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Sausage Fest: Second Helping!

Anyone remember a little mention last week of how dodgeball playoffs were going to be somewhat anti-climactic because there was no chance that we would be getting past Hot Dogs and Tacos? Well, I don’t know how it was done because I was playing in our own game at the time, but Sausage Sampler: Banger (often referred to as the JV team) came out ahead of the previously undefeated team, meaning that after we won the game we were playing at the same time, the championship match was a second helping of the Sausage Fest!

As far as the journey to the second helping went, I have to say that I had a lot of fun.

Our first game was against Fat Crackers. I know about half of the people on the team, which always helps to make a game more fun, and I’d missed our regular season game against them because I had to work that night. The game was close, and I had a lot of fun playing it. At the last minute my friend Emilie on Fat Crackers was the last person left while it was tied 2-2. The decision to sacrifice her by walking off the court in order to start a new game and possibly tie again was an interesting choice, but turned out to be just a little too late. See, if there is less than a minute left in play, a new game isn’t started, so they sacrificed just a little bit too late. It benefited us, but I’m a bit bummed that we didn’t get to play it out. I do think that SS Varsity owes this game to the wonderful Nick and his half court shot. Those things can really turn a game around.

We then had a break while two teams I know a bunch of players on were matched up. The STDs and Boll Gobblers were a very good game to watch. I mean no offense to the STDs, but seeing how the Ball Gobblers play, I definitely thought that we would end up playing the Ball Gobblers. That is how it turned out, but it really came down to the wire. Sadly I don’t remember the final score.

Ball Gobblers

Next up we took on Ball Gobblers. In this game, it really came down to two awesome ladies as far as I am remembering. Rene (as I have mentioned before) is super awesome and caught two really good throws in a row to definitely turn that game around. Brandi then caught an awesome throw by Ball Gobbler’s power arm Chris which helped immensely as well. I wasn’t sure that we were going to be able to get through that game. I did have fun with them too, and I’m bummed that I won’t be there next season to play them when Tiffany is on the team!

More Gobblers

The rest of Sausage Sampler: Varsity got to rest for the next game, while I got back on the court for the All Star game. There was mention of me not playing, but I’ve been trying to take things as they come lately and have fun with it, so I wanted to at least be on the court, even if I wasn’t super involved in the game. That turned out to be a bad idea.

I was the last player in the first game, and I kind of just gave up because it was just a game for fun. Then I shagged for the second game to make sure that there was turn over in the players. The third game started, and I was more into than I should have been for an All Star Game when I would be playing yet another game afterward. I went for a slightly high catch that I was going to have no problem getting, when there was another throw coming in my direction. Next thing I know I can hear the crowd react to what is obviously someone getting hit in the head.

That’s when the pain set in because, wait, that was ME who got hit, not only in the head, but in the FACE!

I was in a corner of the court that was by the door, so I headed out that way in the hopes that the game would continue without much delay. The thrower of the offending ball was awesome and came out to make sure I was ok, as did a few friends. After the initial shock wore off I was good. I did have to clean my right contact though because the ball hit my eye weird and I couldn’t see well because of whatever it did to my contact. I ended up getting back out on the court for the last bit of the All Star game, so it wasn’t too bad!

Sausage Sampler!

Then it was time for the final game!

I have to be honest, I don’t remember a lot of this game. I know that I had a lot of fun, and it came down to the wonderful Erin on the JV team. She held her own for quite a while in overtime (in playoffs you play out the whole game if you’ve started one before time is up). She even managed to get Jake out which I believe was a personal victory for her.

Then the wonderful Michael Phelps ended up hitting her with a rebound from a half court shot, shooting him from least to most valuable player in a single play.

I really love that we were all able to play together and have a friendly game that was also competitive. That’s what the spirit of the league seems to be, and knowing that it’s possible definitely helps to give me a better perspective on the games that focus on the competition and not so much on the sportsmanship. I know that my perspective this week was already better after the first Sausage Fest and knowing that it could be more fun!

Now I just need to figure out how to play in the winter season. I will be returning to my role as spectator and part time shagger for the fall season.

If you’re in the Sacramento area and you’re interested in playing, definitely check out 16-08-2010 BEDA, Dodgeball


Sausage Fest

You’ve waited all season for this one. It was much more anticipated than this week’s playoffs because Hot Dogs and Tacos was not involved to embarrass us all. We are of course talking about the official Sausage Fest!

The Varsity Girls were ready with our hair clips, and yes I’m wearing a skirt and braids. We don’t have a cute picture of them, but the boys had wrist bands and someone awesome may or may not have brought his high school letter jacket with a small addition for the night’s events.

There was socializing ahead of the game, with some friendly challenges thrown in every now and then and of course a drink or two before we hit the court!

Once there we had some fun. The JV team proved to be a more worthy opponent than their record had showed, and the score went back and forth evenly, but pretty slowly. I believe that at the half it was 1-1, and we definitely felt that each game was taking forever. I guess that’s what happens when you have two teams that catch and keep bringing players back in!

When time ran out we were 2-2 with three players in on each side. For those who are unaware, this means the game goes into (Ba ba ba bum!) Sudden Death!

When the Varsity players on the court throw, they do a beautiful job of throwing together, but they terrify those of us in the out queue who can do nothing but watch. See, they threw at Jenny.

Jenny is known as The Brick Wall. Jenny can catch. And that’s what worried us. The way that Varsity threw together though was successful, and by some miracle, they were able to get to Jenny at about the same time, meaning that the Sausage Sampler Varsity won!

As disappointed as I would have been if we had lost, I’m really happy with the way that it all played out. It really came down to one moment of luck, and neither side has much room to claim superiority. Because of this, it was much more fun to hang out than I anticipated. We all just were at the bar, having fun.

I think it was the most fun I’ve had playing, even if I do complain while on the court.

Manic Monday

Due to the fact that I was not able to be at the dodgeball game last week, I have no real update for you today. I have a brief summary as assembled from my roommate and Jake, but don’t be expecting much from it.

It seems that we continued our winning streak. The most recent score was something like 8-1. I assume there was nothing too notable about the match up because I didn’t hear anything specific. Instead the most noteworthy aspect of the night was the game after our official one.

Apparently our crushing defeat of Taint Funny was too much and they could not bring themselves to play their game against the JV team, so an experiment was had!

Since the two Sausage Sampler teams all know each other, and are almost all veteran players, the league owner/creator, Nick, asked them to test out some new balls. Apparently these are partially foam balls, and smaller than the typical dodgeballs we’ve been playing with. From the description I was not enthused. From playing with them, neither were they.

I love that Nick is looking into ways that we can play and have less people get hurt (I’ll have to tell you another time about our friend Marissa who has had two fingers broken at different times while playing). I’m bummed that this doesn’t seem to be the way though. I heard reports that they are very difficult to control, and not as fun to play with.

Here’s hoping that there is another solution! Thanks for looking out for us Nick!

If you’re ever interested in finding out more about dodgeball, or the other sports that XOSO offers, check out the website!

Head shots Taint Funny

This week’s dodgeball game was Sausage Sampler: Varsity versus Taint Funny. Our opponents obviously named themselves such because they don’t think that anything is funny.

To put it simply, we kicked their collective ass, and I understand why that might not be funny. The thing is though, that we were never trying in any way to run up the score, and we aren’t the kind of team to rub it in when we’re doing well unless it’s a game with a friendly rivalry.

We didn’t really know this team, so we were respectfully proud of each small victory. If anyone was rubbing it in at all on our team it was me, because I get all riled up when someone on the other team is being an ass, and this night that was definitely happening. Jake’s pretty good about reminding me that we’re winning and it’s just a game anyway, and I’m getting better about listening to him in that moment.

Toward the end of the half hour game, I reached for a catch that I should not have gone for, and it flew through my hands, making contact as it went, and causing me to be out. I turned around then and am happy that I did because as soon as my back was turned, I took a ball to the back of the head.

Working hard, obviously.

High throws are definitely in the top three things that I cannot stand while on the dodgeball court. Especially when I’m an average height for players, so it should be pretty standard to throw below my head. I couldn’t imagine being shorter and on the court. Since I was already out, the offending player was not out for hitting me in the head, though he would have been if I hadn’t just gone for that catch. Trying to keep a positive view on it though, the back of my skull is padded by a lot of thick hair, and does not bruise like my jaw or cheekbone areas could have if I was turned around!

I stood in the out queue for a few minutes before getting dizzy and the waterworks that I couldn’t hold back starting. That’s when I walked the whole 8 feet to the bleachers and sat down. Jake was awesome and sat out the next game with me, and then I went to sit with our friend Erin and Jake’s mom who was visiting for a few days. I was in pain, but that did not at all stop me from cheering hard enough to be in more pain when Rene (still bandaged but getting better) caught a throw from the guy who hit me!

The final score was 10-0, keeping us very much undefeated.

As an added bonus, Rags to Bitches played our true rivals this week, Sausage Sample: Banger, and beat them 4-2, making us the only undefeated team in the Midtown division!

I am definitely scheduled to play during the next game, so I will not be there. I would consider asking someone to switch with me, but it will be the first time that I close, and I should probably learn how to do that, huh?

Varsity: Bitches!

In a great turn of events last week, I was given the wrong schedule by my manager for dodgeball night. When I got a call at 9:12 in the morning from work saying that I was supposed to be there at 9, when the schedule I was given by my manager said that I was working 5-10 that day, I was a little surprised.

Since I still had the post-it that my manager wrote the schedule on, I was not in any trouble, and I was able to open the store and get to dodgeball later that night!

This week, the Sausage Sampler: Varsity took on Rags to Bitches, the female heavy team of Thursday night dodgeball.

While the Bitches have some pretty awesome players and the almost impossibly to get out, Gio, my awesome roommate Melissa proved that if Gio turns his head the other way for just a moment it’s totally possible to hit his foot!

Poor Rene still had her hand bandaged up, but caught at least three throws because she’s awesome like that. I hope that she has the time to get her hand looked at soon! We want a fully functioning team next week!

The elusive panda, Ho, made his first appearance on the court, and was very disappointed in us.

While we did not obliterate our competition this week as we have in weeks past, I say that is more of a compliment to our competition than a reflection of our performance.

To Rags to Bitches, who play the JV Sausage Sampler Team (also known as Sausage Sampler: Banger) in their next game, I will be there to cheer you on! Varsity will be your only loss this season, right?

The Charity Case

Friends and money? Are you kidding me 20 Something Bloggers and Charles Schwab? It’s like you’re asking us to share stories about how we combine oil and water. The two don’t really mix because we all want the more fun things to be what tie us together.

That doesn’t stop money from coming up as a factor in plans and socializing quite often.

I’m the broke girl in my group. Technically I’m the charity case now, I guess you could say. And with a score like 30 in your financial fitness quiz I guess there’s not really a surprise there!

It all started on March 6. There was a tourist-themed pub crawl to see our dear friend Mary off before she made her way down to South America for a few months. I was a little bummed because I had to work a mid shift that day and would be starting the crawl behind everyone else, which meant that I would have to be the annoyed sober person, or catch up quick, which can often lead to less than desireable results

As it turns out, I didn’t have to worry about that at all, since I walked into work at 1PM, only to walk out about 15 minutes later, having been fired. Turns out the being sick for like a month and a half didn’t go too well with holding a retail job.

The good news? I didn’t have to pay for a single drink that night, or for about a week and a half (and our group goes out at least twice a week). I did get really drunk that night though. There are some seriously red-faced pictures of me dancing to prove it.

The more surprising thing that happened that night was me agreeing to play dodgeball after having been a spectator only (and very adamant about not playing) for almost a year. I agreed because I knew that there were precisely two more girls needed for the following season, and while I was trying to talk my roommate into signing up she offered to pay for me if I would sign up with her. And now, after so long that I’d been fighting it and getting fired that day and not being able to pay for my own way, I figured I couldn’t really pass up the opportunity.

One season of dodgeball? you’re thinging, does not a charity case make. And I totally agree! I was stoked and my roommate was awesome. Did I mention that she had moved in only a week before this?

Anyway, that’s not really why I’m the charity case.

That title came with a text I got that looked something like this.

While I love Erin for this and love that I’m getting to play again, I did not hear about this at all until it was already done. Now that I have a little bit of an income, I plan on playing Erin back in full as soon as I can. I’ve got her on my little index card of debts to be repaid and I hope to be able to do that before the summer is over. Maybe I can pay for her next season!

I was initially very frustrated with the gesture, though thankful as well. Since then I have come to be comfortable with just taking it as it was intended, which was a kind and loving favor.

I guess in a small way I just disproved my original comment about friends and money not mixing. What worked for this situation is that it was a pretty small amount, and I didn’t really have to be put in the position of asking for it. Now let’s hope that I don’t have to be put in the position of needing it again, ever!

Disclaimer: This post is part of the 20SB Blog Carnival: Friends & Money, sponsored by Charles Schwab. Prizes may be awarded to selected posts. The information and opinions expressed in this post do not reflect the views or opinions of Charles Schwab. Details on the event, eligibility, and a complete list of participating bloggers can be found here.

2 and 0!

Today marks the continuation and official start of a regular post here! I have to say that I am very excited. I’ve wanted to have a regular post, but didn’t have anything worth posting about more than once or twice. However, once a week I am now playing dodgeball, and it is definitely noteworthy, so you will hear about it every Monday!

And now, without further delay, is the Sausage Sampler: Varsity weekly update!

Sausage Sampler: Varsity took to the court for the second time as one team this week, playing Ramrod, one of our player’s former teams and the one with my dear friend Blythe playing her first season of Xoso dodgeball. Therefore, it was slightly personal for a couple of reasons. None-the-less, it was a lot of fun.

I was put off pretty quick by some of Ramrod’s guys throwing high (you’ll get to know very well that I am NOT a fan of high throws), but it didn’t seem that they were doing them on purpose, so I got over it pretty quickly as well. Even without doing so intentionally, one of the high throws gave me a nice clavical bruise that I’m just glad isn’t visible.

We were down a player based on our roster, but had plenty of people there to sub and shag the ball, so there wasn’t much trouble with anyone getting too tired. I’m writing this way too late to remember the sequence of events and be terribly eloquent, so let’s turn this into a list of noteworthy moments that added up to our second victory of the season!

* One of our players had a bottle of some gatorade-like drink (it may have been so gatorade-like that it was in fact gatorade) near the court and when it was hit by a throw from the other team we found out that either the cap wasn’t on, or it wasn’t on anywhere near tight enough because one corner of the court was quickly covered in the mystery liquid. Luckily there was an employee of the Boys and Girls Club that we play at nearby who was able to get some things to mop it up. We also were somehow able to acquire all of the balls during this pause in the game and the other team didn’t seem to have a problem continuing play without any exchange. (It probably helped that players like me had the ball, who are sometimes easy catches.)

* Rene was gets the award for Awesome Effort for the week. Poor girl had jammed her thumb the night before and was playing with what I believe is her dominant hand wrapped up and out of commission. Did that stop her from going for the catches? Not at all! I don’t remember whether she caught them all or dropped them all or had a combination of both, but when she turned to me in the middle of a game and pointed out that there seemed to be a cut on that hand between her ring finger and pinky, I could think of nothing other than that this woman is badass to be playing and not just running from the ball right now! Rene, you rock!

* Jake gets the play of the week for being the last player in for one of the games and making the half court shot to bring the rest of us back in. I know you guys probably think that you’ve seen his name twice because he’s the boyfriend and I pay more attention to what he does. You’re right, but he’s also an awesome dodgeball player. As my friend Blythe said while we were at the bar afterward, “Jake’s a BEAST!”

* The lovely Blythe gets an honorable mention here for being an awesome opponent, and having caught one of my throws. I got to repay her later in the game, but I’m pretty sure that she did a hell of a lot better than I did in my first dodgeball game!

* And of course I have to let you know about my awesome moments of this week. I had at least three catches this week, Blythe’s that I just mentioned and at least two that were thrown by guys. For those of you unfamiliar with dodgeball rules, catching someone else’s throw not only gets them out, but brings in one of your teammates who was previously out. Since I don’t have the best arm, I pitched myself for the draft with my ability to catch. Last week I was worried that Andres would be disappointed with my terrible fail of a catch, but this week I think I proved myself worthy.

I will not be able to make it to our next game because I will be working, but I will have a fun announcement that involves dodgeball and I might ask one of the players who is there to give a recap so we all know how the team is doing!

Varsity Game

Have I told you all before that I play dodgeball? Probably, since you probably already know me and I annoy you to no end with it, or you’ve been reading for a little while and…wait I haven’t actually updated since I started playing! That would be last season, and I guess now I’ll have to catch you up on that a bit too!

My first season was great, but a little disappointing. I liked my team, and we played well when everyone was there. The problem was that much of the team was easily distracted by other things going on in their life. There were two guys on our team who never came to a single game. One of them I never met at all. Because of the frequent absense of team members, we didn’t do nearly as well as we could have and the season simply wasn’t as fun as it would have been if we had played as a team the whole season. I made a specific note to not play on a team again without knowing that I was going to have fun.

That’s where the Sausage Sampler comes in!

What’s the Sausage Sampler you ask? Let me fill you in!

There is a group of people who all play dodgeball, or some other XOSO sport, and we tend to go out for happy hour every week. One of the weeks about an year and a half ago (just before I started hanging out with them) part of the group dubbed them the Sausage Sampler after seeing the dish offered on the menu of the local brewery where they were eating. The group has gotten big and it’s a lot of fun to go out any week, not knowing who will make it out when, but knowing it’s going to be a good group of people no matter what.

So, the folks in the SS decided that this season we needed to make Thursday night dodgeball the fun night. We’ve all experienced frustrations that come with such a large group of people, so we want to remember the fun parts and bring those to the forefront! It was suggested that we have a SS team, but just that was not enough for this crowd. There were enough of us gathered to form two teams, and then we had the DRAFT!

Unfortunately, Jake and I couldn’t be there. Instead we were in Carmel visiting his parents. So instead of being able to be right there, instead we waited patiently by the phone to get the call from the team captain. We were drafted to the same team, which definitely meant for the possibility of more fun for me!

This week was our first game, and it was awesome. The guys play well, and don’t treat the girls like they are the only players on the court. Because of this, we not only played well, but we had fun doing it! I’d say there was only one truly bad play during the game, and that was performed by yours truly.

It was a perfectly easy catch, with a nice arch to it. Too bad I didn’t think about that and step forward just a touch further into it. The ball came down not only through my arms, but then through my calves, which had almost caught it as well. You can be sure I’ll be stepping into the next catches.

The great thing about being on Jake’s team now though, is that I can do something truly horrible, and his awesomeness will be what people remember. There was one particular guy on the other team who was throwing mostly at the girls, probably because he wasn’t good enough to get the guys out. Jake got a bit sick of that, so he went front and center in the last match to goad him into throwing at him.

I don’t think that guy ended up taking the bait, but 4 other players did and he caught ever single one that came at him. The best part about that though, was that he wasn’t just catching and dropping to catch the next one. He was catching and throwing, which I think resulted in getting 5 of their players out!

I think I picked a good one!

Oh yeah, and we won 8-0.

Let’s Do The Time Warp Again!

I guess here’s a week and a half in one entry before passing out for 5 1/2 hours!

Last Friday the typical happy-hour-that-lasts-all-night crowd was out at our normal 10-11 two-for-ones bar, and one of the guys who was out with us said that he could get us into a club around the corner that none of us would typically go to because it’s 18+ and has a high cover, but for free I’ll totally dance the night away! Both Shadow Boy and Dodgeball were there.

Even after the weekend before and the disappointment of seriously unmet expectations, I spent the whole night dancing with Dodgeball. Sure I was a little drunk, but it was also rather exhilarating to flirt and dance knowing that I no longer wanted anything to come from it!

I was also able to determine that since I could have been flirting and dancing with a boy who was interested, I should probably not lead that boy on by accepting a date with him.

As of last night, I heard that Shadow Boy has been flirting it up with someone else who, from the little I know of her, he would be much better suited for. Win, win, win! (Option 5, I believe, for fans of The Office.)

This weekend has been a bit of a blowout to kick of the second half of the semester. It’s one of the busiest I’ve had in a while, and I’m loving it!

Now it’s time for bed after a great showing of the Rocky Horror Show, because the lovely Kasey is picking me up in less than 6 hours to get an awesome vanity I found on Craigslist. The addition of this vanity to my room will allow me to finish up the organizing of my room, which will mean a much better rest of the semester!