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My mother got me $100 to Ikea for my birthday. This is at the same time the most amazing gift and very frustrating!

How on earth can I decide how to use such a sum at such a great place?

A few weeks ago I came across this Ikea hack that shows one how to make an awesomely upholstered bed frame from a really cheap basic one at Ikea.

There’s a lot more detail here. It looks totally doable to me, and looking through Ikea’s site, I could easily get all the materials I would need from their store with the gift card.

The problem though, comes in when I remember that I would probably want to upgrade to a queen instead of the full that I’m currently in if I were to invest money in a bed at this point, and that would cost a lot more than what I’ve got to work with.

Also, looking at the instructions again, that is not really a project that I can get into at this point in the semester. Definitely something to do after finals in the winter or sometime during the summer!

Since the bed doesn’t make much sense at the moment, I’ll move on to a different option!

My roommate and I have been looking for better storage options for our kitchen for a while. It’s a tiny space with no decent options for storage. I’ve had my dad build me a counter which helped quite a bit, and when I get him to add another shelf to it, it will be even better! Even so, the small amount of cabinet space that we have is not working for our pots and pans.

Enter the Grundtal shelf from Ikea!

This shelf will be able to hold our pots and pans on hooks, and the lids for them standing between the bars. I really hope that we can secure it to the wall well enough to hold what we need!

You know the crazy thing about this though? Everything that we need for this is going to cost less than $30!

I will still have so much more to spend! I think I might look at some things desk organization, as I will be spending a lot of time here this semester. I guess wish me luck that I don’t get too distracted by trying to figure this all out!

Or better yet, suggest things for me to spend the other $70 on!

My day.

I’ve had kind of a frustrating day.

I got an email saying that the IKEA 2011 catalog is now out, so my roommate and I went to check out the store and grab a copy.

When we got there, it was soon apparent that there was nothing notably new in the store, maybe a random piece or two, but definitely not anything worth a trip to the store. What’s worse than that is that I couldn’t find a single catalog to take home!

We were there right as they were closing, which also meant that by the time we got through the line for our single shower liner, we were not able to get a pack of cinnamon roles.

Getting home from IKEA, I was hoping to find my latest batch of fruit rolls done. This was especially exciting because I tried using the microwavable plastic wrap that I heard was good to use through a few different recipes.

That was ruined when we got home and some of the wrap was melted, which definitely means I scrapped the whole thing. There’s a farmers’ market tomorrow though, maybe I’ll get some new peaches and go back to my successful use of parchment paper.

Positive thinking though, my roommate and I ended up going out to frozen yogurt and ran into the bfff and her boyfriend there!

I also found out today that some cool wristlets that I used to covet through Etsy are still around and I can get them through the awesome Jodie’s website. She told me through twitter that she’s working on some new stuff! Getting excited!

Also I don’t have to work until 3:00 tomorrow, when I start a full shift (which means more money) and then I get to hang out with my boy!

Overall, things are kind of awesome!

Oh, and I almost forgot that I’ve got things to look into with the whole garden thing! It looks like I might actually be able to take some steps to make it happen! Look for more information coming soon to The Urban Yard tab at the top!