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Have you ever noticed a repeated role that you play in others’ lives?

I stepped up to a role last night that is one I realized I’ve been in at least twice before.

While it can be a rough role to play, it’s definitely one that’s worth it.

With my friend’s permission I will share exactly what it is when it’s done.

Until then, I’m loving that I can facilitate this for her.

It’s also a little odd to me that I’m so aware that I’ve done this while I’m doing it now.

Are you ever that aware of patterns in your life? What are yours?

Couch to 5K… Again

I’ve made a few changes in the last few weeks that I should have made a few months ago. Unfortunately for the biggest of those things, while it’s good that I’m doing the “right” thing now, the outcome of the mistake I made will probably not be changed by getting back on track now.

That’s not what this post is about though. This is about one of the things that WILL be changed by getting back on track now!

I’ve written before about the couch to 5K program and how I was doing with that, but then school started. With the change in schedule I let some things get away from me and school and work took over most of my running time.

There was some cardio time at the new LEED certified gym at school to watch the San Francisco Giants win the World Series, but that was really just time on the bike or the elliptical while watching the game, I did not get further with the C25K program.

The elliptical has never transferred into being able to actually run, though it did help with that little thing I posted about on Sunday. So rather than starting where I left off, I’ve decided to start over! My first run I accidentally started in the third week again, and the first minute and a half run was not so fun, though I did get through it. Once I realized my mistake I very quickly cancelled that run and went back to the first run.

I was feeling a bit beat up after couple cycles of running, so I decided to skip one, I mean, it’s good that I’m doing it at all right? Well, I actually ended up rethinking it and after the eighth run I went back and did one more round to truly have 8 under my belt for the first day.

I’m glad I did.

An option I’m considering for my off days is taking the jump into the weight room at the gym and figuring out how to use some of the machines that totally intimidate me. Just one more thing that I should have started before!

It’s my birthday!

I’m doing some firsts today. The morning started off rough, but I have an awesome mom and a roommate who gives great hugs and puts on the Glee Pandora station.

There’s been a song or two that I’ve had to skip because I love it, but it is not the message I need to hear on a day that will be without tears!

The following songs were on and were very inspiring, so I thought I’d share. I hope that if you’re having a rough day you can listen and they can help you too!

The Untaken Risk

Yesterday’s post about taking risks made me proud, but later on I realized that there was a big risk that I’d wanted to take this week that I chickened out decided against at the last moment.

See, there’s a local production of the musical RENT coming up in September and Maureen Johnson is seriously a dream role for me and her songs are actually not totally out of my range! The thing is, I don’t actually have decent control over my voice, unless I’m in the car and no one else is there. (I swear, I can sing, you just haven’t heard it!) So the original plan was to ask around to friends who have some sort of knowledge of singing and the ability to help me learn to control my voice before the auditions came up so I could at least get up there and give it a shot without completely humiliating myself.

I know that I would never actually get the role because the local company’s star performer wants the same role and has the vocal chords for any song, but that doesn’t mean that I couldn’t step up and go for it! Especially since there are some other kick ass roles that I’d be down for.

Unfortunately though, I got a reminder for the auditions THE DAY OF!!! This of course means that I was in no way prepared for an audition, and I decided that it was not worth the pain for both my ego and the director’s ears for me to go down and check it out. Plus, I can’t really afford to not be available during their rehearsal schedule.

One of the reasons that Maureen is such a dream role for me is that she’s a totally over the top political activist (but she’s a little bit terrible at it), in a show that’s making a great statement about a political movement and fighting AIDS. Idinal Menzel is the original actress for the role, and she also happens to play Elfaba in Wicked. Another politically active character I would love to play.

Listening to RENT a bunch lately (even before the audition reminder) I was reminded of how relaxed I have been with my political beliefs lately. I mean, there are some serious problems with our political system and society right now, and most of us just sit back and let it continue because it doesn’t directly affect us. I don’t want to do that anymore.

I don’t mean that I want to go pounding down office doors and storming into politicians’ offices yet, but I do want to start really knowing what kinds of things I can do to help the causes that I believe in. Look out for some information as I find it, if we have similar stances why shouldn’t we work together?