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Double Champ

Let me go on!

Watch the first 25 seconds or so of this video…

There’s a better quality one for the rest afterward!

If you’d like to jam out to some Violent Femmes and smile at Angela Chase’s silly dancing, continue with this!

This was my Tuesday.

It was less about the boy and more about myself though. I’m actually starting to forgive myself for some stupid things I did. I mean, if someone can’t see the hole that I’m in and that my decisions are clouded because of that, they don’t deserve to get me once the clouds clear.

That sucks for them, and for me. I mean, I’d love to be with the person who is going to help me find my way through the fog now that it’s so much thinner, but until then I’ve found out who the friends are who I want to show this unclouded me to!

Can you hear the horses?

Part of me hears a love song in this, but for me right now, it’s a recovery from love song.

In some ways this feeling is overdue. I actually think that it’s a relatively acceptable amount of time. I may write more about it later. I definitely have a longer post coming about my current feelings toward the once affectionately named Double Champ and before that, less affectionately Shadow Boy.

For now I will say something that is probably not expected.

He was right.

But really, tell me what you think. Is this a love song?

Varsity Game

Have I told you all before that I play dodgeball? Probably, since you probably already know me and I annoy you to no end with it, or you’ve been reading for a little while and…wait I haven’t actually updated since I started playing! That would be last season, and I guess now I’ll have to catch you up on that a bit too!

My first season was great, but a little disappointing. I liked my team, and we played well when everyone was there. The problem was that much of the team was easily distracted by other things going on in their life. There were two guys on our team who never came to a single game. One of them I never met at all. Because of the frequent absense of team members, we didn’t do nearly as well as we could have and the season simply wasn’t as fun as it would have been if we had played as a team the whole season. I made a specific note to not play on a team again without knowing that I was going to have fun.

That’s where the Sausage Sampler comes in!

What’s the Sausage Sampler you ask? Let me fill you in!

There is a group of people who all play dodgeball, or some other XOSO sport, and we tend to go out for happy hour every week. One of the weeks about an year and a half ago (just before I started hanging out with them) part of the group dubbed them the Sausage Sampler after seeing the dish offered on the menu of the local brewery where they were eating. The group has gotten big and it’s a lot of fun to go out any week, not knowing who will make it out when, but knowing it’s going to be a good group of people no matter what.

So, the folks in the SS decided that this season we needed to make Thursday night dodgeball the fun night. We’ve all experienced frustrations that come with such a large group of people, so we want to remember the fun parts and bring those to the forefront! It was suggested that we have a SS team, but just that was not enough for this crowd. There were enough of us gathered to form two teams, and then we had the DRAFT!

Unfortunately, Jake and I couldn’t be there. Instead we were in Carmel visiting his parents. So instead of being able to be right there, instead we waited patiently by the phone to get the call from the team captain. We were drafted to the same team, which definitely meant for the possibility of more fun for me!

This week was our first game, and it was awesome. The guys play well, and don’t treat the girls like they are the only players on the court. Because of this, we not only played well, but we had fun doing it! I’d say there was only one truly bad play during the game, and that was performed by yours truly.

It was a perfectly easy catch, with a nice arch to it. Too bad I didn’t think about that and step forward just a touch further into it. The ball came down not only through my arms, but then through my calves, which had almost caught it as well. You can be sure I’ll be stepping into the next catches.

The great thing about being on Jake’s team now though, is that I can do something truly horrible, and his awesomeness will be what people remember. There was one particular guy on the other team who was throwing mostly at the girls, probably because he wasn’t good enough to get the guys out. Jake got a bit sick of that, so he went front and center in the last match to goad him into throwing at him.

I don’t think that guy ended up taking the bait, but 4 other players did and he caught ever single one that came at him. The best part about that though, was that he wasn’t just catching and dropping to catch the next one. He was catching and throwing, which I think resulted in getting 5 of their players out!

I think I picked a good one!

Oh yeah, and we won 8-0.

Ever met a chick with Star Wars sheets?

A few nights ago the topic of Christmas presents came up. We still haven’t exchanged them. Mostly because neither of us actually have the gifts in our possession yet.

He offered to give me a clue though, and I love trying to figure out what someone is going to give me, if only to let them know not to waste money on something I’m not going to like. He prefaced with saying that the hint would either give it away, or completely confuse me. I think he was banking on the latter. I guess I should have mentioned to him sometime before that I used to work at Pottery Barn Kids. His clue was that if I wanted to return it I would have a credit to PBKids, and I took maybe have a second to think before literally squealing with joy and doing an odd kick-thing that would have been jumping up and down if I wasn’t laying down at the time.

He’s getting me STAR WARS SHEETS!!!!!


Except that he’s not, because they’re way too expensive and I’m not going to let him. But seriously, this boy not only hit the nail on the head with the gift, he hammered the nail in completely with just the one tap. I guess I was worried about nothing.

Except now I have to come up with something cooler for him. I mean, what I had was spot on, but not nearly on the level of Star Wars sheets.

Plans of progress and parties

Thank you to the person who left a very kind, but anonymous comment on a recent-ish post. I wish that I knew just who you were to truly thank you.

Getting better about blogging is part of my plan for this year. I’ve got lots of plans, including things like doing my makeup more often, and actually removing it at night when I do wear it. Rather than giving you a big list of things that I could think that will fit into this category, I’m going to simplify and tell you that I’ve realized that this year is the year that I’m going to be the person I want to be.

The most interesting of facets of this plan would probably be the new recipe idea. For the next twelve months, I am going to ask friends for suggestions, and then try out a new-to-me recipe every month. The one friend I’ve told about this so far initially asked if I was going for dinners or desserts. I had said whatever at first, but I think now I’m going to try to do one of each every month. By the end of the year I should have some fun cooking stories and a small cookbook of recipes I like to make! There may be even more to this plan that would include dinner parties, but that has yet to be determined. So far Double Champ and my future roommate are the only sure-fire beneficiaries of this idea.

What are your favorite recipes? And just how difficult might they be for someone who has never made them before?

2009 Holidays

Christmas has come and gone, and it was a good one. The first one that I completely enjoyed where I was and who I was with, while also longing to be somewhere else, or at least have another addition to the group I was with. I like the feeling.

A few days before Christmas I got what is definitely my favorite present, and it wasn’t even a present. Double Champ (who has since won again, but doesn’t think we need to change his name yet again) came dancing with me last Tuesday. It was so much fun that I can’t even think of decent adjectives to describe how much I enjoyed it. At first he wanted to bow out because he’d had a long day and he thought that we could just meet up later, but when he realized how much I’d been looking forward to it he decided to join me for a couple of hours.

He doesn’t think he’s so great, but for the first time dancing he was actually really awesome. Based on his own assessment, he has said several times that he plans on getting better, which I believe is a bit of intention to come out again sometime! I suggested this week, especially since I was recently given $20 for a pair of sunglasses that I paid $12 for and was never going to wear again anyway and that is my dancing money this week. I think it might be a little sooner than he’d like though, so I won’t be pushing it. I think I’ll just let it happen as it happens and enjoy every moment.

Even if we don’t go dancing tomorrow night we’re going to an awesome New Years Eve party where there will be plenty of time for dancing, even though I’m sure the shoes I’ll end up wearing will not be so great for swing. Last night he surprised me by asking if he should wear a tux, which he apparently has! That is of course not at all necessary, though I do get to see him in a tie, which I am looking forward to seeing.

We haven’t exchanged gifts yet, mostly because I haven’t been able to get the supplies for his (and he knows the address to this blog, so I can’t talk about it) but I’m hoping that we can within the next week or so.

I would love to be able to post a picture of the two of us with this post, but as far as I know there are currently none in existence. That will have to change some time this week.

The semester is finally over, and I could not be more relieved after being rather disappointed in myself.

Next semester and the study room with the study group cannot be a more welcome change!

Maybe now I’ll be able to get back to writing more often again as well. Until then…

Christmas has me nervous this year. Double Champ says that he has known what he’s getting me for a while now, which worries me. Other than my brother and Laura, I don’t usually think of myself as someone who is easy to shop for, so for someone to come up with something that might have been easy at all, makes me a little nervous. I do trust that he has come up with something that I will like, but I’m totally lost on what to get him!

Any ideas on how to come up with something?

Rob wasn’t right.

In the movie High Fidelity, Rob Gordon speculates at one point that, “Maybe it’s not what we’re like, but what we like that matters.” He is referring to things like movies and music being important rather than how people really get along. The theory is explored a little, but I think that it’s mostly just the momentary euphoria he was feeling in connecting with a gorgeous girl who did happen to like the same things as he did. For those who haven’t seen it I’m sorry, but he ends up with Laura in the end, the same girl that he’s trying to get over the whole movie, who doesn’t have quite the same entertainment palate, though she’s not in direct opposition to his in any way.

I’ve been thinking about Rob’s theory a bit because Double Champ made a comment a couple weeks ago about us probably disagreeing on a lot of things. The truth is that he and I often end up in very mild arguments over things in which we are inexplicably carrying on, yet arguing the same point. We don’t however see completely eye to eye on movies and music, though we have both shown a willingness to share in what the other likes as a means of spending more time together as well as expanding our personal entertainment scopes.

In the past I have dated guys (well, mostly just one guy) who have had pretty much the EXACT same taste in music and movies as my own. While it was amazing and we both commented on loving that it was easy to put music on because we could just hit shuffle on either of our MacBookPros (yes, even the same taste in awesome computers) and both of us would be happy, I am now wondering if it would have gotten boring. While this particular boy and I were able to introduce each other to a lot of new things for the short time that we dated, I can’t help but to think that our sources would soon become the same and we would have very little to share with each other. There was already so much that one would link the other to, only to find out that we’d already known about that artist.

I think I like this kind of sharing more. The kind where I have never heard of Chali 2na, but I go to a show anyway because he’s so pumped about it and find out that I really love this respectful and intelligent hip hop. I will admit that I had kind of expected to grin and bear something that I was only mildly interested in, but if that were the case I would not have gotten off of my rear and onto the dance floor.

So Rob’s pondering is fruitless. No, I shouldn’t say that. Rob’s pondering brings up a great point. Is it more important to like the same things, or to like each other? I’m oversimplifying and I know it, but that’s how I am interpreting it for this use. As he finds out in the end as well, I think it is more important to like each other, and allow that to lead to liking the same things, even if only because the other likes them.

I’m pretty sure this is the first time that I’ve actually been able to fall asleep in someone’s arms. We wake up on opposite sides of the bed, but it’s not necessary for falling asleep.

I’m sure that will change when the weather gets warmer, as he and I discussed last night, but for now I really like it.