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Best friends

Yesterday was apparently National Best Friends Day, and I was honored to have been tagged someone who I consider to be one of mine in her post about the day on Facebook. I’d considered posting about it, but didn’t think the world would care so much about my love for the 4 people who immediately come to mind with thinking about best friends.

One of the things about those people though, is that they are supportive as fuck, so when I mentioned to Kirsti that I was considering writing about it, she was rather enthusiastically in favor of the idea.

I’ve mentioned to Sheryl and Karina before that I’ve wanted to write again and both of them are always quick to say that they welcome my voice in any form, so I should definitely ignore the fact that it’s been more than 6 months since I’ve even logged in over here and just get to it!

And then there’s Mallory. The wonderful friend I met because of blogging more than a decade ago and the only one of the women mentioned here I’ve actually met in person. Is there possibly a better way to mention how much I value her friendship than in the medium that facilitated a friendship that could now be in 5th grade?

There are many more amazing friends who I could write about, and I am super thankful for each and every one of those friendships, the four ladies mentioned above though, they just hold that extra special spot that needs a shout out for occasions like this.

Even if I am a day late.


Have you ever noticed a repeated role that you play in others’ lives?

I stepped up to a role last night that is one I realized I’ve been in at least twice before.

While it can be a rough role to play, it’s definitely one that’s worth it.

With my friend’s permission I will share exactly what it is when it’s done.

Until then, I’m loving that I can facilitate this for her.

It’s also a little odd to me that I’m so aware that I’ve done this while I’m doing it now.

Are you ever that aware of patterns in your life? What are yours?

Saint Lexi

While I’ve totally spoken here before about things like BiSC and all the love I have for the folks who attended, I’ve got some other internet loves.

Saint Lexi is one of them.

She and I met like 5 years ago way over on LiveJournal when she posted something about one little change that she didn’t want to make to get rid of someone she needed to get rid of. While I totes understood the wanting to hold her ground, I was able to pull the objective outsider card and tell her to just cut that last little cord.

Since then, she’s become one of the go-to friends when I can’t make a decision. Even about totally silly things. She never judges and I know that I can trust her to be honest.

She’s way into awesome things like this new paranormal experience thing that I am seriously under informed on right now, but pretty much if you want to go on a ghost hunt, talk to Lexi!

Oh, and a couple years ago she decided that she was going to stop buying all of the things for New Year’s and instead post about Not Buying on Tumblr and make people like me want all of the things instead. She now gets to travel a lot more and she and her husband totes own an adorable home that I need to come see.

I don’t think that I’ve talked much here about my postcard wall, but she’s definitely the one with the most postcards on it, and she mentioned something about being able to add to it again. I don’t think I can really express the love I have for this girl enough. She’s seen me through all of my major breakups (though one of those was that we met right after it happened) and we’ve had times that we go for a while without talking, but I feel like we pick up again right away any random day.

Oh, and she’s got some really awesome hair!

There is all sorts of awesome that I know I’m forgetting here because I’m writing it way too late at night, so you’ll probably hear about her again. I’ll definitely have better information on the things that she’s doing then!

Until then, go follow her Tumblr and crave and giggle because of her amazing lust for the amazing and silly! (Though silly is often totes awesome too.)

My New Friend

This is a continuation of the writing prompt project that I am officially naming Writing is Elementary. I first posted about it a few weeks ago, but the basis is that there’s this fun Write Source site I found with writing prompts for elementary school grade levels.

A few ladies have joined me in writing these, check out their posts and then come back to read about My New Friend!

Kaci and what’s under her bed
Germana and who is at the zoo!
I feel like there are more, but I’m totally drawing a blank and I dropped the ball with keeping up with them as I hot links before. Please let me know if you’ve posted as well!

And now here’s my entry for the Second Grade week.

My new friend

Usually when someone is a new friend, it’s someone whom you have recently met. Someone you didn’t know before. I have some great friends that fit that description and I’m rather tempted to write about them right now. I’ve got someone else on my mind lately though.

No, it’s not The Professor.

This new friend is amazingly inspiring. She’s recently taken the biggest leap in life that doesn’t include a ring or fertilization. The thing is, I’ve known this friend for about two years.

This friend and I were both English majors, and when another English major pulled me into the swing dance community, the amazing dance skills and striking beauty of this friend totally intimidated me. At first I thought that she didn’t like me, and later I found out there was kind of a legit reason for that. Lucky for both of us, for more than our friendship, that reason is definitely not a reason anymore.

The past year has been crazy for this friend. She’s gone through some serious loss and even though we still weren’t close at all, it pained me to see her hurt and not know how to help her. She had some good friends around her though, so I just put faith in them to get her though. Man did they ever!

She graduated last semester and had about a million jobs while she was in school. During her last semester, she and I got a bit closer. I went through some stuff that really brought me down and she was so amazing about letting me go on about it even when I’m sure she wanted to tell me to shut up. I mean, I wanted to tell me to shut up! Twitter definitely helped with this new connection for us, though I don’t know that either of us really knows why.

We’re both glad it happened though. Especially in this last month.

I was lucky enough that this awesome friend took my advice and signed up for a dating site. She wasn’t looking for anything too serious (but please don’t read that as she was looking to hook up) because she already knew that it had to be short term. There was a guy who kind of stood out and she took a Chance that I’m super proud of her for!

Even with that distraction, she and I managed to sneak in a lot of time together in the last month. A week and a half ago we met up, for what we thought would be the last time, for lunch on a Friday only to find ways to see each other on Saturday and Sunday, and then again on the following Thursday!

Sadly Thursday was the last time I will see her for a little while. But her recent (as in she left the Friday after our last drinks – that weren’t even drinks by the way new friend!) move to South Korea will definitely get me some stamps in the passport I need to get ASAP!

Most of you reading are probably already familiar with Gina but if you’re not, check her out now. Her blog is sure to get extra good now that she’s got so much new happening with teaching English in South Korea!

I love her and I already miss her! Gotta get my butt to South Korea like, now!

Writing is Elementary.

If you blog, you understand the frustration of not knowing what to write about. There are probably things that you thought of only hours, maybe even minutes ago, that totally escape you now that you’re in front of a computer and able to get them into a more visceral form. If you’re on twitter, you’ve probably posted about it, much like Lauren did the other day. It started a fun conversation between she, Kaci and I, which ultimately ended up with me Googling “what should I write about?”

Well, just like it always does, Google came through for me!

Write Source was one of the first things to come up, and it’s kind of cute. It’s got really short prompts designed for journaling, and maybe for use in the classroom? It’s set up as though it could be for the classroom, so I went into teacher mode!

I suggested that Lauren, Kaci and I take on a grade a week for inspiration. Even though I was pretty sure that it was just the future English teacher in me who would be excited about this, and I promptly prepared myself for them to ignore the suggestion. They both went for it! Just another reason that I love the internet!

The “Grade 1″ suggestions are as follows…

A special birthday
I’d like to see . . .
The biggest thing I ever saw
Noisy times and quiet times
I like to make . . .
What if toys could talk?
My shopping list
Don’t litter!
Big pets and small pets
Insects, insects everywhere
I’m happy when . . .
How plants grow
My adventure
Friendly places
My favorite foods
I know a lot about . . .
Picnic fun
Who’s at the zoo?
What will I share?
I rode on a . . .
The parade
I wonder why . . .
What’s under my bed?
What if I was 10 years old?
What makes me laugh?

I can’t wait to pick one and get started. I might even go for two! I’m way behind on reading blogs, so these ladies may have already gotten started, but I’m going to start my more formal structure of this next week. I’m not sure exactly how it will go yet, but I’ll explain it all then. Everyone is welcome to join, how fun would it be to jump back to elementary school writing prompts, but now write about them from an adult older perspective!

Who else is joining us? Any suggestions on which I should write about?

Don’t know when I’ll be back again.

We just barely started getting to know each other, and she’s leaving. I hardly know details because I figured that everyone would be asking with such short notice, so I’ll get them from Laura later.

I can’t wait to be jealous of all the awesomeness that she encounters in Dallas.

PS, I love that I didn’t think that there were any pictures of us, but Facebook now has a thing that if you look at someone’s pictures, there’s a link to pictures with both of you in them, and there was one courtesy of Jared!

Also, I love that my drink is the super watery/empty one in front of me. I’m drinking Laura’s so we can move onto the Shady Lady sooner.


A friend of mine lost his mother early yesterday morning. I never got to meet her, but I love seeing his words about her.

He’s definitely one of the coolest people anyone could ever meet, and before I knew too much about her, I thought it was an “in spite of” situation rather than a because of. I was wrong.

Reading his words since her passing, I keep finding myself crying. I feel a little foolish for doing so, since I never did get to meet her, but the tears are not tears of loss or sorrow. They are happy tears to know that such a person could ever exist. I cannot thank this friend enough for sharing with the rest of the world these small fragments of the woman who shaped one of my favorite people in the world.

On an entirely different note, I saw Fame tonight, and will from now on be dancing pretty much every moment that I can. The latest addition to my dance line up will start next Monday, the beginning Hip Hop Aerobics course at Sac State. It will also get me on campus later, which means more study time. (That last period started off as an exclamation point, but needed to be changed.)

Feeling the smile on my face while watching the big number at the end was a bit awesome. I remember seeing Save The Last Dance in theaters when it came out and I was crying through most of it because I missed dancing and I was pretty mad at myself for letting me quit when we moved to Sacramento. This time though, I’ve got the motivation to dance again, and I’m going to just that. When I’m not in some sort of class or at a venue doing swing, you can expect me to be leaving happy hour and Saturday nights with the Xoso crew for places like Press Club.

I can’t wait!

Also, after having a total crush through the movie, I’m wondering if I have a new type, or this is just a fluke.

And the tears did come.

I just need to take a minute to let everyone know how much I love this girl woman.

In the past few days she has said the exact things that are what the reassuring friend is supposed to say in frustrating situations, and in both cases she has been dead on correct.

Tonight I have felt like shit for no reason. I didn’t want to cut the girls night out short if Gina and Blythe were having fun, but they saw that I really wasn’t, so they suggested the route home.

It’s like she’s got some sort of sixth sense about when I need something to happen. She doesn’t just tell me that she understands that it sucks and it will get better, she tells me that she’s sure I’ll find a roommate, or that she’s sure something specific will happen. And then it does.

I feel like she’s an amazing Charlotte/Carrie/and a little bit Miranda/Samantha to my Carrie/Charlotte/Samantha Miranda. That may not make as much sense as it could, but we aren’t really just one of them.

I don’t want this to make anyone feel like they don’t mean the world to me as well, it’s just that the tears I’d been holding back all night finally came through when a text came through and in my head I thought, “Gina was right again!”

All She Wants To Do Is DANCE!

I had a very productive day today, though not in the way that I’d expected to!

I also had the second night in a row of simply amazing dancing. It’s obviously way too late to get into it at 3:13AM, so let’s just say that what started as a not so great, and super turbulent looking night, turned into nothing short of awesome.

Even the last little lingering bit of the negative (which I foolishly thought was a lost cause) was remedied by a late phone call that first had me panicked that something was wrong!

To go from feeling a little left out and let down to being reminded of the great new friends that I have is a feeling I can’t put into words. I hope those who contributed to this feeling know that I’m feeling this way and that I am truly grateful to call them friends.

This movie makes me smile and is keeping me up way too late.

A letter to the boy I can’t actually write to.

Nights like tonight are probably the hardest. I’ve got a lot on my mind that I wish I could talk to you about. Granted, one of the biggest things on my mind right now is the simple fact that I can’t talk to you, but none the less you are the first person I think of when I want to tell something to someone so it’s frustrating that things feel like they’re piling up.

Your messages to me give me just enough information that they’re actually really vague to someone who isn’t completely sure how your mind works. Guess who falls into that classification.

You’ve made it clear that you don’t want to talk right now. What confuses me there is whether or not you intend to be in contact with me in the future. I like you. I see that we have different styles of letting each other know that we’re interested. That is a bit difficult to handle sometimes, but I’m down to figure out just how we handle it and I hope that you are too.

I hope you’re still planning on taking me out for my birthday. Dressing up for you would be fun!

In other news…