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Put your hands up!

I haven’t written for a while. In any of my blogs.

I’m really overwhelmed with school right now and I can’t wait to have my hours cut at work now that we have a new part timer. I know that’s a little unexpected, but I really want to get back on top of this semester, and the only feasible way for me to do that means less time at work.

In the last few hours I have been semi-challenged to learn the Single Ladies dance, which I’ve wanted to do anyway, but now will have to because I can’t challenge someone to do it and then not do it myself. I may be performing it in a couple weeks, or I may find some way out of us all performing it. If I do learn it and feel comfortable before Halloween, I’m super tempted to dress up as Beyonce for Halloween though. I kind of think it’s appropriate for working at a music store, is it not?

I have another idea I really like for Halloween though, and If I can make that happen I’m going to instead.

Beyond the dancing and Halloween motivations, this weekend allowed me to see that I kind of am enjoying being single. As much as I like the idea of relationships and such, sometimes there are disappointments that come with that kind of thing, and I have too much to focus on right now to open myself up to disappointments. Especially the kind of disappointments I had this weekend. At least I won’t have to focus on that issue anymore!

That being said, I believe there is kind of an open invitation for a date right now, and I will be taking this boy up on his offer. I can’t think of an appropriate nickname for him that won’t also reveal his identity to some people who read this, so he is as yet unnamed, but I will do my best to come up with something before writing about him again.


A friend of mine lost his mother early yesterday morning. I never got to meet her, but I love seeing his words about her.

He’s definitely one of the coolest people anyone could ever meet, and before I knew too much about her, I thought it was an “in spite of” situation rather than a because of. I was wrong.

Reading his words since her passing, I keep finding myself crying. I feel a little foolish for doing so, since I never did get to meet her, but the tears are not tears of loss or sorrow. They are happy tears to know that such a person could ever exist. I cannot thank this friend enough for sharing with the rest of the world these small fragments of the woman who shaped one of my favorite people in the world.

On an entirely different note, I saw Fame tonight, and will from now on be dancing pretty much every moment that I can. The latest addition to my dance line up will start next Monday, the beginning Hip Hop Aerobics course at Sac State. It will also get me on campus later, which means more study time. (That last period started off as an exclamation point, but needed to be changed.)

Feeling the smile on my face while watching the big number at the end was a bit awesome. I remember seeing Save The Last Dance in theaters when it came out and I was crying through most of it because I missed dancing and I was pretty mad at myself for letting me quit when we moved to Sacramento. This time though, I’ve got the motivation to dance again, and I’m going to just that. When I’m not in some sort of class or at a venue doing swing, you can expect me to be leaving happy hour and Saturday nights with the Xoso crew for places like Press Club.

I can’t wait!

Also, after having a total crush through the movie, I’m wondering if I have a new type, or this is just a fluke.

All She Wants To Do Is DANCE!

I had a very productive day today, though not in the way that I’d expected to!

I also had the second night in a row of simply amazing dancing. It’s obviously way too late to get into it at 3:13AM, so let’s just say that what started as a not so great, and super turbulent looking night, turned into nothing short of awesome.

Even the last little lingering bit of the negative (which I foolishly thought was a lost cause) was remedied by a late phone call that first had me panicked that something was wrong!

To go from feeling a little left out and let down to being reminded of the great new friends that I have is a feeling I can’t put into words. I hope those who contributed to this feeling know that I’m feeling this way and that I am truly grateful to call them friends.

This movie makes me smile and is keeping me up way too late.

My tortilla just tasted like peanut butter.

Yesterday I checked the website and was actually going to sign up for Camp Hollywood, only to find out that they have closed registration for Follows until the number of Leads signed up balances things out a bit. Funny thing, I’m not terribly upset about this, which surprises me.

I did send an email to them to get on the waiting list, so I guess I’ll leave it to fate. If I don’t get to go, I think I’ll spend the money I would’ve spent there on private lessons. Considering the bang I can get for my buck with the lessons at CH, I’d still prefer to head there, but if it’s not meant to be then it’s not meant to be, right?