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18 Days left!!

I think I may have mentioned recently that I like the month of August. The biggest reason that like the month comes a little late in its span of 31 days, but that just means that there’s time to anticipate and prepare for it. The great day of which I speak is of course the anniversary of the day of my birth!

I enjoy my birthday, as it allows for me to be the center of attention without having to work very hard for it, or be seen as an attention whore because of it! One aspect of my birthday can be a let down though, and that is the opening of gifts.

I am not an easy person to shop for. I don’t really want just something random that I would like because it will probably sit around and take up space. Instead I’d prefer something awesome that I love and is also functional so I can remember the giver fondly when using their gift!

When something like that isn’t an option I like to remind people that cash fits the description of being both awesome and functional.

If cash as a gift isn’t really your thing, but you’d still like to get me something, I have come up with a small list of things that would delight me to (probably) no end.

Personal Library Kit

This would be awesome for not only books, but movies! I could be comfortable lending out my stuff to people knowing exactly who has what, and who to call to get it back!

Pretty External Hard Drive

Thanks to a friend’s knowledge of the product, the above external hard drive is no longer the specific one that I would like, but it does seem that I need one since the computer that I’m currently using has as much memory as my iPod does. I like the fact that I can get so much memory for (what seems to me) such a deal.

I’m being a princess on this one though, and I do want it to be pretty, so unless I post another one that I like, please just give me the mula to find my own rather than pick one for me!

Quilting tools!!!!

If you’ve been reading, you know that I’m going to start on a t-shirt quilt as soon as you all get me some funds to buy the supplies! A slightly quicker way to do that would be to buy me the supplies directly!

Book Money!!!

The only big problem I’ve found with the job that I like is the way that it tempts me to spend money that I don’t really have. So give me some to spend while I’m working!!!

Maybe on something like this…!

A Nook!

Even with all of my hesitations about the Nook for myself, I have no doubt that if I were to get an eReader, it would be the Nook. I actually really wish that I had it last semester for my bajillion novels I had to read in just 16 weeks!

Ok, I think that this 5 item list is a great start, perhaps I will add more in the coming weeks.

Fair Finds

I went to the fair this weekend. I had two free tickets courtesy of Jake, and I wanted to go, but I didn’t want to spend much money. So I invited someone I knew would be down to see the art and county exhibits, and walk around the vendors, but would share my desire to spend money on food alone. My dad!

This is where I post a picture of my dad and I at the fair. I suck and we took no pictures at the fair.

Just as I expected, my dad was totally down to see all the great stuff that was done by surprisingly young Californians. We had fun seeing some really amazing stuff, and then looking at the ages and being totally blown away. There was one kid in high school who made some amazing benches. We thought the first was pretty awesome, and then when his name was on another that was similar, but had very different aspects as well, we were really impressed.

We sat down for a cooking demonstration of waterless cooking, which was pretty cool. The kind of money they were asking for the sets there was way beyond my budget for cookware will be anytime in the next decade, but thanks to Google my dad and I were able to find some relatively affordable sets online. We were kind of impressed by the way that the guy mentioned that we can’t get their stuff online, but didn’t specifically say that there is no other waterless cookware online.

When we were walking through the vendors we came across something that we decided to get my brother for Christmas. We realized that my brother is very easy to shop for. He’s got relatively specific interests, and when you come across something that he would like, it practically screams at you to buy it for him!

This also reminded me of just how difficult I am to buy for. With my birthday coming up in just 19 days I figured I’d help you all out with that! Look out tomorrow for my birthday list!

Bridal Shower, Not Bachelorette Party

My cousin is getting married! The cousin who wasn’t very popular with girls, mostly because he didn’t think that he ever would be is marrying a beautiful girl whom I hear is great! While she and Craig have not been dating for very long, Tressa has been friends with his twin sister Danica for at least a few years, and once their two paths crossed apparently there was no stopping them.

Other than the fact that the girl’s name is Tressa, I couldn’t be more excited for Craig and I think I’ll let the name thing slide, but that’s probably because I know Craig’s middle name.


My mother is hosting her Bridal Shower. I guess it’s traditional for the groom’s aunt to do so, since my aunt did the same for my sister-in-law before my brother tied the knot. This will be the first time that most of our family meets Tressa. Poor girl. We have a big family, and to not meet the whole gang before making such a commitment is already a huge deal, it’s a great thing that my sister-in-law came up with a gift idea that would totally make that situation way less potentially awkward!


Maybe I’m weird, but that’s totally what I would want to open around 20 members of my fiancé’s family I only met an hour ago. Thankfully I am totally selfless and thought only of the girl with the odd name when I finally told my SIL that lingerie might not be the best idea for this occasion. SIL countered with something about wishing she had gotten more before she got married. (More on my reaction there later.)

I still insist that this gift she is picking out an putting my name on should be something that is a bit more family friendly (as opposed to family-making friendly) and end up finding a link to a Newlywed Cookbook to let her know more the kind of thing that would encourage Tressa to want to come around during holidays.

I didn’t really get into it with SIL, but as a very wise friend put it when I typed frantically for help, “The bridal shower is for home stuff, the bachelorette party is for bedroom stuff.” That may not be exactly how it was phrased, but the sentiment is the same.

And now for a couple more thoughts as quickly as I can get them out because I’m sure you’re sick of reading this…

Click on that picture of “lingerie” I know it wasn’t the best, but the link behind it cracked me up, so I had to use it.

Why do people want other people to pick out bedroom clothes for them? In a Venn diagram of people who will be seeing me in lingerie and people who I want to buy me lingerie, you get a circle! Am I weird like that, or do you agree?