I’ve had some ear trouble as of late. In January I had an ear infection which ended up with me learning that I’m allergic to amoxicillin, which probably means that I’m allergic to all -cillins. (But hopefully not Cillian Murphy, I’d be happy to find out if anyone would like to arrange a meeting.) Since then I’ve noticed any little thing wrong with either of my ears, including some pain that’s been growing for a while and got bad enough I almost called in sick on Friday morning. I am no longer enrolled at Sac State and I’m rather underemployed, I don’t have much access to health care. So when I got off of work on Friday I went on a hunt for a clinic that would help me figure out what was wrong with my right ear.

After about an hour of walking into multiple clinics and half-begging for help, I found a place that set an appointment for Monday (today for you, tomorrow for me). Fortunately, I still have some of the mondo-ibuprofen that they gave me in January so I didn’t even have to stock up on the over the counter bottles and down them in double doses.

While on my hunt, I tweeted about my frustrations with our health care system. A friend asked if I was sick, and I replied that I thought I had another ear infection. Apparently ear infection is a keyword for a particular spammer, because @eardoc replied to me, asking if I knew what the best remedy for an ear infection was. I get bitchy snarky when I’m in pain, so I replied to them.

EarDoc’s next comment sent me here where I watched this

Is it just me, or is that just a vibrator with an attachment meant for your ear?

Yeah, that’s what I thought.

I don’t know that I ever mentioned it here, but you can see here that I totally won a Babeland Silver Bullet as part of the Bloggers in Sin City Registration Raffle!

It may not be custom shaped for the job, but that shouldn’t mean that it can’t vibrate the bone and release the fluid, right? (Please someone comment with the appropriate response to that.)

Inspired by Alton Brown and his serious dislike for single use gadgets, I decided to test out a second use for my raffle prize.

Guess who isn’t going to have to pay $50 for a single office visit to the clinic! That’s right, not only did I try it, it worked!

I hate to have to let the folks at EarDoc know, but I hope that you all will remember this when you have some ear issues, and maybe even go for the $15 solution from Babeland that is intended for other activities as well!

Anyone have any other unintended uses of a Babeland Bullet?