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Writing is Elementary.

If you blog, you understand the frustration of not knowing what to write about. There are probably things that you thought of only hours, maybe even minutes ago, that totally escape you now that you’re in front of a computer and able to get them into a more visceral form. If you’re on twitter, you’ve probably posted about it, much like Lauren did the other day. It started a fun conversation between she, Kaci and I, which ultimately ended up with me Googling “what should I write about?”

Well, just like it always does, Google came through for me!

Write Source was one of the first things to come up, and it’s kind of cute. It’s got really short prompts designed for journaling, and maybe for use in the classroom? It’s set up as though it could be for the classroom, so I went into teacher mode!

I suggested that Lauren, Kaci and I take on a grade a week for inspiration. Even though I was pretty sure that it was just the future English teacher in me who would be excited about this, and I promptly prepared myself for them to ignore the suggestion. They both went for it! Just another reason that I love the internet!

The “Grade 1″ suggestions are as follows…

A special birthday
I’d like to see . . .
The biggest thing I ever saw
Noisy times and quiet times
I like to make . . .
What if toys could talk?
My shopping list
Don’t litter!
Big pets and small pets
Insects, insects everywhere
I’m happy when . . .
How plants grow
My adventure
Friendly places
My favorite foods
I know a lot about . . .
Picnic fun
Who’s at the zoo?
What will I share?
I rode on a . . .
The parade
I wonder why . . .
What’s under my bed?
What if I was 10 years old?
What makes me laugh?

I can’t wait to pick one and get started. I might even go for two! I’m way behind on reading blogs, so these ladies may have already gotten started, but I’m going to start my more formal structure of this next week. I’m not sure exactly how it will go yet, but I’ll explain it all then. Everyone is welcome to join, how fun would it be to jump back to elementary school writing prompts, but now write about them from an adult older perspective!

Who else is joining us? Any suggestions on which I should write about?

And the Craftiness begins!

I think I might have to up my goal of one crafty thing a month.

I’ve kind of decided that new recipes count as crafts because following them can be very similar to directions for a new project. And in a situation like my recent cookie attempt, it can also mean going with your gut to combine instructions from more than one source.

Already this week I have combined two cookie recipes to make a new one. I don’t think I’m actually too fond of how it turned out, but it was fun to try!

That’s not the only “crafty” thing I’ve done though!

Monday night I plugged in the trusty glue gun and went about repairing the lining on my vintage suitcase.

Sadly I didn’t take pictures, though my brother has another that he’d like me to do. His will be more involved. The lining is ripped away on so much of his that we’ve decided that it’s a better idea to buy new fabric and completely re-do his. I will do my best to take pictures then!

Plus we get to go fabric shopping!

If I’ve already done the suitcase, which is definitely a crafty thing AND the new cookie recipe which is kind of crafty, plus I may be working on the glitter shoes again this week, I might just need to up my crafty goals!

I think instead of one project per month I will go for an average of two.

I know that doesn’t sound like much of a stretch, but school is going to kick my ass this semester and I intend to walk across the stage at graduation saying, “you should see the other guy!”

It’s my birthday!

I’m doing some firsts today. The morning started off rough, but I have an awesome mom and a roommate who gives great hugs and puts on the Glee Pandora station.

There’s been a song or two that I’ve had to skip because I love it, but it is not the message I need to hear on a day that will be without tears!

The following songs were on and were very inspiring, so I thought I’d share. I hope that if you’re having a rough day you can listen and they can help you too!

If I were Annie I would sing

Tomorrow is my birthday!

I am normally a huge fan of any day that can be all about me. Something about this year though, I just wasn’t really feeling it. Just over two weeks ago I finally figured out what I wanted to do. A night of dinner and swing dancing with just my boy and I.

Seriously, this sounded like the most perfect birthday I could ever imagine. Unfortunately, that’s not at all how it’s going to work out.

Later in the same week that I figured out that I wanted to go dancing with my boy, it was decided that he is no longer my boy. It’s been very hard and frustrating, and even though I don’t at all agree with his decision I must have some level of respect for it and him.

So now I’m back to square one with birthday plans. All of the dodgeball folk know how much I can enjoy the spotlight because last year there was a party at my house and it was all about me and I loved it. This of course is leaving them wondering why I am not planning something huge.

It just so happens that a friend is planning a float down the river tomorrow, and I’m going to take advantage of that for my birthday. I was hesitant at first because I didn’t know how much it would cost, but a different friend offered me her extra tube for the occasion, so now I only have to figure out my own booze. I think I’ll be going with some Roy Rogers with Rum so I can pretend that I am a pirate.

While that will be kind of an all-day event, there will be lots of time in the evening to figure out what else I want to do, if anything. I have no intention of making plans until that time comes. I have a thing or two that I would like to do, but still no plans, going to see what the day brings me!

Today happens to be my dear friend Mallory’s birthday. It was also her last day at a job before starting what will hopefully be a super awesome one on Monday! Good luck Mallory! I hope you have an awesome birthday weekend!

Quick call for help

I know you are all eagerly anticipating my dodgeball update, and I’m working on it, but while I’m working on it, would you do me a favor and help a friend of mine out?

Is it just me, or is that kind of totally awesome? Right, I knew it wasn’t just me, so head on over here and rate it super high so my friend Joyce can win the $2500 to spend on supplies and make more stuff! (I’m hoping that she’ll come do a Second Saturday again soon and have something that will fit perfectly in my room. I might just commission her for something though too!!)

Did you vote yet?

Ok, I’ll wait.


Wasn’t that easy!?

Now that you’re done voting for Joyce, you should head on over to her website, and take a look around. Rose Leilani’s He’e is so not the only awesome thing there!

Living Life!

I know that I’m going to get some scoffs at this, but sometimes, Grey’s Anatomy is totally spot on.

In one of the later episodes of this season there was a comment made to the effect of the realization that as much as we seem to always be preparing for the next stage in life (i.e. after this semester, after next semester, after graduation, after credential – the life of an English major doesn’t have things like residency that take years) our life is happening all around us. If we don’t pay attention while it’s happening, we’re going to miss something.

I’ve been thinking about that notion a lot lately as I’ve really become emerged in the world of swing dancing as well as the social scene that accompanies the awesome workout. Though one of the social circles I’ve become very much aware that life is happening and I’m rather proud of the fact that I’m now embracing it and enjoying it to no end.

There’s been a bit of drama with a boy who seems to be enamored with me and my wonderful new guy friends doing all they can to cock block (though it’s more just buffering for my benefit), and some interesting instances that have come out of that. I feel bad for the guy, ’cause I’m simply not interested. If he would chill a bit I’m sure that he could find a girl who would be a much better fit for what he’s looking for without much resistance.

I’ve also met some really amazing new friends. The kind of friends who notice that my pants are too big and decide that we need to go shopping for new jeans, or have work in a couple hours, but will spend one of those hours not reading with me at the park. (We should really do that as much as possible this summer, I definitely got a little sun yesterday.)

This life enjoyment is what’s hindering blogging lately. If I wasn’t so happy with my lack of sleep and intense sign language studies, I might be sorry!

All pictures of the 1:30AM dancing in front of Rick’s Dessert Diner that is definitely my favorite dance moment yet!

Wow it’s late.

I should really be in bed. It’s 3:00AM and I enjoy being fully rested in the morning.

Especially when my day consists of the following:

Waking up whenever I please.
Reading in the park until about noon-thirty.
Going to Ikea with someone awesome.
Possibly having Ikea linner.
The chance of a nap (depends on how epic Ikea is).
Swing dancing with some new friends, some of them quickly becoming good friends.
Probably getting persuaded to stay out later than I should, but loving every moment of it!

For those who knew the much more callused me from middle school to even just a few months ago, it feels really nice to now put it into text that…

Life is good.