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New Year’s Resolutions The Finale!

So you all love Gunnarolla now, right? If not, you should just go back and watch this video before you read the end of my Resolutions list. No really.

Ok, now you’re in love with Andrew and you’re subscribed to him? Awesome!

If you missed my two previous posts, this is the third part of my New Year’s Resolutions. If you’ve read through them all, you should find yourself a sticker. You’ve earned it. Here are the rest!

I want to cook more.

Technically, this should work well with the wanting to lose weight thing, except that part of what I want to do is bake more. Either way, I know that I like the way I feel when I’m making my own food, so I’d like to continue having that feeling more often.

I want to take more pride in my appearance.

This probably sounds weird, but that’s the best way I can think of to phrase it.

I like my hair a lot more when it’s curled and I get at least 2, sometimes 3 or 4 days out of one 20 minute round of hair maintenance, so I see no reason to not put forth the effort to actually do my hair more often. I also always feel more productive when I have unchipped nail polish on my fingernails and when I have that and I’m wearing earrings, you should probably just go ahead and get out of my way, I’m making shit happen that day!

I want to be out of debt.

With student loans, I know that this is not something that I can do in one year. However, I can break this stupid credit card debt cycle and I’d like to do that before June. As of writing this post I have $1,890 in credit card debt that usually ends up staying about the same because I end up having to spend about as much as I pay down each month. Hopefully my tax return will cover a good portion, if not all of that, which will free up my budget to be through my checking account instead of bouncing back and forth between credit cards and my checking account.

As soon as I have my credit card balances to zero, it will be much easier for me to focus on my student loans as well as build some savings, which is something that I unfortunately don’t have right now.

So yeah, that last one turned out to be a little more practical than some of them, probably a good way to go out, huh?

All together I’ve got

I want to fail a lot more.
I want to lose weight.
I’m going to find a new job.
I want to write all of the things.
I want to read all of the things!
I want to be better.
I want to cook more.
I want to take more pride in my appearance.
I want to be out of debt.

9 things to work toward or get done in the coming year. Some are a little vain, some are more along the lines of personal development, all are things that I’m totally comfortable with and will be proud to say I’ve accomplished.

Now let’s see how well I do!

New Year’s Resolutions Part 2!

Yesterday I started a list of my New Year’s Resolutions. I have a lot that I’d like to do, so I posted only 3 yesterday and have some more today!

I want to write all of the things.

Without actually looking it up, I’m pretty sure that I did a fair bit more writing in 2013 than I did in 2012 and I want to do that again! In the 4 days that I have been at my dad’s before writing this post I wrote more than 3,000 words (4,500 if you count this piece) without really trying. While I’ve had more free time than I normally do while I’ve been here, as I’ve already said, I haven’t been trying to write.

I’m going to try to write 250,000 words next year, which averages to just under 5,000 words every week. It’s something that I’m going to have to focus on, but I don’t think that it’s at all unattainable. Especially since I plan on writing as much as possible for The Daily Quirk and I’m hoping to get a post up every day at Tiers For Beards!

I want to read all of the things!

I used to read a lot. It was awesome. I haven’t been reading much since I moved to Chicago and that is notsome. I’m going to try to read 12 books in 2013, which is really not a lot, because I’d also like to get back into the habit of reading my friends’ blogs.

Along with reading blogs, I’d like to actually engage and comment on them. If I wasn’t trying to do this as well, I would definitely go for a higher number with those books!

I want to be better.

I started this one thinking that I’d like more subscribers on YouTube, views on my blog and followers for TFB on Tumblr, but with just a moment of thought on that, I realized that to get those things, I really just need to be better with my content and update it consistently. If I do those things, the people who like what I make will follow.

I mean, I’m not Gunnarolla, so the YouTube algorithms shouldn’t just hate me, right?

I know you probably don’t get the reference in that last one, so you should go click through and listen to some of his fun songs while I briefly explain that Andrew is YouTube’s biggest tragedy. Basically, he’s actually a pretty amazing content creator and many of the well-known YouTubers watch him, but for some reason, he’s practically unknown as far as quality creators who have been around for years go.

Now go fall in super cheesy love with him and I’ll have the end of my list for you tomorrow!

New Year’s Resolutions!

If you’re rolling your eyes, get over it.

There are changes that I want need to make in my life, so I’m making some resolutions. In the past, I’ve been the type who has kind of looked down on the idea of New Year’s Resolutions because so few people ever stick to them, but this year I have some changes that I’m making and the calendar happens to be turning over when I make them, so I’m going with the typical name for them.

I’ve heard that sharing goals is a great way to create some sort of accountability for them, though I can’t say that that has really had an impact on me in the past. I think this time around I am actually looking to have a simple record of what I want to do. While it’s not the only reason I give up on goals, I think sometimes I simply forget that I’m working toward something long term when daily tasks get in my way. This post will serve as a reminder of what I’d like to do, as long as I remember to look back at it every now and then!

Enough with the explanation though, let’s talk about what I actually want to do!

I want to fail a lot more.

I have a really bad habit of not going for things that I don’t think I’ll get because I don’t want to deal with failing. I’ll be writing in more detail about this soon, but there’s the basic idea.

I want to lose weight.

I’m not even going to pretend that this isn’t a vanity thing. It is. I don’t like how my body looks right now and I know that I have the power to make it look like it used to, so I’d like to do that. I’m about 160 pounds now and a size 10 in Gap jeans. I’d like to get down to my Gap size 4, though if I build muscle while working the weight off, I don’t really care what the scale says when I’m there.

For those of you who think that a size 4 is too small, Gap sizes are cut a size larger than they are labeled, so that really means that I’m currently a 12 and would like to be a 6.

I’m going to find a new job.

I do not like my current job. Enough so that I sometimes cry when I walk out the door from the relief I feel.

My resume doesn’t really align with the things that I’d most like to do, but I am at the point of just needing something different, at least something better paying, so I’m not going quite so crazy.

I know I’m only 3 goals in, but this is getting a little long and I’m not even half way through my list, so this is now a part post! See you again tomorrow!

12 changes, 12 months.

The other day I got into a conversation with a friend about how frustrating it can be to try to make changes to your life. There’s all this stuff to be done and you want to do it all, so it seems totally overwhelming. What does that lead to? For me, it means sitting back and doing nothing.

So instead, I suggested something that we could do next year. We’re going to decide on 12 changes we want to make and incorporate them into our lives one by one. We’ll give each new change a month to take hold and become habit before going for the next one. That way we’ll have a drastic difference in our lives by the end of the year, but we won’t have made any dramatic changes.

Sounds kind of cool, huh?

I put the call out to twitter only a few minutes after deciding that we were going to do it, thinking that it would be really cool to have 12 people make 12 changes in the 12 months of 2012.

And then the responses came. We had 24 people interested in about an hour. In the 48 hours or so since then, we’ve grown to over 36!

This is looking like it could be something really awesome.

The conversation that Stephany and I had was about being healthier and making better food choices, but with almost 40 of us there will obviously be some varied goals. I know that Erini started a list and came up with way more than 12, while Grace doubted that she would think of 12 without seeing some other people’s lists. This is why this will make a fantastic group project!

We have just under 4 weeks until January 1. In that time, I’d love for everyone to come up with a list of at least 9 items. If we share those on blogs and through email, those who are having trouble coming up with 12 will be able to catch some inspiration and those who have more may be able to decide which ones they will have the best support on! Hopefully we’ll have a group blog to start sharing on soon, so we won’t have to rely on my shoddy ability to get email out to everyone!

I actually have the feeling that I’m going to have more than 12 things, and some of those I might decide to implement together. In that case, I might actually have 18 things on my list. Shocking and scandalous I know, but that’s the kind of thing that I mean, this is everyone’s project and we can all do it in our own way.

How about you? Want to join us? Make sure I have your email address and I’ll make sure that you’re on for future communications!

Let’s make some big changes in 2012!

If you need some inspiration, here’s my rough draft of things to change.

1. Drink more water every day.
2. Keep my place picked up every day.
3. Eat breakfast daily.
4. Bring lunch to work, cooking on the weekends.
5. Run at least once a week.
6. Wash my face every night.
7. Fold my laundry as soon as it’s done and PUT IT AWAY!
8. Blog twice a week.
9. Give or throw away a bag/box each week.
10. Read for 15 minutes each day.
11. Write a note to a friend every week.
12. File paperwork as it comes in.

Let me go on!

Watch the first 25 seconds or so of this video…

There’s a better quality one for the rest afterward!

If you’d like to jam out to some Violent Femmes and smile at Angela Chase’s silly dancing, continue with this!

This was my Tuesday.

It was less about the boy and more about myself though. I’m actually starting to forgive myself for some stupid things I did. I mean, if someone can’t see the hole that I’m in and that my decisions are clouded because of that, they don’t deserve to get me once the clouds clear.

That sucks for them, and for me. I mean, I’d love to be with the person who is going to help me find my way through the fog now that it’s so much thinner, but until then I’ve found out who the friends are who I want to show this unclouded me to!

Back to School

School starts today and I’m nervous. I have to add two different classes, one of which I really want, and the other I need. I’m not really prepared for the later, so let’s hope that the professor is kind!

I’m really excited about some other stuff that might be taking off soon though, I should have some more details to share about that late this week or early next week! Keep your fingers crossed for me?

Couch to 5K… Again

I’ve made a few changes in the last few weeks that I should have made a few months ago. Unfortunately for the biggest of those things, while it’s good that I’m doing the “right” thing now, the outcome of the mistake I made will probably not be changed by getting back on track now.

That’s not what this post is about though. This is about one of the things that WILL be changed by getting back on track now!

I’ve written before about the couch to 5K program and how I was doing with that, but then school started. With the change in schedule I let some things get away from me and school and work took over most of my running time.

There was some cardio time at the new LEED certified gym at school to watch the San Francisco Giants win the World Series, but that was really just time on the bike or the elliptical while watching the game, I did not get further with the C25K program.

The elliptical has never transferred into being able to actually run, though it did help with that little thing I posted about on Sunday. So rather than starting where I left off, I’ve decided to start over! My first run I accidentally started in the third week again, and the first minute and a half run was not so fun, though I did get through it. Once I realized my mistake I very quickly cancelled that run and went back to the first run.

I was feeling a bit beat up after couple cycles of running, so I decided to skip one, I mean, it’s good that I’m doing it at all right? Well, I actually ended up rethinking it and after the eighth run I went back and did one more round to truly have 8 under my belt for the first day.

I’m glad I did.

An option I’m considering for my off days is taking the jump into the weight room at the gym and figuring out how to use some of the machines that totally intimidate me. Just one more thing that I should have started before!

This might surprise some of you…

But I am extremely closed-minded and stubborn.

I’m of course only referring to the first part of that as being a surprise. If you don’t know that I’m stubborn, you simply don’t know me very well. For a girl who proudly and openly supports gay marriage and wishes she could help anyone who wants it though, closed-minded might not be the first thing that comes to mind.

It’s true though. I have examples!

I always thought that I didn’t like Snickers.

I’m not a big fan of caramel, which is why I often stay away from Twix and Milky Way as well. The times that I do have a Snickers or a Milky Way would be when they are in the mini form and frozen at my grandparents’ cabin each summer, though I will always go for a 3 Musketeers first if it is within grasp.

I recently gave a friend a mug filled with Snickers bars as a kind of apology for something stupid I’ve done and in the process of preparing this gift I bought one more bar than I needed. I don’t remember what it was that drove me to open that last bar and eat it myself, but whoa.

The chocolate was amazing before I got to anything else. The chew of the nougat was perfect, especially when contrasted with the crunch of the peanuts. I didn’t even notice the caramel except as a being a good texture to compliment the peanuts that it surrounds. My favorite part was definitely the chocolate. I know that I’ve got two X chromosomes, which means that I’m supposed to have a weak spot for chocolate, but most days I could really take it or leave it. This chocolate though was superb.

The whole experience was pretty eye-opening, obviously. I ended up buying two more about a week and a half later with the intent of giving one to the same friend. I talked myself out of that and ended up eating them both! Who would have thought that buying an extra Snickers bar that was intended for a friend would have led to a whole new perspective on the way I travel through this world?

What I mean by that is that once I realized how silly it was to have previously basically cut all possibility of snickers out of my diet because I thought that I didn’t like them. Why hadn’t I just tried them again some time? Perhaps my tastes had changed!

This all has me now wondering about other things that I was previously so against.

Camping for instance. While I may not be a fan of getting too dirty without knowing that there’s a shower waiting for me, or possibly dealing with bears, but the whole hanging out with friends part and being surrounded by pretty things that were not made by man does sound appealing.

Also baseball! While I still don’t entirely understand following professional sports teams, I have found myself recently caring how the San Francisco Giants are doing. I will say that I like having something that easily connects me to strangers who are wearing Giants gear in public, I still don’t get the overly crazed fans.

I am looking forward to learning more and being able to talk about the whole game a bit more next season though!

And of course, what is baseball without beer?

I’m still not so into beer, and I don’t see that changing any time soon, but I am now in a place that I can tolerate a glass or bottle when it’s offered and I don’t have another drink.

I’d like to find one that I actually like, I guess I’ll have to be up for trying things!

Good thing I tried that Snickers bar!

And I did it!

I’m sure you’ve gotten sick of me talking about how much I hate my not Barnes & Noble job. I’ve gotten sick of talking about it, to be honest.

That’s why I did something about it yesterday.

I feel kind of bad about the way that I did it, but I need to be looking out for myself first. I was scheduled to work yesterday morning at 9:30, and after seeing the paycheck that I got overnight through direct deposit, I decided that it was simply not worth the constant guilt and frustration. So I started calling every 5 minutes at 9:15 in hopes of getting someone who had gone in early.

At 9:25 the store manager answered and I told her that I was very sorry for not giving notice, but I couldn’t work there anymore.

The final straw was my birthday (now only 8 days away). I forgot to ask for it off, which I was bummed about when I got the schedule and saw that I was scheduled for 2:30-6:30 with an extension to 7:30. I asked the girl who was scheduled to open that day if she would switch with me so I could have more of the day free (I mean, mids kind of ruin the whole day, you know?) and she agreed.

The manager wasn’t in that day to get it approved, so I went in the next day (Wednesday) to have her sign off on it. Explaining the issue of my birthday, I let her know the situation. She agreed, but also gave me some huge attitude and said, “You know we’re not really doing switches anymore.”

The fact that I was willing to work on my birthday, I just needed a different shift seemed relatively generous to me. I now will have lots of time to work on the C25K and getting the basement cleaned out of things that I don’t need.

While I will totally admit that this wasn’t the smartest decision financially, I think that it was the best decision for me over all, and I look forward to making more like this from now on!

Midwest Magic!

Tonight, I was feeling magic in the air. There were thunderstorms in the forecast and everything smelled amazing. So much so that I actually wandered outside to just be for a little while. I wanted to walk around Old Sac and just take everything in during that awesome pre-storm energy, but night had already fallen and I didn’t want to go alone. Nor did I want to take away a lead from Sweet n’ Hot by grabbing one of the guys upstairs. So out front I sat for a little while.

When I got home, I couldn’t ignore the magic outside my window, but I had no one to take a walk with me, and it was almost midnight, so I just had to settle for an open window and blinds.

As I sat down to read more of Wicked (oddly enough the scene describing the tornado) the lightning really got under way. As I was putting down my book and thinking Screw it! I’m going out to get me some of this magic! my phone rang, my darling brother who had just turned me down for a walk in the pre-storm magic was being called outside as well.

As soon as we were outside, the sky just seemed to open up and pour on us. I couldn’t have asked for much better. Only one thing that I can think of right now would have topped it, but playing in the rain with my brother while my soul was reenergized by nature is a damn close second!

Sadly, I got no good pictures of the actual lightning, but my friend Davis got the one above!

Jeff and I got some other awesome pictures. There are a select few here, and more on Facebook. I’m pretty sure that 97% of the people who read this will be able to find them on Facebook. If you can’t see them because I don’t know you and you would like to, let me know!

My hair is totally going to be tangled and smelling of rain tomorrow. I can’t wait for the reminder of the magic!

I definitely felt like I was back in Iowa for a little bit, for all of the reasons that I loved it there. (I didn’t completely hate it!) Specifically, I’m recalling a trip Mallory and I took to Maid-Rite, during which we got caught in what seemed to be a 15-second downpour the moment we got out of the car and ran inside. If I remember correctly, it wasn’t even raining when we left her house, just a couple miles away.

Now back to Wicked! You don’t really think I could sleep after such fuel for the soul, do you?