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Because BEDA means something

I just got off the phone with Sac State Financial Aid yet again. I still have no information and I’m starting to freak out. It seems that I should be getting an offer in “mid to late August.”

What? You mean like maybe days before the semester starts?

What does that mean for quitting my summer job and getting back to school? I mean, if I don’t get enough money, I can’t go to school this semester, so I don’t want to walk away from a job (yes, that one that I hate) if I need the money because I can’t go to school this semester!

Though, I don’t even know what I’m talking about, even if I keep this terrible job I won’t have enough to stay here. I should probably just quit anyway.

The girl on the phone told me that I can come in to drop-in office hours to find out how much I should be getting. That would have been awesome to know two weeks ago when I called, since I now am scheduled to work all of their drop-in hours!


The Charity Case

Friends and money? Are you kidding me 20 Something Bloggers and Charles Schwab? It’s like you’re asking us to share stories about how we combine oil and water. The two don’t really mix because we all want the more fun things to be what tie us together.

That doesn’t stop money from coming up as a factor in plans and socializing quite often.

I’m the broke girl in my group. Technically I’m the charity case now, I guess you could say. And with a score like 30 in your financial fitness quiz I guess there’s not really a surprise there!

It all started on March 6. There was a tourist-themed pub crawl to see our dear friend Mary off before she made her way down to South America for a few months. I was a little bummed because I had to work a mid shift that day and would be starting the crawl behind everyone else, which meant that I would have to be the annoyed sober person, or catch up quick, which can often lead to less than desireable results

As it turns out, I didn’t have to worry about that at all, since I walked into work at 1PM, only to walk out about 15 minutes later, having been fired. Turns out the being sick for like a month and a half didn’t go too well with holding a retail job.

The good news? I didn’t have to pay for a single drink that night, or for about a week and a half (and our group goes out at least twice a week). I did get really drunk that night though. There are some seriously red-faced pictures of me dancing to prove it.

The more surprising thing that happened that night was me agreeing to play dodgeball after having been a spectator only (and very adamant about not playing) for almost a year. I agreed because I knew that there were precisely two more girls needed for the following season, and while I was trying to talk my roommate into signing up she offered to pay for me if I would sign up with her. And now, after so long that I’d been fighting it and getting fired that day and not being able to pay for my own way, I figured I couldn’t really pass up the opportunity.

One season of dodgeball? you’re thinging, does not a charity case make. And I totally agree! I was stoked and my roommate was awesome. Did I mention that she had moved in only a week before this?

Anyway, that’s not really why I’m the charity case.

That title came with a text I got that looked something like this.

While I love Erin for this and love that I’m getting to play again, I did not hear about this at all until it was already done. Now that I have a little bit of an income, I plan on playing Erin back in full as soon as I can. I’ve got her on my little index card of debts to be repaid and I hope to be able to do that before the summer is over. Maybe I can pay for her next season!

I was initially very frustrated with the gesture, though thankful as well. Since then I have come to be comfortable with just taking it as it was intended, which was a kind and loving favor.

I guess in a small way I just disproved my original comment about friends and money not mixing. What worked for this situation is that it was a pretty small amount, and I didn’t really have to be put in the position of asking for it. Now let’s hope that I don’t have to be put in the position of needing it again, ever!

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Silver Lining

I often try to look for the silver lining in storm cloud types of situations. I’m often better at doing this for others than I am for myself, but let’s not get picky here and just celebrate that I’m about to talk about a silver lining for myself right now!

I’m unemployed.

I don’t want to be.

Rent is due much sooner than I’d like and I don’t have all of it for this month.

Those are all not happy things. The amount of debt that I’m getting myself into by charging a lot of things that I should just not be spending money on is also not a happy thing. The things that I’ve been able to do around my house when I’m not looking for a job are happy things.

I have made curtains for 8 windows in our house, and am getting ready to make some pelmet boxes that were introduced to me by a lovely blogger at The Little Green Notebook.

I have started a pretty awesome garden, including making a planter from the grate-thing that Jake used to store his clothes in and some landscaping fabric. There is currently a tomato growing on the plant in that container that I hope will be huge an ripe soon, and I hope it will be followed by many more! There aren’t many blooms on it at the moment to turn into tomatoes, but I think that might have to do with the transplant last week and getting used to the new container and surroundings. The strawberries were stunted a bit when I moved them and now they are extra awesome!

My roommate and I are painting the last parts of the interior of our house, though as I type this she is doing a lot more painting than I am. It’s one of those things that I really have to be in the right frame of mind for, and when I tried tonight, I just wasn’t feeling it. She will probably finish the room she’s working on tonight, and then it’s mostly my room I have to take care of!

More important than the act of creating things that I’ve been able to do is the feeling that being creative has once again stirred in me. Once I get going, there are a million things that I want to do! I have tons more that I’d love to get done before school starts.

Let’s see… I could organize my room and be able to keep it clean; Redo the old furniture in the basement and sell it; Plant a million more things so our grocery bill goes down; Make the display for my makeup I’ve been wanting to do; start making jewelry again and maybe sell some on Etsy. I need to stop before I start making new things to do in my head.

I’ve realized through all of this that a lot of the times that I get in a kind of funk, it’s coinciding with times that I haven’t created anything in a while. I hope to be able to continue even small projects all the time now that I am aware of this phenomena. If you’re feeling yourself in a funk, I suggest the same. Maybe just try buying the ingredients to make pizza instead of buying a frozen one. Even the little things help!


I’m really not enjoying these early morning shifts, but I’m getting through them.

There is a new Jamba location going in on campus this summer, so I’m definitely hoping to transfer there and have a less stressful Fall semester while completely paying off my credit cards. Sure, I’ll have a bit more student loans because of this, but those have a purpose, right?

I went to collect my paycheck from The Fund today. I haven’t worked there for over a month already! I was pretty sure that I worked there for 3 shifts, but I only see 2 on my check. Oh well, guess it’ll take me a little bit longer to pay my credit card off. It’s really only a matter of about $20, but every $20 is that much closer to the end of it, right?

I will be trapped no more!

On the note of credit card debt, since I’ve mentioned it twice already, I’m currently at $2,038.01 in debt. At the beginning of this month it was more than $2,600. I’ve already got another payment set up and I’m pretty sure that I will be done paying it off before the summer is over. I will be updating on my status, I’m more than excited to start over without all of this stuff. If I continue with my eyes open as they are I should be in a nice position to do anything I’d like involving credit by the time I’m really out of school. That may or may not include purchasing a home.

As of 9:48PM Monday night, I have no idea whether or not I work on Wednesday morning. It’s a bit frustrating that because the computer is down my manager waited until today to take the schedule home and do it by hand. It’s how it is though, so I’ll just have to track him down tomorrow to figure it out.

This post is far too boring to continue. It’s now time for bed so that I might be more entertaining tomorrow!