adorbs in it!).)

Also, just to really drive home the point in my title, totally changed a dirty diaper today. Sandy aka sis-in-law can vouch for me. It was gross.

Lovely Locks

I have awesome hair. Like really. I got really lucky with my locks. I did pretty much nothing to them for the first 23 years of my life, at which point I met one of the most important people in my life. My hair stylist. This was the first time that I had a real style to my hair. Courtney added layers and eventually got me to try bangs and I have never looked back! Since then I have had highlights, and continue to try to get Courtney to take me shorter two or three times a year. It’s kind of awesome and Courtney and I have actually crossed paths socially, which is really awesome except when…

I dye my hair green and I don’t want her to know about it!

Ok, so actually that first paragraph is a little misleading. I dyed my hair a few times in junior high and high school, but considering the lavish amount of conditioner that I use and the low frequency of the dying, it didn’t leave any lasting damage. This is why I had no hesitation when I wanted to be an “army girl” for Halloween of 2009 and decided to do the hair green too!

I’ve also done some drastic cuts before, doing a bob at my chin from cutting off about 11 inches and donating it to Locks of Love.

It’s been more than a year now since Courtney and I have been dying over and trimming off the green and it’s finally gone!

That means that I’m back to a place in which I can donate my hair if I wanted to. Supposedly it’s not supposed to be dyed, but lots of people tell me that they don’t believe that my hair currently has highlights, which is just dumb of them.

I don’t have the length to donate my hair right now, but that isn’t the only way that I can do some good with my hair. Especially with St. Baldrick’s Day coming up. For those who are unfamiliar and too lazy busy to click through, St. Baldrick’s is an annual event in support of finding a cure for children’s cancers. Participants in the event shave their head for donations and the proceeds go toward research that will hopefully find cures in the near future!

Don’t worry, I don’t plan on participating by shaving my head this year. It’s something I’ve thought about though and will probably do at some point. I’ve always wanted to try a short hair style anyway, I might as well go all out and style it as it’s growing back in, right?

One thing that seems a little odd is that I’m not seeing anything about donations of longer hair, just about the money coming in from shaving. I would definitely want to donate what I could to Locks of Love, so I hope that they do suggest that to the participants with longer hair!

How about you? Ever thought about a drastic change? Would you go as far as shaving your head?

Let me go on!

Watch the first 25 seconds or so of this video…

There’s a better quality one for the rest afterward!

If you’d like to jam out to some Violent Femmes and smile at Angela Chase’s silly dancing, continue with this!

This was my Tuesday.

It was less about the boy and more about myself though. I’m actually starting to forgive myself for some stupid things I did. I mean, if someone can’t see the hole that I’m in and that my decisions are clouded because of that, they don’t deserve to get me once the clouds clear.

That sucks for them, and for me. I mean, I’d love to be with the person who is going to help me find my way through the fog now that it’s so much thinner, but until then I’ve found out who the friends are who I want to show this unclouded me to!

Getting Excited!

I’ve been blogging (rather inconsistently) for a little while now, and in that time I have found a friend or two in this here blog-o-sphere. Not nearly as many friends as I would like, mostly because these people are kind of insanely cool and I am just a little terribly, frightfully intimidated by them.

Yet, these people are opening up registration for a gathering they’re having to the first 100 people who sign up!

I can get in without having to impress one of them enough for an invite! And even better than that, when I’ve mentioned my excitement about going on Twitter, I’ve gotten replies from some of them encouraging me to attend!

Psst! I think I might actually be getting closer to being cool!

(I say closer because honestly, as cool as these bloggers are, most fall into the category of nerd, or geek on some level. So yeah, I’m getting to cool, but it’s with awesome cool nerds!)

Oh, and that event that they’re letting me come to…

It’s called Bloggers in Sin City, which of course means that those 100 of us who are going will be taking over VEGAS BABY!!!!

It also happens to be the weekend that I would be walking across a graduation stage to get my BA in English from Sac State. I’m actually okay with this. I had only just started to get excited about walking, and I can do that in another year after my credential.

To those of you reading this who will be attending Bloggers in Sin City, I expect to have a drink from each of you at the opening night mixer!

I can’t register until my student loans for this semester come in, which has actually turned into quite a relief. This means that I have about a week to obsessively watch the number of available spots go down and hope that I get the money in time, while also figuring out exactly what to put in the scary box to introduce yourself and perhaps even take a decent picture to include with registration! Maybe I’ll get my hair cut before then!

What would you put in a box with this description? “Introduce yourself! What are 5 things that everyone going to BiSC should know about you? (Yes, this will be published on the website!)”

Couch to 5K… Again

I’ve made a few changes in the last few weeks that I should have made a few months ago. Unfortunately for the biggest of those things, while it’s good that I’m doing the “right” thing now, the outcome of the mistake I made will probably not be changed by getting back on track now.

That’s not what this post is about though. This is about one of the things that WILL be changed by getting back on track now!

I’ve written before about the couch to 5K program and how I was doing with that, but then school started. With the change in schedule I let some things get away from me and school and work took over most of my running time.

There was some cardio time at the new LEED certified gym at school to watch the San Francisco Giants win the World Series, but that was really just time on the bike or the elliptical while watching the game, I did not get further with the C25K program.

The elliptical has never transferred into being able to actually run, though it did help with that little thing I posted about on Sunday. So rather than starting where I left off, I’ve decided to start over! My first run I accidentally started in the third week again, and the first minute and a half run was not so fun, though I did get through it. Once I realized my mistake I very quickly cancelled that run and went back to the first run.

I was feeling a bit beat up after couple cycles of running, so I decided to skip one, I mean, it’s good that I’m doing it at all right? Well, I actually ended up rethinking it and after the eighth run I went back and did one more round to truly have 8 under my belt for the first day.

I’m glad I did.

An option I’m considering for my off days is taking the jump into the weight room at the gym and figuring out how to use some of the machines that totally intimidate me. Just one more thing that I should have started before!

Closed-minded part 2

My post the other day got me thinking about other ways in which I’ve been closed-minded. I’ve been down lately, and for a little while I felt like I was being very judgmental toward other people. So for a while I was giving everyone the benefit of the doubt. Assuming that they were in quite a hurry if they cut me off, or that they were having a bad day if they were rude to me.

While the immediate forgiveness and not being angry felt awesome, it took a lot more energy than just thinking that sometimes people are jerks. So I’ve laid off of that a little in the past week or so and it feels nice. I still like to give people a little more leeway than I used to, as it means that there is a lot less of my day that I spend frustrated, but no longer am I blindly giving credit to everyone.

Like this jerkface!

One of my biggest pet peeves while trying to find a parking space is seeing other people parking in a way that takes up way more room than their car needs. My new forgiveness perspective allows me to assume that extra space between two cars is just happenstance of the timing of the different people parking, but that is not the case with this guy.

Where he is parked is somewhere that two average sized cars can fit very easily. I think you can see that there is a white loading zone several feet in front of him and there is a driveway several feet behind him. Neither is big enough to fit another car, but if he had parked at either end, most cars would have been able to fit on the other.

I have to admit that it felt kind of nice to mutter “Jerkface” to the guy as I walked past both on my way to and from class. It was also nice that after that I didn’t get mad at the cars with several feet in between them because it might have just been odd parking times like I already said!

I feel like I’m growing. Go me!

Xoso Babies!

This was my day yesterday…

First I got to hang out with Chloe and her awesome mother Melinda, which included a trip to Old Navy, where I got some really good fall weather clothes that I didn’t expect to find. Melinda also tried on some jeans that looked super cute, but she wasn’t completely sold on them, so she passed.

There’s a sale today on baby stuff, so she’s going back and trying on some more jeans while she’s there. I hope she can find something she likes!

After that I got to come home and get to a little bit of homework before going out to dodgeball, where I was promised another smiling face!

Has anyone else but their parents gotten to see both Xoso babies on the same day?

Luca wasn’t as smily as he has been other times, but he was still fun to see. That should really happen more often. Maybe times when his father isn’t throwing dodgeballs in his direction, being the only reason that the baby wall was needed!

Please excuse my messy hair, and the poor lighting not showing how awesome my new highlights are. And yes, that is one of the new sweaters. I also got a solid purple, considering changing that out for the purple argyle, or maybe even just getting the purple argyle as well. I’m such a sucker for argyle right now!!!

Let me know what you think, feel free to click through to the Old Navy site and suggest other colors!