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Where to go?

It’s no secret that I want to teach. It’s really the only thing that I’ve ever wanted to do for an extended period of time and it’s what I always come back to when I go through that questioning period every now and again.

For a long time I said that I would stay in California to get my credential because it’s one of the toughest states to become licensed in. Recently I’ve had a change of heart.

There’s a part of me that has wanted out of California for a long time. I mean honestly, a girl who has no interest in sports does not move to Iowa for a semester simply because she wants to go to the University of Iowa. I needed to see other places. As much as I liked Iowa, it was definitely not the right place for me to be.

Now is a much better time for me to be exploring. My car is also deciding that it’s getting close to the end. That fact combined with my hippie instincts makes me want to explore a city that doesn’t require me to have a car to do so.

There aren’t a terrible lot of those in California, so that credential is just going to have to wait. Well, probably.

I’m taking this week to research what I need in order to apply to graduate schools in Seattle, Chicago, San Francisco and New York. While I know that there are other cities I could/should be looking into, but at the moment I’m trying to keep my applications to a relative minimum.

If at all possible, I’ll be in a different city as soon as January. Let’s hope that will work out, though I’m rather aware that moving to some of these cities in the middle of winter is definitely not ideal for a total California girl.

Do you have another city I should be looking into? Where would you go?

Round Two!

Monday was a lot of fun being back on campus, until my Sign Language 2 teacher wouldn’t even let me sit in on the class to see if anyone dropped. Even though I was the ONLY person who wanted to add and there were 4 people who didn’t show up.

This means that I will be at school an hour earlier in hopes of adding a different Sign 2 class. If I don’t get that, I don’t know what I’m going to do. Perhaps email the teacher and explain the situation a bit more.

It’s totally my fault for not emailing him ahead of time I guess, but I did go through the same way that I’ve ever added any other course, and the same way I’ve seen most people add courses I was already enrolled in.

I guess I hadn’t totally put on my big girl panties. Time to now! Wish me luck!

Back to School

School starts today and I’m nervous. I have to add two different classes, one of which I really want, and the other I need. I’m not really prepared for the later, so let’s hope that the professor is kind!

I’m really excited about some other stuff that might be taking off soon though, I should have some more details to share about that late this week or early next week! Keep your fingers crossed for me?

And it begins…

I took another look at my most confusing syllabus this morning while in the corresponding class, and things made a lot more sense.

The amount of work that I’m going to have to keep up with also seemed to get even bigger, though that is the class that I will have the least amount of work outside the classroom. So while the teacher was telling one of her tangental stories, I started writing out a homework itinerary for myself. I started doing this at the end of the semester last spring, and it seemed to help.

My day was scheduled to go something like this:

class 8:00-9:50
break 9:55-10:30 – read Zinsser intro
class 10:30-11:45
head home 11:50-12:10
eat/get settled* 12:15-12:40
read 12:40-2:00 – 2 essays in Zinsser
walk around block 2:00-2:10
read 2:10-3:00 1 or 2 essays in Zinsser EDTE 150 article
work 3:00-8:20
-read Zinsser on break
food 8:30-9:00 make macaroni
read 9:00-9:45 EDTE 165 articles
Hunger Games 9:45-10:30
BED 11:00

I don’t actually start work until 4, but I put the extra time in for getting ready and transportation. It’s now 3:15 and I’m already ready for work, so I’ve grabbed the articles that I didn’t end up reading in the block before work and I will hopefully get through some of them before clocking on and on my 15 minute break!

I did alter the schedule a little as I went. Around 1:30 I was having trouble keeping my eyes open, even though I really liked the essay that I was reading. So I set the timer on my phone and closed my eyes for about 12 minutes while on the couch. Since I’d like the essays so much I was still able to finish my goal!

I also didn’t get to the EDTE 150 article because I was researching a Federal Work Study program that might mean I get paid for some of the schoolwork I do this semester because it involves tutoring elementary school students!

*Please note that I tried to be reasonable with not getting to work right away because if I had tried to do that, I would have ended up behind and disappointed. I’m proud of myself for having that forethought!

You may also notice that I have scheduled myself time to read the awesome novel The Hunger Games tonight because I think it’s important to have the pleasure reading in there too. Also, I really just can’t get enough of this book. I have the feeling that I’ll be finishing the trilogy throughout this semester even though I have so much reading for class as well!

I’m proud of myself for keeping pretty well to this schedule. If I can have several days like this, especially over this weekend when I have the most “free” time, I should be able to get ahead of my school work and guarantee me an awesome GPA for the semester!