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Lots of things!

I might just be crazy!

Click for a larger image of course, and see just how crazy I am!

Those are the classes that I am currently enrolled in for the fall semester. There are LOTS more that I would love to take, but I do have to have time for homework for these classes, and you know, actual WORK. With some luck though, I’ll be able to figure out a pretty regular work schedule on campus so that I don’t have to worry about a changing schedule. I just remembered that I should have more freedom from money next semester, so I won’t even need too many hours working, which is pretty awesome!

It’s been hot in Sacramento lately. Not exactly hot enough that it justifies leaving a fan on all day when only the cats are home, yet my roommate does it. The bathroom stays pretty cool, and they hang out in there anyway, why leave the fan on in your room if there is no one to benefit from it? If I didn’t already move so much I’d be really tempted to find my own place and just make sure I work more next semester.

I’ve really enjoyed dancing the past several weeks, and can’t wait to learn more. If anyone reading this knows more than me (and I know there are at least two of you) please share with me what you know! Watching some videos of friends completely intimidates me, but also excites me and motivates me to see how far I can go!

I had a pretty productive day today.

After completing an “exercise in time management” provided by my English teacher (it’s funny, time management isn’t in the course description or the syllabus) I went to the grocery store and got some gas. I don’t actually remember the last time that I got gas, but I’l try to pay attention to the next time that I do. I love living so close to everything that I do!

While I was at the grocery store I bought the items pictured below.

To avoid eating most of the box in just a few sittings, I bought the snack bags and divided it up!

I checked the box, and a serving is supposed to be only 55 little fishies, which those bags are definitely not. There are supposedly 32-ish servings in a box, I divided it into 18 bags. (Please note the earrings on the table, it was totally intense work while watching the season finale of 24.)

I have some pictures of a car that I see a lot that amuse me, but I think I’ve made this entry long enough, and I might forget all the things I think of tomorrow to write about, so I will save it until then!

An attempt to save money

Originally uploaded by purekatherine

In this time that I’ve been out of work cash for food and gas has not been the easiest to come by. So when I was at the grocery store and needing to find some cheap snacks I noticed that Goldfish were on sale for a dollar a bag.

In an attempt to get better food into my system and in hopes that they wouldn’t be quite as good as regular Goldfish, therefore lasting a bit longer I bought the Whole Grain Goldfish.

Unfortunately, I was not off to a good start. I had to open them in the car because somehow I got a huge hunger wave as soon as I sat down in the driver’s seat. I sat and pondered for a second once I got the bag open. Could these really be as good as the normal ones?

I dove right in. Took a few and was shocked.

The damn things are just as good as the regular Goldfish, just not as salty!

The bag is now gone, but I was able to make it last more than a day, so I guess I got my dollar’s worth. So if you’re wondering whether or not you should go for the Whole Grain Goldfish, I say go for it!