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Round Two!

Monday was a lot of fun being back on campus, until my Sign Language 2 teacher wouldn’t even let me sit in on the class to see if anyone dropped. Even though I was the ONLY person who wanted to add and there were 4 people who didn’t show up.

This means that I will be at school an hour earlier in hopes of adding a different Sign 2 class. If I don’t get that, I don’t know what I’m going to do. Perhaps email the teacher and explain the situation a bit more.

It’s totally my fault for not emailing him ahead of time I guess, but I did go through the same way that I’ve ever added any other course, and the same way I’ve seen most people add courses I was already enrolled in.

I guess I hadn’t totally put on my big girl panties. Time to now! Wish me luck!

Back to School

School starts today and I’m nervous. I have to add two different classes, one of which I really want, and the other I need. I’m not really prepared for the later, so let’s hope that the professor is kind!

I’m really excited about some other stuff that might be taking off soon though, I should have some more details to share about that late this week or early next week! Keep your fingers crossed for me?

This is going to be crazy

This semester is going to be totally crazy. But now that school is really my main focus, I think I can do it.

The biggest issue I’ve found seems to be the fact that work is loving me! My determination to pay off my credit card debt is keeping me going there, but my hours jumped from my regular 13-17 a week to 20.5 this week, and 30.5 next week!

I’m going to have to get super organized. It’s a good thing that my teachers don’t seem to be assigning work to make up for Labor Day!

Tonight I’ve been trying to get ahead of things and wrote out as much as possible in the planner I bought today, but two of my classes are kind of confusing with their syllabus, so I’m only comfortable committing half of my classes to paper at the moment.

Hopefully after attending these classes again tomorrow I will understand better how to plan it all out!

Until then, I will be getting ahead on the reading I do know about, and figuring out exactly how much sleep I need, and sticking to getting it each night!

Like right now. I think I’ll go to bed at 11 so I can hopefully get 8 hours and be on time to my 8:00 class!

I should be asleep.

I officially have an A in the class I thought I was getting an A- in, and a B in one of the classes I thought I was getting a C in.

The other four remain to be seen, but it’s likely that a lot of those are Cs.

My roommate today let me know that she’s giving our landlord 30 days notice this month and will be out by July 1. Not sure exactly what I want to do about getting a new roommate or finding my own place, but I have a couple ideas for roommates if I do stay here.

Dancing was a lot of fun tonight, and tomorrow night at my new friend Amanda’s graduation party it should be lots of fun as well. I’m getting more comfortable just going with the flow, which is probably good for learning new things and not forcing things.

I’m going to be extremely tired tomorrow, but it will definitely be worth it.

Summer Courses

I just signed up for my summer courses. If I can get into the class that I’m on the waitlist for I’ll be taking 11 units.

Let’s hope that I can, because I don’t want to have to take more English electives at Sac State if I can take them at a community college.

I looked up my grade in my Grammar class today, and it seems that I didn’t understand the big assignment as well as I thought, because I got a 15/20 on it, and since it was late I really only got 13. Because of this, the best that I can hope for in this class is a B.

I’m not looking forward to the final in half an hour.

I am looking forward to watching I’m Not There tonight though!

Nearing the End

This week has felt pretty crazy. Last weekend and the beginning of this week I seemed to have a kind of block on writing the about 30 pages that were due over 8 papers this week. I think a big part of that came from being forced to work on one piece all day Monday when I prefer to be able to work in short bursts.

Today I’m down to 5 papers that I have to turn in tomorrow. One of which is so done that it’s got a fork sticking out of it, but another I have yet to begin. The other three I’ve made decent progress on and now I just need to get my brother over here for some truly brotherly (read brutal) editing and I’ll be just about good to go.

I’ve got so much I could say about my process and how I intend to use the rest of my day, but this is just intended to be a short break so I can trick myself into working on one paper for two of those short bursts back to back!

I will have much more to say tomorrow afternoon and this weekend once my paper writing week is over!

Positive Outlook

In going through the papers that I’ve received back from my Professor with comments and unofficial grades, I realized that the two I’ve gotten back from him are actually marked as a B- and B/C. He’s a pretty harsh grader, and I would be totally happy with a C+ in the class, especially since I don’t feel like I’ve put as much into these papers as I should have. It looks like I’m on the right path though, since I’ll be doing a bit more revision to those papers before turning them in, and I’ve done a decent amount of revision on the other two I have for that class.

I’ve still got two more papers for different classes, which are a little more involved and I need to get back to working on them now.

And yes, you read that right. I have 6 papers due before 5:00PM on Friday.
I’ve already turned in 3 papers this week.