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An open letter to ABC and Dancing with the Stars

Dear Casting Director of Dancing with the Stars,

I’d like to start off by saying that I love your show. I’m not even a big follower of celebrities anymore, but I always want to see who is going to be dancing, which then always leads me to needing to tune in to find out who is continuing. It’s very cyclical, in just the way that you would like it to be.

There’s something I’ve noticed about my excitement though. I’m often more interested in the professional dancers than I am in the B or C list celebrities who appear on the show. Hell, I’m more interested in Kym and Maks than I am in most of the full on celebrities who grace the ballroom floor!

And that is actually what brings me here to write to you now.

What happens when someone like Maksim Chmerkovskiy is the star? (This is not to say that Hope Solo isn’t one, I promise I’m part of your audience who definitely knows who she is and just how well she’ll be able to handle Maks this season.)

If he is the star, and he’s dancing with a star, it all just seems like a little much for me. There isn’t anyone who is dancing with the stars, they’re just all stars.

Don’t worry, I have a solution!

Bring in two civilians each season, one lead and one follow to dance with the pros who have their own star status.

I know that this asking a bit more of you, what with the widening of the casting pool and all, so I have an idea to make that easier as well.

Cast me!

I have just enough dance experience to be confident that I can get Maks that mirrorball, but not enough that I would have any more advantage than Joey Fatone or Drew Lachey did.

Heck, if you really want me to, I’m sure I could find a lead to dance with Cheryl or Kym without even breaking a sweat. There’s the pool of my dance friends, but then there’s also the factor of those girls being super hot. Even the least likely guy to dance would jump at the chance to get to touch those girls on a regular basis.

I think I’m getting off topic. To recap, Maks is now a star, please pay for me to travel and meet him and dance with him. There is information on how to contact me in the contact tab at the top of this page.

Let’s get Maks a mirrorball!


I guess I’m a softy.

On Monday night I came home from school a little early. I was super tired and it was delightfully gloomy, so going home to watch TV and fall asleep sounded much better than my Beginning Ballroom class in which I would have to physically interact with a lot of bad leads who would probably be asking about spending Valentine’s Day evening in class. Whether it’s polite conversation or them trying to figure out if I’m single, I’m not really into it. It can be frustrating enough to have the awkward conversations without throwing in a day like Valentine’s Day.

So, like I said, I went home early. I was assigned to watch I am Legend before Wednesday, so getting a copy of that and watching it sounded like a better idea than the previously described option for the evening.

On my way home I stopped at the gas station and noticed a man standing by the windshield washing fluid/squeegee station without a car he seemed ready to fill. Sure enough, as soon as I got out of my car, he asked if he could wash my windows for a couple bucks.

Doesn’t seem like the best of ideas on the first rainy day in a few weeks. My wipers did the job while I was driving already, thanks. I tried to turn him down by showing that I was paying with a card and saying that I didn’t have any cash. It wasn’t the truth, but I didn’t have any bills small enough that I was going to give out for a service I didn’t need, even if he was at least trying to earn the handouts he was requesting.

Any guilt I felt left when his response was, “Well you could take that inside.” Excuse me sir? Are you implying that I could go out of my way to go inside, when you see that I’m paying at the pump, to take cash out of an account to pay you for a service that I don’t need?

I told him that I was a student and claimed that I didn’t know whether my card would even clear. That lie I did not feel guilty about.

Normally I’m the girl who will gladly buy someone food if they are hungry, but I don’t give out cash. When I got into the car I thought about that, and how I really could spare the $5 bill that I had in my back pocket. Still though, I really would prefer to give food, and I worked for that money.

I was all ready to drive off when I opened my would be ash tray and dug out everything silver in it. A grand sum of $2.00!

I got back out of the car and said something about I hope this helps him, though it’s not much. I really do hope that he just happens to be down on his luck, and I hope that if he’s having issues getting food that he was able to get something to eat that night.

Let me go on!

Watch the first 25 seconds or so of this video…

There’s a better quality one for the rest afterward!

If you’d like to jam out to some Violent Femmes and smile at Angela Chase’s silly dancing, continue with this!

This was my Tuesday.

It was less about the boy and more about myself though. I’m actually starting to forgive myself for some stupid things I did. I mean, if someone can’t see the hole that I’m in and that my decisions are clouded because of that, they don’t deserve to get me once the clouds clear.

That sucks for them, and for me. I mean, I’d love to be with the person who is going to help me find my way through the fog now that it’s so much thinner, but until then I’ve found out who the friends are who I want to show this unclouded me to!

2009 Holidays

Christmas has come and gone, and it was a good one. The first one that I completely enjoyed where I was and who I was with, while also longing to be somewhere else, or at least have another addition to the group I was with. I like the feeling.

A few days before Christmas I got what is definitely my favorite present, and it wasn’t even a present. Double Champ (who has since won again, but doesn’t think we need to change his name yet again) came dancing with me last Tuesday. It was so much fun that I can’t even think of decent adjectives to describe how much I enjoyed it. At first he wanted to bow out because he’d had a long day and he thought that we could just meet up later, but when he realized how much I’d been looking forward to it he decided to join me for a couple of hours.

He doesn’t think he’s so great, but for the first time dancing he was actually really awesome. Based on his own assessment, he has said several times that he plans on getting better, which I believe is a bit of intention to come out again sometime! I suggested this week, especially since I was recently given $20 for a pair of sunglasses that I paid $12 for and was never going to wear again anyway and that is my dancing money this week. I think it might be a little sooner than he’d like though, so I won’t be pushing it. I think I’ll just let it happen as it happens and enjoy every moment.

Even if we don’t go dancing tomorrow night we’re going to an awesome New Years Eve party where there will be plenty of time for dancing, even though I’m sure the shoes I’ll end up wearing will not be so great for swing. Last night he surprised me by asking if he should wear a tux, which he apparently has! That is of course not at all necessary, though I do get to see him in a tie, which I am looking forward to seeing.

We haven’t exchanged gifts yet, mostly because I haven’t been able to get the supplies for his (and he knows the address to this blog, so I can’t talk about it) but I’m hoping that we can within the next week or so.

I would love to be able to post a picture of the two of us with this post, but as far as I know there are currently none in existence. That will have to change some time this week.


A friend of mine lost his mother early yesterday morning. I never got to meet her, but I love seeing his words about her.

He’s definitely one of the coolest people anyone could ever meet, and before I knew too much about her, I thought it was an “in spite of” situation rather than a because of. I was wrong.

Reading his words since her passing, I keep finding myself crying. I feel a little foolish for doing so, since I never did get to meet her, but the tears are not tears of loss or sorrow. They are happy tears to know that such a person could ever exist. I cannot thank this friend enough for sharing with the rest of the world these small fragments of the woman who shaped one of my favorite people in the world.

On an entirely different note, I saw Fame tonight, and will from now on be dancing pretty much every moment that I can. The latest addition to my dance line up will start next Monday, the beginning Hip Hop Aerobics course at Sac State. It will also get me on campus later, which means more study time. (That last period started off as an exclamation point, but needed to be changed.)

Feeling the smile on my face while watching the big number at the end was a bit awesome. I remember seeing Save The Last Dance in theaters when it came out and I was crying through most of it because I missed dancing and I was pretty mad at myself for letting me quit when we moved to Sacramento. This time though, I’ve got the motivation to dance again, and I’m going to just that. When I’m not in some sort of class or at a venue doing swing, you can expect me to be leaving happy hour and Saturday nights with the Xoso crew for places like Press Club.

I can’t wait!

Also, after having a total crush through the movie, I’m wondering if I have a new type, or this is just a fluke.

Good Friday!

Yesterday was a grand day.

I started my day at Home Depot with my dad, where we bought the lumber for him to make me a counter for my kitchen!

I get to get creative with it and paint it any color I wish (though with my red kitchen I’ll probably go with black or white). Since my dad is kind of awesome, he’s making it so I can get super creative and figuring it out so I can set the top with epoxy and decorate the top with something even more creative while also making it a surface that is more than easy to wipe spills off of.

I think I’m going to put vintage recipes into it, hopefully some that I might actually end up being able to make! I’m a bit stoked about a reason to go thrifting!

After that we went to get burgers, and I think I’ll post more about that later.

The rest of my day was the laziest I’ve had in a while, which was quite nice. I napped in the park for about an hour, and then I napped in bed for about 4 1/2 hours.

The only thing that would have been able to follow that would be the awesome night of dancing and great conversation with friends at Lyons!

I think I’ll do what I can to make every Friday something like this.

I would like a snack.

I’m still really liking all this dance stuff. Can’t wait to really learn more and feel comfortable with most leads. Some shoes that I’ve had for a while are now suddenly giving me a blister, so I was a little off tonight, but I still had fun. Plus, my security blanket was at home getting some much needed rest. But I still went for it!

I need to figure out a way to get my brother to one of the dance parties at Joanne’s. If he really got to get into a couple songs he would be totally addicted, and then I would have someone else to dance with! Seriously, the brother and I would be an awesome dance couple. It’s not something that I can just describe though, I need to get him out there so we can show people!

Did I mention that I made some awesome Cake Cones on Saturday? I will be making more soon. Maybe even making them prettier!

Living Life!

I know that I’m going to get some scoffs at this, but sometimes, Grey’s Anatomy is totally spot on.

In one of the later episodes of this season there was a comment made to the effect of the realization that as much as we seem to always be preparing for the next stage in life (i.e. after this semester, after next semester, after graduation, after credential – the life of an English major doesn’t have things like residency that take years) our life is happening all around us. If we don’t pay attention while it’s happening, we’re going to miss something.

I’ve been thinking about that notion a lot lately as I’ve really become emerged in the world of swing dancing as well as the social scene that accompanies the awesome workout. Though one of the social circles I’ve become very much aware that life is happening and I’m rather proud of the fact that I’m now embracing it and enjoying it to no end.

There’s been a bit of drama with a boy who seems to be enamored with me and my wonderful new guy friends doing all they can to cock block (though it’s more just buffering for my benefit), and some interesting instances that have come out of that. I feel bad for the guy, ’cause I’m simply not interested. If he would chill a bit I’m sure that he could find a girl who would be a much better fit for what he’s looking for without much resistance.

I’ve also met some really amazing new friends. The kind of friends who notice that my pants are too big and decide that we need to go shopping for new jeans, or have work in a couple hours, but will spend one of those hours not reading with me at the park. (We should really do that as much as possible this summer, I definitely got a little sun yesterday.)

This life enjoyment is what’s hindering blogging lately. If I wasn’t so happy with my lack of sleep and intense sign language studies, I might be sorry!

All pictures of the 1:30AM dancing in front of Rick’s Dessert Diner that is definitely my favorite dance moment yet!