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saving the world


Have you ever noticed a repeated role that you play in others’ lives?

I stepped up to a role last night that is one I realized I’ve been in at least twice before.

While it can be a rough role to play, it’s definitely one that’s worth it.

With my friend’s permission I will share exactly what it is when it’s done.

Until then, I’m loving that I can facilitate this for her.

It’s also a little odd to me that I’m so aware that I’ve done this while I’m doing it now.

Are you ever that aware of patterns in your life? What are yours?

What’s in a name? Part Deux!

Now for a slight focus change on the name issue. This time it’s not my name, but the name I have to come up with for something. I hope you remember the post last week about my desire to start some sort of urban community farm. Perhaps you’ve even noticed that tab in the top right corner that I’ve started in hopes of getting some information about this project up and make some decisions. (Don’t bother clicking on it just yet, I have nothing there, hopefully by the end of the day I will though!)

I’d like to get going on this project and start getting the word out there, but I feel as though I should have some sort of name for it before I go handing out flyers or business cards or anything of that sort. A name gives it some sort of authority, purpose. That’s where the name question comes into play.

I could easily go with something like “Midtown Farm” except that it’s not the only community garden in the midtown/downtown Sacramento area, and I don’t want it to be misleading. I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately, and I’ve had pretty much zero inspiration on that front. Since some of the information is going to be tied to this site for at least a little while, I was thinking of using “pure midtown farming” or something like that, but (and I know this is going to shock some of you who know me) I don’t want this to be all about me.

If this is supposed to be about the fruits and vegetables, it should probably be more about that. So I’m asking for help. With the collective minds of awesome people reading this, I’m pretty sure we could have a name in no time.

The best part though, is that I’ve decided that I don’t really need a name to get some information out. So while we’re working on that and getting it figured out, I’ll be putting together some information and trying to build some interest around the neighborhood.

I figure that once we actually have a site and people involved to have some direction to the project, that’s when we can figure out a name that matches the spirit behind the project.

Even so, I’d like to have some ideas to go into it, so let’s get some ideas flowing!

Garden Geek

I’m a dork geek.

Wow, I thought I was a dork.

You all know that.

If you didn’t know that from before, read pretty much any other post and you’ll probably figure it out. I mean, I mentioned that what bothered me most about Eclipse was Bella’s hair. Do I really need to prove my case any further?

Anyway, not really the point of this post. Today I am geeking out over a magazine I found at work the other night. I was at the back cash wrap, which means that I was in charge of recovery of the news stand section at Barnes & Noble.

That’s when I came across this little beauty…

Seriously, a quarterly magazine dedicated to urban farming and sustainable living! Do you know how perfect that is? Tons of information, and yet it comes out only often enough that I will actually read it all and take it in, if it were monthly I have no doubt that there would be a lot that I would miss.

Side note about spending money and finance issues, I did not actually purchase this magazine. I believe that I will in fact purchase this issue, and ask for someone to buy me a two year subscription for my birthday! Actually, there are back issues (only three counting the current one that goes off the shelf on August 2) available here and it would be super awesome if someone would buy the first two and a subscription for me. Oh wait, it looks like for the most part they are actually pdf files. If only I could get them in print!

Back to the point.

I really want to get into some form of urban gardening. If I could find a way to make a community garden work I would love to start that up, and tonight I found a few awesome websites to point me in the right direction of being able to do just that. RebelTomato seems the most helpful, plus it’s got a fun name!

I also posted on Facebook asking about interest in community gardening. I’ve got a few people within 10 blocks from me who might be interested, so I think I’m going to do what I can to start something up. Right now it will probably just be dinner with the friends who are interested, maybe bike rides to check out possible lots to look into, and then flyers around the neighborhood? I dunno, maybe I’ll look into starting a website to generate interest and direct questions as well.

I’m not sure why I would want to take on something like this when I have a whole bunch of stuff going on, but I’m kind of loving the idea, so I’ll see just how taxing it is before I decide to forget about it!

If you have any knowledge of community gardening or have found some particularly helpful websites, please let me know. Maybe I’ll have you over for dinner next year when we’ll actually have a decent harvest!

A nice average?

Tonight was a long night.

Some really good highs, and yet also some pretty disappointing lows.

To keep it positive, I continued with my changing the world today. I had an interview, and though I was worried that I was running late, I decided to take my bike instead of my car.

Thinking about it that way makes me feel like today was much better than I felt it was before.

I should have more to write tomorrow, since I probably should be doing homework instead.


Today I continued my trek to change the world.
I didn’t do much, but I saw an opportunity to help a woman and I decided to take it.

There was a graduate fair at school today, and a woman taking down one booth was having trouble getting a display into the box it stores in. She couldn’t really see the edges and it would get caught (which I understand is a difficult to picture from text) so one of the times that she was trying the box fell over. I was reading on a bench in the surrounding courtyard, so I got up and held the box steady.

I don’t think that she really needed the help. I think that she had figured it out the try before, but she seemed to have a better attitude than before. I hope that wasn’t just my imagination.

I have an interview tomorrow. I’m not sure yet where I stand on wanting the position, so hopefully I’ll have some awesome questions about it before 3 tomorrow and after the interview I’ll know precisely where I stand!

**EDIT** Tomorrow I will also make the phone call to my landlord to get the sink fixed. It’s more important to stop wasting the water than to get my roommates to take responsibility.

Oh, and I also put everything in our living room and my bedroom that I didn’t need plugged in all the time on a power strip. I’ll now be turning them off whenever not in use. I’m kind of excited to see how it effects our energy bill. I let my roommates know what I did for the living room so they knew what was up if the TV wasn’t working, but I’m not expecting them to do the same. I’m definitely interested in the next few months electricity bills!

I saved a life today.

I’m pretty sure the turn around time isn’t that fast, but I did donate blood today!

It was my second time doing so. My first time it was really fast, like 4:30 to fill the bag. This time I’m pretty sure that the blood pressure arm band was on too tight because it took almost 11 minutes! The needle also burned a little, which I was warned about by a co-worker 2 months ago when i donated, and since I thought it would only be few minutes, I didn’t worry about it too much. I was very glad to have it out of my arm though.

I also signed up and swabbed my cheeks to get on the marrow donation registry. They really need minorities, and males tend to be better matches, but you never really know, right?

These two simple things are just the beginning of my new goal.

I’ve decided that I’m going to change the world.

I found Ben Jelen again the other day, and well, he’s cute so I follow what he says. Not really. But his lyrics and the video for Pulse definitely make me want to get off of my ass. (I would have posted Pulse here, but it’s got some things like starving children in it. I encourage you to watch it though, it should be one of the first suggested after Wreckage is done playing.)

I realize for now that getting off my ass is going to consist of some very small things, but it’s more important that one does what they can than uproot their lives for something, right? So when I get the chance I’m going to do things like donate blood. (Apparently if I do so in the actual clinic my O- can be used for babies and more specialized things than it can be when donated through a blood drive location.) I think I might try to pick up trash a little when I’m out walking. I’m not sure what else, but I’ll definitely have my eyes open for opportunity, and I will always love suggestions.

Maybe after I graduate I’ll look into the Peace Corps!