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Birthday float

The float down the river yesterday was a lot of fun. The sun burn (okay guys, I admit it, I was sunburned) is not going to be fun as it peels, but the parts that don’t peel are gong to be a pretty killer tan!

I don’t think I’ll find/make the time to go again this year, but next year it would be nice to do again with a little bit of protection.

I’d been worried about the cost, but since an awesome friend had an extra inner tube to lend me, it wasn’t an issue. I will probably consider getting one myself next year, though there is an appeal to the raft that was entirely out of the water and seemed more defensible against the attacks from other rafts.

The raft also seemed much sturdier in the one actual rapid part that we went through. I got lucky that my foot caught the rope that tied the tubes to the raft, if I hadn’t ended up pretty much stepping on that, I would definitely have ended up under the raft, and badly beaten up on the rocks underneath.

After floating my roommate and I invited everyone back to our place once showers and naps were had. I didn’t feel 100%, so I ended up laying on my bed for most of the night. It was kind of awesome to hear everyone having fun though. Kept me from moping and wallowing, even if I wasn’t there to partake.

All in all, not my ideal birthday, but not a bad one either.

It’s my birthday!

I’m doing some firsts today. The morning started off rough, but I have an awesome mom and a roommate who gives great hugs and puts on the Glee Pandora station.

There’s been a song or two that I’ve had to skip because I love it, but it is not the message I need to hear on a day that will be without tears!

The following songs were on and were very inspiring, so I thought I’d share. I hope that if you’re having a rough day you can listen and they can help you too!

If I were Annie I would sing

Tomorrow is my birthday!

I am normally a huge fan of any day that can be all about me. Something about this year though, I just wasn’t really feeling it. Just over two weeks ago I finally figured out what I wanted to do. A night of dinner and swing dancing with just my boy and I.

Seriously, this sounded like the most perfect birthday I could ever imagine. Unfortunately, that’s not at all how it’s going to work out.

Later in the same week that I figured out that I wanted to go dancing with my boy, it was decided that he is no longer my boy. It’s been very hard and frustrating, and even though I don’t at all agree with his decision I must have some level of respect for it and him.

So now I’m back to square one with birthday plans. All of the dodgeball folk know how much I can enjoy the spotlight because last year there was a party at my house and it was all about me and I loved it. This of course is leaving them wondering why I am not planning something huge.

It just so happens that a friend is planning a float down the river tomorrow, and I’m going to take advantage of that for my birthday. I was hesitant at first because I didn’t know how much it would cost, but a different friend offered me her extra tube for the occasion, so now I only have to figure out my own booze. I think I’ll be going with some Roy Rogers with Rum so I can pretend that I am a pirate.

While that will be kind of an all-day event, there will be lots of time in the evening to figure out what else I want to do, if anything. I have no intention of making plans until that time comes. I have a thing or two that I would like to do, but still no plans, going to see what the day brings me!

Today happens to be my dear friend Mallory’s birthday. It was also her last day at a job before starting what will hopefully be a super awesome one on Monday! Good luck Mallory! I hope you have an awesome birthday weekend!

Sausage Fest: Second Helping!

Anyone remember a little mention last week of how dodgeball playoffs were going to be somewhat anti-climactic because there was no chance that we would be getting past Hot Dogs and Tacos? Well, I don’t know how it was done because I was playing in our own game at the time, but Sausage Sampler: Banger (often referred to as the JV team) came out ahead of the previously undefeated team, meaning that after we won the game we were playing at the same time, the championship match was a second helping of the Sausage Fest!

As far as the journey to the second helping went, I have to say that I had a lot of fun.

Our first game was against Fat Crackers. I know about half of the people on the team, which always helps to make a game more fun, and I’d missed our regular season game against them because I had to work that night. The game was close, and I had a lot of fun playing it. At the last minute my friend Emilie on Fat Crackers was the last person left while it was tied 2-2. The decision to sacrifice her by walking off the court in order to start a new game and possibly tie again was an interesting choice, but turned out to be just a little too late. See, if there is less than a minute left in play, a new game isn’t started, so they sacrificed just a little bit too late. It benefited us, but I’m a bit bummed that we didn’t get to play it out. I do think that SS Varsity owes this game to the wonderful Nick and his half court shot. Those things can really turn a game around.

We then had a break while two teams I know a bunch of players on were matched up. The STDs and Boll Gobblers were a very good game to watch. I mean no offense to the STDs, but seeing how the Ball Gobblers play, I definitely thought that we would end up playing the Ball Gobblers. That is how it turned out, but it really came down to the wire. Sadly I don’t remember the final score.

Ball Gobblers

Next up we took on Ball Gobblers. In this game, it really came down to two awesome ladies as far as I am remembering. Rene (as I have mentioned before) is super awesome and caught two really good throws in a row to definitely turn that game around. Brandi then caught an awesome throw by Ball Gobbler’s power arm Chris which helped immensely as well. I wasn’t sure that we were going to be able to get through that game. I did have fun with them too, and I’m bummed that I won’t be there next season to play them when Tiffany is on the team!

More Gobblers

The rest of Sausage Sampler: Varsity got to rest for the next game, while I got back on the court for the All Star game. There was mention of me not playing, but I’ve been trying to take things as they come lately and have fun with it, so I wanted to at least be on the court, even if I wasn’t super involved in the game. That turned out to be a bad idea.

I was the last player in the first game, and I kind of just gave up because it was just a game for fun. Then I shagged for the second game to make sure that there was turn over in the players. The third game started, and I was more into than I should have been for an All Star Game when I would be playing yet another game afterward. I went for a slightly high catch that I was going to have no problem getting, when there was another throw coming in my direction. Next thing I know I can hear the crowd react to what is obviously someone getting hit in the head.

That’s when the pain set in because, wait, that was ME who got hit, not only in the head, but in the FACE!

I was in a corner of the court that was by the door, so I headed out that way in the hopes that the game would continue without much delay. The thrower of the offending ball was awesome and came out to make sure I was ok, as did a few friends. After the initial shock wore off I was good. I did have to clean my right contact though because the ball hit my eye weird and I couldn’t see well because of whatever it did to my contact. I ended up getting back out on the court for the last bit of the All Star game, so it wasn’t too bad!

Sausage Sampler!

Then it was time for the final game!

I have to be honest, I don’t remember a lot of this game. I know that I had a lot of fun, and it came down to the wonderful Erin on the JV team. She held her own for quite a while in overtime (in playoffs you play out the whole game if you’ve started one before time is up). She even managed to get Jake out which I believe was a personal victory for her.

Then the wonderful Michael Phelps ended up hitting her with a rebound from a half court shot, shooting him from least to most valuable player in a single play.

I really love that we were all able to play together and have a friendly game that was also competitive. That’s what the spirit of the league seems to be, and knowing that it’s possible definitely helps to give me a better perspective on the games that focus on the competition and not so much on the sportsmanship. I know that my perspective this week was already better after the first Sausage Fest and knowing that it could be more fun!

Now I just need to figure out how to play in the winter season. I will be returning to my role as spectator and part time shagger for the fall season.

If you’re in the Sacramento area and you’re interested in playing, definitely check out 16-08-2010 BEDA, Dodgeball


A down side to BEDA

One reason that BEDA (Blog Every Day in August) isn’t the best idea is that there are days that hiding away and just living life on my own is much more appealing than sharing something with the world.

Today is one of those days.

I’m going through some things that require kind of putting my nose to the grindstone and just getting through. I have turned to friends to help, and for the most part that has been wonderfully helpful. Sometimes it can be disappointing and frustrating, and getting through all of that sometimes requires hiding out a tiny bit.

I supposed that this is what having some standard back up posts on file is for, but I think even that would sometimes feel like I’m too out in the open.

I do still like the exercise of writing every day, so I’m trying!

Couch to 5K!

I started a Couch to 5K program this week because I needed something productive to use up some frustration that I’ve recently run into. I’m not a huge fan of running, so I’ve never been much good at it, though I might also not be too much a fan because I’ve never really been good at it. But it would be nice to be able to run without feeling like death if I ever needed to, so I’m going to learn!

Get Running App

While I have done the first run, and I started the second one today, I think I’m going to restart the Week One workout next week. I feel like getting a fresh start and figuring out how I can work it into a MWF schedule is a good idea.

I got halfway through the workout today, but I had foolishly started it about 1:45PM, when I hadn’t had a meal yet (actually, I still haven’t had a meal today). I got almost halfway through when I canceled it. I know that I could have pushed through, but I would have felt horrible afterward. So instead I decided to mark it as unfinished and try it again, hopefully tomorrow morning!

My first run actually went pretty well. I started it much later in the evening than I’d intended, about 8:30, when it was definitely going to be full dark soon. I almost put it off because of that, but then I decided to go for it because I’ve been listening to Rent a lot lately and there truly is, “No day like today.” To combat dealing with the dark I decided to just stay to my block, that way my roommate would know where to send the cops looking for evidence if I didn’t come back.

I ended up really liking keeping to the same block. It meant that I only had to look for cars when I crossed the alley, and I know that the alley isn’t very busy anyway, so I wasn’t really slowed down at any point. I think that I will switch up which blocks I run on and use the warm up to get there, but I do think that I will be sticking to the single block running pattern.

I will probably keep you abreast of my running progress, but I really just said that so I could use the word abreast. Because I’m still in 7th grade.

I need to quit my job

I believe that I have posted here before about not liking one of my two current jobs. It’s so much more than not liking it though.

I really hate it.

There has been a lack of communication from the beginning, which has recently come to light again through me finding out only after working there for a month that over-night floor set changes are required once a month. I believe that something like that should have been brought up in an interview so that if it was a breaking point on a job (as it kind of is for me during school) the applicant could decide not to waste the company’s time with training.

I don’t get many hours there to begin with, and the hours that I am there, I enjoy only because I am proud that I am pushing through and being responsible. I have to admit that I do love that feeling, but I don’t think that it’s benefiting me enough financially to keep getting that feeling with this job. I could instead use the time to clear out the basement of some end tables and desks that I no longer want. By getting off my ass while I’m at home and selling those, I have no doubt that I could make more while staying home for the 8 or so hours that they give me weekly.

Heck, I could probably make what I make in 8 hours there, in only a couple of hours of work selling the things in the basement that I don’t want.

I’m also really happy to report that once I’m gone I will no longer be pressured into buying clothes that I cannot afford. While I would love to buy some of their stuff because I really do love some of the pieces, I simply don’t have the money, and that should be enough to get them to stop pushing me.

It’s apparently no where near enough though. The typical response when I mention not being able to afford it is a suggestion that I open a store credit card. That way I can get some new work clothes and the store can get credit for someone opening another card. I flat out say no to that because I don’t believe that I will be approved, and I know that being declined for a new card is not good for your credit.

For a job that I don’t have anything good to say about, I have no idea why I am still working there. I’ve decided that the next time that I work with my manager I am going to tell her that I will work the rest of my scheduled shifts, and that is all. Heck, I might even let anyone who wants my hours take them so I can get more hours in at Barnes & Noble.

I’m doing really well there, and look forward to my shifts at the Nook desk, even though technically while I’m there what I’m doing is selling, just like that aspect that I hate about the other job. What’s the difference? I’m selling something that people actually want, and that won’t screw up their credit if they don’t stay on top of it! Actually, even if all that they are reading is trash, the fact that it’s still reading means that it is better for them than watching the equivalent TV show!

So I will soon return to the land of only one job, and I believe that everyone will be better for it! Come visit me at Barnes & Noble some time!