One of my new internet crushes posted this to some friends on twitter the other day.

Ok, I don’t know what’s happening with embedding this video, so you’ll just have to click here to experience the hatred that this Norwegian woman has for being a crappy housewife.

And now back to the normally scheduled blog…

Thank you Clare. Thank you.

This video has challenged my mind in a way that I have forgotten it could be since school ended a few weeks ago. I have so many questions!

What is a prettygirl? And how old is this “adult?”
Does she want to be a good housewife?
Does she believe that any kind of housewife is crappy?
Is she a housewife now and she’s disappointed that she is a crappy housewife, so she’s looking to change that?
Is this just a character she’s embodying for the song and video in order to further an obviously promising career?

We may never know.

Though if we want to know, there is contact information for Stalker Management in the video description.