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The Business of Cards

One of the things that I’m planning on working on the New Year is growing that whole glitter shoe business I’ve got going on. So I’m learning to be more comfortable talking them up and handing out my business cards. I’ve got some interesting ones for free, which I actually get complimented on all the time, but I’m not completely sold on them.

My problem is that I don’t really know what to have on my cards.

Once upon a time it was super easy, name, business address, phone number. Is that still the standard? I’m sure that replacing the physical address with a URL is cool, but what about the phone number?

Sure it would be great to be able to hand out to guys, but that’s not what the card is about, right?

I’m also looking forward to finding someone to help me with pictures of the shoes so I might be able to use those as a background or maybe a full color photo on one side, with my info on the other? Is that a thing now? Can I do that?

Or is that even a good idea? I would like to expand into other things, would putting shoes and the phrase, “glitterer of shoes” on the card pigeonhole me into only shoes? If you think it would, do you have a suggestion as to something else I should include?

I’ve been thinking that things besides business cards might be fun to have too. As luck would have it, Overnight Prints has provided me with a gift card to check out what they’ve got, and I think I’m going to do just that with some postcard printing! I’m digging their prices, so I think I’m going to try a few different designs.

Do you have a business card? What do you use them for and what do you have on them? What do you think of the postcards? What would you put on those? And do you want one?

October Challenge

Remember when I posted about continuing these month long challenges into October, and that I was going to do something similar to this 40-day challenge?

I’d planned to write about this on the first of the month, but I was way more committed to this than I had realized!

I had a garage sale this weekend!

I made a little over $150, even after getting dinner on Saturday that provided me with leftovers for food all day Sunday.

My two biggest pieces didn’t sell, but a few of the other big pieces went, so I now have a bunch more room in storage. I’m headed today to get rid of one of my storage spaces, and if I can sell the stuff I posted on craigslist today, I’ll be able to take it down to a smaller space for about half the price of one that I’m using now.

I currently have my entire back seat filled with boxes to give to Goodwill today. This is way more than I would have come up with in three days on that list, so I’m going to give myself a pass today.

Instead of going through any specific spot today, I’m going to make a list of all the places I’m going to go through the rest of the month.

I’m not going to assign these spots specific days, as I know I’ve got some busy days coming up and I’d like to have easier days then, but I will have 28 more days to go!

Are you going to get rid of anything this month?

Excuse me while I whine

Disclaimer! I know that I am going to sound awful on parts of this. I’ve accepted that.

One thing I don’t like about being a smaller size is that every little bit of weight that I gain, I notice. I mentioned a slight weight gain I’d noticed two weeks ago in a video for The Nerd Nook but I haven’t done anything about it since then.

Today I got on the scale upstairs. I’m up to 137. 137 isn’t bad at all, but it’s a lot different than the 120 that I was just a few months ago.

If I didn’t know what the 120 looked like, I might not care at all, but I do. So yesterday I started tracking my food on the Lose It! app again and I did run again! I actually didn’t start thinking about all of this until after I was running, which I hope is an indication that I’m not just running in response to my increased mass.

The scale I’m using isn’t the best, it’s 7 pounds off. As in when I get on, it tells me I’m 130, but I’m really 137. It’s not perfect, but if I stay consistent with that scale, I wouldn’t mind eventually seeing it say 108.

Ugh, that sounds gross. I don’t actually want to get that small. Actually, I don’t even really want to be down to the 115 that would be, but I feel like I might slack off as I get closer to a higher number, so I’ll keep the number smaller and see where it takes me!

I’m looking forward to playing with recipes and such to see how full I can stay with lower calories. Hopefully that will mean fun recipes for you when I find some great ones.

Until then, thanks for reading through my annoying whining.


I’ve been in a major purging mood lately.

Ideally, I would be able to sell some of the things that I no longer need or want and get some cash for them, but realistically, I’d prefer to just get them out of my space. This is probably mostly inspired by a decent amount of fear that I could one day be on Hoarders (in reality I am not like those people, promise) and a friend who has mentioned a few times before that she’s a minimalist. I didn’t really think too much of it until visiting her and really seeing that she doesn’t have things all over her desk or anything like that.

I like the little things that I have around, but sometimes they are more bothersome than they are enjoyable, and few of them are items to which I’m particularly attached. So even If I get rid of most things and then end up feeling like something is missing, I can find/make new things!

I asked twitter about some things to donate on Thursday and I decided that if it isn’t good enough to offer to a friend, it’s not good enough to donate and I can go ahead and throw it out. This puts a lot of things that I have in the donate pile, but I also totally ran out of steam in the purging process. Things like this happen when an 8-month-old niece shows up. It doesn’t hurt that I’ve spent so much time accumulating these things either though.

I kind of understand the people on Hoarders when they say that their things like them. Fortunately for me, I also understand the ridiculousness of that idea. Plus, the way that it goes through my head is much more of a, I’m sure I’ll need that one day, I don’t want to throw it out now and have to buy it again! Well, that’s changing. For now I want the space, and then I will only buy what I need, not things in bulk!

The process is slow going, but I now have boxes ready for donation and bags ready for trash for any time that the mood strikes. Let’s hope that’s often and soon!

Have you been doing any purging lately? Or are you perhaps in a hoarding phase at the moment?

I need a ring.

The past nine months have not exactly been fun when it comes to emotions and having to deal with them and all.

Nine months ago I was absolutely, positively head over heels in love. I would have hopped a plane to Vegas had the idea been suggested, whether I had the money or not. All that really mattered to me was the man that I was with and the fact that I could do anything as long as he was by my side.

I was totally ready to marry this man.

He wasn’t the man he had tried to be while with me though. The story of the breakup is not one that I want to get into detail with here. For those who stuck through the months of not-so-me tweets and postings, thank you. The rest of you aren’t really here to read this, and I’m getting off my topic anyway.

Part of my troubles with getting back to myself is that during my relationship with Shadow Boy* I grew to a point in which I became ready for marriage. After the breakup, I was still ready to be married, but the person I wanted that to be with was not an option.

Dating isn’t exactly easy when you’re already in a place that you’re ready for a ring though, because it’s hard to just get to know someone slowly. I don’t know that I could possibly explain myself adequately, so I’ll settle for inadequate and vague! I know that I want to take time to get to know someone, but at the same time, I already want to be at that comfortable stage where sitting at home reading for homework or writing an essay is still awesome to be doing together.

It’s rather frustrating.

In some ways, The Professor and I were getting to that comfortable stage pretty easily, and I could see that happening with us both having so much homework if we were still seeing each other. (More on that later, I’m bummed but it’s ok.)

When thinking more about it, I realized that it’s not going to be easy to be ready to “settle down” while also trying to date. Dating is supposed to be adventurous and exciting, while the phrase, “settle down” is just the opposite of that. (That’s not to say that people who are married are not having adventures, in fact I know that to be the opposite!) While thinking about this at work the other day, I was struck with an idea.

I’m ready to be married, and I need to be taking care of myself right now.

So why don’t I just marry myself?

Stop laughing, I’m totes serious. (You can tell because I said, “totes.”)

I mentioned it to an awesome co-worker, and she totally understood without me having to explain. I think she might do the same, which is awesome because now I’ll have a non-couple to double date with! We’re actually going to check out Sacramento Magazine‘s 10 Best Cocktails and discuss life and such some time this week.

Perhaps after we do that I’ll be able to let you know a little more about what I mean with this whole marrying myself kind of thing!

*I know that I had changed his name, but considering how things turned out and why, I think I was right about him from the beginning.

Totally stealing this idea from Amanda K

Well, technically the idea of a list goes back much further than I’m sure Amanda K does, but reading one of her recent posts is what is inspiring this one, you get the idea.

Amanda has a great list of goals for the month of February that are all somewhat love related. I’m kind of not liking this whole love focus thing, but I’m trying to branch out, so I’ll continue the love inspiration too!

In the month of February I would like to…

1. Perfect my glitter shoes technique, because I love the feeling that is only achieved when creating something.
2. Attend every class period for all my classes, because I love getting good grades.
3. Go through my closet for a clothing swap or donating, because I like to have room in my closet and then I’ll need to go shopping!
4. Add weights to my workout routine that seems to be mostly my dance class, because I love my body and would like to show it some care.
5. Make meals to bring to school/work because I love the money that is staying in my account when I don’t buy food.
6. Comment on more blogs that I read, because I love sharing love with the awesome people whose blogs I seem to be lurking lately!
7. Get back into music because I’ve always loved it, but it’s been dangerous for me lately. I want the love back!
8. Get to bed at a decent hour most nights because I love it when I don’t have to use concealer under my eyes.
9. Plan a shopping get together for bay area folk going to Bloggers in Sin City, because I’d love to have my outfits planned early for the trip.
10. Blog more regularly (3 times a week), because I love the feeling of getting things out of my own head.
11. Figure out what I need to do with school since my Sign Language 2 class fell through, because I’d love to no longer be in school!

Some of these ended up being pretty similar to Amanda’s, but that’s because she has an awesome list! I can’t wait to tell you all that I have done all of these things!

Couch to 5K!

I started a Couch to 5K program this week because I needed something productive to use up some frustration that I’ve recently run into. I’m not a huge fan of running, so I’ve never been much good at it, though I might also not be too much a fan because I’ve never really been good at it. But it would be nice to be able to run without feeling like death if I ever needed to, so I’m going to learn!

Get Running App

While I have done the first run, and I started the second one today, I think I’m going to restart the Week One workout next week. I feel like getting a fresh start and figuring out how I can work it into a MWF schedule is a good idea.

I got halfway through the workout today, but I had foolishly started it about 1:45PM, when I hadn’t had a meal yet (actually, I still haven’t had a meal today). I got almost halfway through when I canceled it. I know that I could have pushed through, but I would have felt horrible afterward. So instead I decided to mark it as unfinished and try it again, hopefully tomorrow morning!

My first run actually went pretty well. I started it much later in the evening than I’d intended, about 8:30, when it was definitely going to be full dark soon. I almost put it off because of that, but then I decided to go for it because I’ve been listening to Rent a lot lately and there truly is, “No day like today.” To combat dealing with the dark I decided to just stay to my block, that way my roommate would know where to send the cops looking for evidence if I didn’t come back.

I ended up really liking keeping to the same block. It meant that I only had to look for cars when I crossed the alley, and I know that the alley isn’t very busy anyway, so I wasn’t really slowed down at any point. I think that I will switch up which blocks I run on and use the warm up to get there, but I do think that I will be sticking to the single block running pattern.

I will probably keep you abreast of my running progress, but I really just said that so I could use the word abreast. Because I’m still in 7th grade.

Garden Geek

I’m a dork geek.

Wow, I thought I was a dork.

You all know that.

If you didn’t know that from before, read pretty much any other post and you’ll probably figure it out. I mean, I mentioned that what bothered me most about Eclipse was Bella’s hair. Do I really need to prove my case any further?

Anyway, not really the point of this post. Today I am geeking out over a magazine I found at work the other night. I was at the back cash wrap, which means that I was in charge of recovery of the news stand section at Barnes & Noble.

That’s when I came across this little beauty…

Seriously, a quarterly magazine dedicated to urban farming and sustainable living! Do you know how perfect that is? Tons of information, and yet it comes out only often enough that I will actually read it all and take it in, if it were monthly I have no doubt that there would be a lot that I would miss.

Side note about spending money and finance issues, I did not actually purchase this magazine. I believe that I will in fact purchase this issue, and ask for someone to buy me a two year subscription for my birthday! Actually, there are back issues (only three counting the current one that goes off the shelf on August 2) available here and it would be super awesome if someone would buy the first two and a subscription for me. Oh wait, it looks like for the most part they are actually pdf files. If only I could get them in print!

Back to the point.

I really want to get into some form of urban gardening. If I could find a way to make a community garden work I would love to start that up, and tonight I found a few awesome websites to point me in the right direction of being able to do just that. RebelTomato seems the most helpful, plus it’s got a fun name!

I also posted on Facebook asking about interest in community gardening. I’ve got a few people within 10 blocks from me who might be interested, so I think I’m going to do what I can to start something up. Right now it will probably just be dinner with the friends who are interested, maybe bike rides to check out possible lots to look into, and then flyers around the neighborhood? I dunno, maybe I’ll look into starting a website to generate interest and direct questions as well.

I’m not sure why I would want to take on something like this when I have a whole bunch of stuff going on, but I’m kind of loving the idea, so I’ll see just how taxing it is before I decide to forget about it!

If you have any knowledge of community gardening or have found some particularly helpful websites, please let me know. Maybe I’ll have you over for dinner next year when we’ll actually have a decent harvest!

Writing as me!

Part of why I started this blog again and wanted to be writing on a regular basis is to find some sort of voice with my writing. I know that it’s going to take a bit of time and a decent amount of actual writing, so I’m not exactly in a hurry to force anything that I would be comfortable calling a style, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not aware of when a particular entry feels more “right” than others that I’ve been writing.

With that in mind, I stumbled across this little tool while in the 20 Something Bloggers forums today. I decided to give it a shot and put some of my recent entries into the text box to try it out.


I write like
Stephen King

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!


I write like
Dan Brown

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

While both are very popular writers, it’s not exactly the kind of writing I would ultimately like to see myself creating. That’s okay though, I’m not really sure that the program is very accurate other than analyzing which words are used and how often. It would be nice if they would explain things more than that it, “analyzes your word choice and writing style and compares them to those of the famous writers.” What do they mean by “writing style?” How is that done through just a text analysis? If anyone has any insight on this I would love to hear it!

I think my favorite part about finding that tool was that I also found a great quote in a different part of the forum just a bit later. The thread asks for people to post their favorite inspirational quotes, and I’ve been checking back to it after posting my own. Jess posted, “Always be a first-rate version of yourself instead of a second-rate version of somebody else” – Judy Garland. Kind of appropriate to get me on the right track in this whole writing thing, huh? I mean, there are a lot of great bloggers out there that I admire a whole hell of a lot, and I love some of the things and features that they do, but that doesn’t mean that I should in any way try to be like them, and that’s very important to remember!

So in the next few months I am hoping to start some regular features and getting into a good routine, but I hope to stay true to Mz. Garland and combine these things in a way that is all mine, rather than another version of anyone else.

Please let me know how you think I’m doing!

I got a job!

I got a job!

Starting at 4PM on Saturday I will be a Barnes & Noble Bookseller. As far as retail positions go, I could not be happier with a single position (kind of sad TWSS?). I have no idea how many hours I will be getting, and I know that it is only part time and at minimum wage (California’s minimum wage is much more manageable than national) but I am stoked none the less.

I’m a little bit happy that it took the time that it did to get this position, because I’m now into a routine in which I am spending as little money as possible, I’ve gotten a lot done around the house, and I’m updating this on a regular enough basis that I might just keep it up!

While there was talk on Tuesday when I got it confirmed that I could start Wednesday morning and I would have jumped at that chance, I’m also glad to have the time to prep. There are a few more big things that I’m doing around the house, because the time I had/have from the phone call to starting on Saturday is just enough to hurry up and do them without feeling rushed, just motivated! I even left my car on the street cleaning side of the road Tuesday night so I had to get up and move it before 8AM and maybe start my day then. (I’m writing this Tuesday night, and I already know that I will be going back to bed after I move my car tomorrow morning, but at least I will have gotten out of bed, right?)

During my three limbo days I plan on/have been getting as many little projects done around the house as I possibly can. Before I even got the “You’re Hired!” call, I was going through my clothes and desperately trying to convince myself to throw things out, or turn them into rags, or donate them, or set them aside for the t-shirt quilt I decided I’m making. I didn’t get very far in actually getting rid of things, but I was able to organize a lot, which is a big step for me! Now I will just have to spread that out to the rest of my room and then finish painting it!

I feel like I’m rambling. Mostly because I was just going to start talking about the party that I’m now wanting to plan, which doesn’t really go with this thread. I will take that as a sign to abruptly end this post before boring you to death. Hopefully the instances of this needing to happen will become fewer and much farther between as I get better at this whole writing thing.