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barnes & noble

I need to quit my job

I believe that I have posted here before about not liking one of my two current jobs. It’s so much more than not liking it though.

I really hate it.

There has been a lack of communication from the beginning, which has recently come to light again through me finding out only after working there for a month that over-night floor set changes are required once a month. I believe that something like that should have been brought up in an interview so that if it was a breaking point on a job (as it kind of is for me during school) the applicant could decide not to waste the company’s time with training.

I don’t get many hours there to begin with, and the hours that I am there, I enjoy only because I am proud that I am pushing through and being responsible. I have to admit that I do love that feeling, but I don’t think that it’s benefiting me enough financially to keep getting that feeling with this job. I could instead use the time to clear out the basement of some end tables and desks that I no longer want. By getting off my ass while I’m at home and selling those, I have no doubt that I could make more while staying home for the 8 or so hours that they give me weekly.

Heck, I could probably make what I make in 8 hours there, in only a couple of hours of work selling the things in the basement that I don’t want.

I’m also really happy to report that once I’m gone I will no longer be pressured into buying clothes that I cannot afford. While I would love to buy some of their stuff because I really do love some of the pieces, I simply don’t have the money, and that should be enough to get them to stop pushing me.

It’s apparently no where near enough though. The typical response when I mention not being able to afford it is a suggestion that I open a store credit card. That way I can get some new work clothes and the store can get credit for someone opening another card. I flat out say no to that because I don’t believe that I will be approved, and I know that being declined for a new card is not good for your credit.

For a job that I don’t have anything good to say about, I have no idea why I am still working there. I’ve decided that the next time that I work with my manager I am going to tell her that I will work the rest of my scheduled shifts, and that is all. Heck, I might even let anyone who wants my hours take them so I can get more hours in at Barnes & Noble.

I’m doing really well there, and look forward to my shifts at the Nook desk, even though technically while I’m there what I’m doing is selling, just like that aspect that I hate about the other job. What’s the difference? I’m selling something that people actually want, and that won’t screw up their credit if they don’t stay on top of it! Actually, even if all that they are reading is trash, the fact that it’s still reading means that it is better for them than watching the equivalent TV show!

So I will soon return to the land of only one job, and I believe that everyone will be better for it! Come visit me at Barnes & Noble some time!

I got a job!

I got a job!

Starting at 4PM on Saturday I will be a Barnes & Noble Bookseller. As far as retail positions go, I could not be happier with a single position (kind of sad TWSS?). I have no idea how many hours I will be getting, and I know that it is only part time and at minimum wage (California’s minimum wage is much more manageable than national) but I am stoked none the less.

I’m a little bit happy that it took the time that it did to get this position, because I’m now into a routine in which I am spending as little money as possible, I’ve gotten a lot done around the house, and I’m updating this on a regular enough basis that I might just keep it up!

While there was talk on Tuesday when I got it confirmed that I could start Wednesday morning and I would have jumped at that chance, I’m also glad to have the time to prep. There are a few more big things that I’m doing around the house, because the time I had/have from the phone call to starting on Saturday is just enough to hurry up and do them without feeling rushed, just motivated! I even left my car on the street cleaning side of the road Tuesday night so I had to get up and move it before 8AM and maybe start my day then. (I’m writing this Tuesday night, and I already know that I will be going back to bed after I move my car tomorrow morning, but at least I will have gotten out of bed, right?)

During my three limbo days I plan on/have been getting as many little projects done around the house as I possibly can. Before I even got the “You’re Hired!” call, I was going through my clothes and desperately trying to convince myself to throw things out, or turn them into rags, or donate them, or set them aside for the t-shirt quilt I decided I’m making. I didn’t get very far in actually getting rid of things, but I was able to organize a lot, which is a big step for me! Now I will just have to spread that out to the rest of my room and then finish painting it!

I feel like I’m rambling. Mostly because I was just going to start talking about the party that I’m now wanting to plan, which doesn’t really go with this thread. I will take that as a sign to abruptly end this post before boring you to death. Hopefully the instances of this needing to happen will become fewer and much farther between as I get better at this whole writing thing.