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Best friends

Yesterday was apparently National Best Friends Day, and I was honored to have been tagged someone who I consider to be one of mine in her post about the day on Facebook. I’d considered posting about it, but didn’t think the world would care so much about my love for the 4 people who immediately come to mind with thinking about best friends.

One of the things about those people though, is that they are supportive as fuck, so when I mentioned to Kirsti that I was considering writing about it, she was rather enthusiastically in favor of the idea.

I’ve mentioned to Sheryl and Karina before that I’ve wanted to write again and both of them are always quick to say that they welcome my voice in any form, so I should definitely ignore the fact that it’s been more than 6 months since I’ve even logged in over here and just get to it!

And then there’s Mallory. The wonderful friend I met because of blogging more than a decade ago and the only one of the women mentioned here I’ve actually met in person. Is there possibly a better way to mention how much I value her friendship than in the medium that facilitated a friendship that could now be in 5th grade?

There are many more amazing friends who I could write about, and I am super thankful for each and every one of those friendships, the four ladies mentioned above though, they just hold that extra special spot that needs a shout out for occasions like this.

Even if I am a day late.

Mad Bummed by Jockey

It’s hard to be angry with a company who is currently auctioning off 17 items that will go for at LEAST a few hundred dollars for charity, especially when they support a practice that you believe in, so we’ll say that I’m frustrated with Jockey right now.

Jockey had a limited run of MadBum underwear following the World Series and the fantastic performance by San Francisco Giants pitcher Madison Bumgarner. Like, 2000 pairs, limited.

Apparently some were handed out at the parade in San Francisco, and then Jockey seems to have given out many pairs on Twitter to people who showed early support, and now there are 17 autographed pairs on eBay, the cheapest at $99 with 4 days left to bid.

I wanted a pair of that underwear. I would have worn them proudly, probably showing them off on Opening Day at Cheesie’s next year.

But I can’t pay that much for something that I won’t end up wearing because of a few scribbles of silver sharpie.

It’s really frustrating to me that I can’t simply buy an overpriced pair of underwear with MADBUM across the ass. They would definitely sell out anyway, couldn’t they put the proceeds of that toward their foundation?

Just let me have that underwear!

Taking my own advice.

I have lots of stuff I want to get done tonight, mostly stuff to prep for work in the morning because there’s a project that’s going to wow people and I want it to REALLY wow them, so I want to get to work early.

So I’m just going to take my own advice from the other day. I will probably be asleep before 8:30 and I couldn’t be happier about it.

Or maybe it’s the cocktail date I have planned for Monday with an attractive guy who already has me talking a lot about education that’s making me happy.

Either way, sweet dreams!

It was so simple!

I’ve been wanting to get in the practice of taking a few supplements daily. Supplements that I take at various times for things and I’m always great about it when whatever is driving me to take them is present and obvious, but how nice would it be if I took them every day and then I didn’t have any real flare ups of those issues?

Guess what, all I needed to make sure I take them every day seems to be a pill sorter.

My employer is changing healthcare companies, so when the new one came in for a presentation last week, a pill sorter was one of the promo items they gave out. I filled mine up with the 3 pills including the chasteberry supplements I want to take daily and guess what I have done LITERALLY EVERY DAY SINCE THEN!!!!!

Yup, I took them all. It’s been super easy and I don’t see it stopping. I really can’t believe how simple it was. Should make it easy for travel and such too!

Feel free to remind me of this some time in the future when I’m over complicating things but the simple answer is clearly worth a shot.

Challenge Accepted: MARATHONING ALL THE SHOWS!!!!

Since the release of home copies of TV shows, I have enjoyed marathoning my favorites. Netflix made that easier with that whole not having to buy them, but initially I was held back by that whole 3 disks out at a time thing, but I got by.

Then there was the miracle of streaming video.

I’ve never had any hesitations about watching hours on end of a single show, but I’ve never really thought about just how much I watched.

On October 1, Netflix added all seven seasons of Gilmore Girls to their library. I managed to watch every Giants postseason game outside of work hours, (which I went to a bar to watch, btw) and yet I still finished the entire Gilmore Girls series in about 4 weeks.

This weekend I finished watching Parks & Rec for the first time. I finished it in a week. It’s 6 seasons long, though admittedly the first season is short and the show is in a half hour timeslot, instead of a full hour.

I got through 2 full shows in 6 1/2 weeks, while also watching at least a dozen baseball games. Friends comes to Netflix in January, but I’ve got 6 weeks until then. For half a second I thought that I might be watching too much. Then I started The Good Wife.

I’ve got a busy December, so I don’t think I’ll be able to get through quite as much as I did in October (though with how busy I was I might be underestimating myself), but I think I’ll be able to finish all five seasons of The Good Wife that are on Amazon Prime streaming and then I’ll start on Scrubs, because I’ve somehow never watched that.

I expect to start watching Friends a week into January, and even though it’s got more episodes than Gilmore Girls, I think I’ll be done with that before Valentine’s Day.

I know many people have reading goals for the year, next year I think I might figure out a series watching goal. Got any suggestions for what should be on it?

Pro tip: Just go to sleep

Pro tip: If it’s 6:00PM and you’re ready to go to sleep, just go to sleep.

Even if you had grand plans to get back to this month-long blogging project you gave up about a week ago so you could sleep more and get over the death plague you’re finally over, just go to sleep.

Definitely don’t lay around until you motivate yourself to make some chicken nuggets and pierogies, thinking that it’ll help wake you up and then you’ll have energy to get something done; just go to sleep.

All the chicken nuggets and pierogies are going to do is keep you awake enough to start watching The Good Wife, but not actually get anything done. Then you’ll still be awake as the clock nears 10:00PM and you won’t have done anything but fallen in love with Julianna Margulies again because apparently it wasn’t just Nurse Carol Hathaway that you loved more than a decade ago.

So really, if you don’t have anything you have to do and you’d like to go to sleep at 6:00PM.

Just go to sleep.

Full bar?

I like sweet drinks.

My go-to is a Shirley Temple Black, which is a Shirley Temple with whiskey in it, as long as you’re that sugary-sticky-sweet grenadine like Rose’s. If you use ‘house made’ that is tart, even though I totally know it’s more traditional, I’m not interested.

When I went out tonight and the cocktail menu had lots of things with spicy infusions, I decided to go with my standard. I mean, I had checked the bar’s website before going and I was looking at what appeared to be one of 5 full bars in the space, yet when I asked for my Shirley Temple with whiskey, I was met with a terrible sentence.

“We don’t stock grenadine.”

Well then, your website needs to be updated because you do not, in fact, have a full bar. Get something sweet please! Your cocktail with apple sauce was kind of weird, it might be better as a warm drink, especially if you’re going to continue garnishing it with a cinnamon stick.

Also, your music was too loud and I don’t think I’ll be headed back unless another friend has some sort of event there.

If I do though, I hope you have American Gladiators on again. It was fantastic to give my young friends a history lesson. That show was surprisingly diverse for its time!

Totes committed

I haven’t actually mentioned yet that I’m planning on blogging every day in November, but I suppose now you know!

I have wonderful intentions of getting all ahead on things so that when I’m having a night that I’m basically dying from the plague not feeling so well, like tonight, I won’t have to worry about being all attentive and such.

I didn’t really expect to be sick for 9 days though, so I’ve gotten a little behind on getting ahead.

So this isn’t really a post, but I’m definitely going to post every day. I’ve also decided that I’m going to post at least 100 words each day, which this explanation totally allowed me to hit!

Now I’m going to go avoid dying and hope this is really the last day of this misery!

Is 5’7″ tiny?

Today at work a woman told me that I’m, “really quite tiny.”

While there have been times that I have felt tiny and times that I have fit into tiny clothes, I can’t say that I have ever considered at woman who is 5’7″ tall to be tiny.

She clarified, saying that when I’m behind the reception desk I have a very commanding presence, but that when I’m standing talking to coworkers by their cubicle, she noticed just how thin I actually am.

Since I happen to be the heaviest I’ve been in about 6 years, I couldn’t help but be flattered, but I still can’t quite get on board with this idea that at 5 feet, 7 inches tall (assuming I’m standing up straight) I am actually tiny.

Though once I get over this plague and can get back to the gym, maybe I’ll get back down to a size that I like and I might just feel tiny then!

I need this.

I desperately need a haircut.

And highlights.

I’m headed home in just a few weeks and I REALLY hope that I can get my hair done by the woman I’ve been going to for 7 years. I’ve tried a couple places in Chicago, but they’re all twice the price and don’t deliver what I want.

I need this.

For my sanity.

For my self-esteem.

For looking pretty, because let’s face it, my hair is an over-grown mess right now and that mess is bleeding into the rest of my look.

HA! Like I even have a look.

Seriously though, I need a haircut.

And highlights.

Maybe some purple too.