I’ve been in a major purging mood lately.

Ideally, I would be able to sell some of the things that I no longer need or want and get some cash for them, but realistically, I’d prefer to just get them out of my space. This is probably mostly inspired by a decent amount of fear that I could one day be on Hoarders (in reality I am not like those people, promise) and a friend who has mentioned a few times before that she’s a minimalist. I didn’t really think too much of it until visiting her and really seeing that she doesn’t have things all over her desk or anything like that.

I like the little things that I have around, but sometimes they are more bothersome than they are enjoyable, and few of them are items to which I’m particularly attached. So even If I get rid of most things and then end up feeling like something is missing, I can find/make new things!

I asked twitter about some things to donate on Thursday and I decided that if it isn’t good enough to offer to a friend, it’s not good enough to donate and I can go ahead and throw it out. This puts a lot of things that I have in the donate pile, but I also totally ran out of steam in the purging process. Things like this happen when an 8-month-old niece shows up. It doesn’t hurt that I’ve spent so much time accumulating these things either though.

I kind of understand the people on Hoarders when they say that their things like them. Fortunately for me, I also understand the ridiculousness of that idea. Plus, the way that it goes through my head is much more of a, I’m sure I’ll need that one day, I don’t want to throw it out now and have to buy it again! Well, that’s changing. For now I want the space, and then I will only buy what I need, not things in bulk!

The process is slow going, but I now have boxes ready for donation and bags ready for trash for any time that the mood strikes. Let’s hope that’s often and soon!

Have you been doing any purging lately? Or are you perhaps in a hoarding phase at the moment?