This was my day yesterday…

First I got to hang out with Chloe and her awesome mother Melinda, which included a trip to Old Navy, where I got some really good fall weather clothes that I didn’t expect to find. Melinda also tried on some jeans that looked super cute, but she wasn’t completely sold on them, so she passed.

There’s a sale today on baby stuff, so she’s going back and trying on some more jeans while she’s there. I hope she can find something she likes!

After that I got to come home and get to a little bit of homework before going out to dodgeball, where I was promised another smiling face!

Has anyone else but their parents gotten to see both Xoso babies on the same day?

Luca wasn’t as smily as he has been other times, but he was still fun to see. That should really happen more often. Maybe times when his father isn’t throwing dodgeballs in his direction, being the only reason that the baby wall was needed!

Please excuse my messy hair, and the poor lighting not showing how awesome my new highlights are. And yes, that is one of the new sweaters. I also got a solid purple, considering changing that out for the purple argyle, or maybe even just getting the purple argyle as well. I’m such a sucker for argyle right now!!!

Let me know what you think, feel free to click through to the Old Navy site and suggest other colors!