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My brother and I are awesome.

Jeffrey: i found you!
Katherine: creepy
Jeffrey: yeah i get that sometimes
Katherine: i know, i taught you well
Jeffrey: haha
Katherine: want to hear something gross?
Jeffrey: um idk
Katherine: just say yes
Jeffrey: haha yes
Katherine: it’s not blood and guts gross, just like snot gross
Jeffrey: haha fine
Katherine: I just got up to get ANOTHER kleenex, and my nose literally dripped onto my hand
Jeffrey: gross
Katherine: I know, right?
the grosser part is that i only know because i felt it fall on my hand
I could have snot drops all over the house!
Jeffrey: ok you can stop now
Katherine: You’re keeping your shoes on from now on when you’re here, aren’t you?
Jeffrey: i would say yes, but it’s not true
Katherine: yeah, you’ll forget
Jeffrey: most definitely
Katherine: and the next time I see you without shoes in my house I’ll be thinking about this conversation
Jeffrey: please don’t remind me of it
Katherine: I won’t
but I’ll be smiling
smirking even
Jeffrey: le jerk
Katherine: and you’ll ask me why, and I’ll invent something extravagant just to spare you
that’s how much I love you.
Jeffrey: haha well thanks

Looking like my brother

For the past few years I’ve been very good about keeping my eyebrows decently kept up. I resisted for a long time because my natural shape is pretty awesome and as many of you already know, I’m damn lazy. Once I really saw the difference though, there was no real turning back. I mean, it’s not like a few plucks once a week or so are in any way imposing on my oh-so-busy life!

I can’t actually remember the last time that I plucked my brows though. I’m sure it was in the car, because the natural light there is just way better than anywhere else. I’m pretty sure I never took the tweezers out of the car, but I also haven’t seen them in at least a week.

It’s getting bad. Bad enough that I’m looking more like my brother whose eyebrows remind me of caterpillars. Bad enough that I wanted to take a picture for you. I don’t actually have any make up on or my hair done right now though, so the picture is not happening right now. Unless I find them this afternoon though, I’m pretty sure that there will be another time for a picture after work today.

I know you’re on the edge of your seat.

I would like a snack.

I’m still really liking all this dance stuff. Can’t wait to really learn more and feel comfortable with most leads. Some shoes that I’ve had for a while are now suddenly giving me a blister, so I was a little off tonight, but I still had fun. Plus, my security blanket was at home getting some much needed rest. But I still went for it!

I need to figure out a way to get my brother to one of the dance parties at Joanne’s. If he really got to get into a couple songs he would be totally addicted, and then I would have someone else to dance with! Seriously, the brother and I would be an awesome dance couple. It’s not something that I can just describe though, I need to get him out there so we can show people!

Did I mention that I made some awesome Cake Cones on Saturday? I will be making more soon. Maybe even making them prettier!