I got a job!

Starting at 4PM on Saturday I will be a Barnes & Noble Bookseller. As far as retail positions go, I could not be happier with a single position (kind of sad TWSS?). I have no idea how many hours I will be getting, and I know that it is only part time and at minimum wage (California’s minimum wage is much more manageable than national) but I am stoked none the less.

I’m a little bit happy that it took the time that it did to get this position, because I’m now into a routine in which I am spending as little money as possible, I’ve gotten a lot done around the house, and I’m updating this on a regular enough basis that I might just keep it up!

While there was talk on Tuesday when I got it confirmed that I could start Wednesday morning and I would have jumped at that chance, I’m also glad to have the time to prep. There are a few more big things that I’m doing around the house, because the time I had/have from the phone call to starting on Saturday is just enough to hurry up and do them without feeling rushed, just motivated! I even left my car on the street cleaning side of the road Tuesday night so I had to get up and move it before 8AM and maybe start my day then. (I’m writing this Tuesday night, and I already know that I will be going back to bed after I move my car tomorrow morning, but at least I will have gotten out of bed, right?)

During my three limbo days I plan on/have been getting as many little projects done around the house as I possibly can. Before I even got the “You’re Hired!” call, I was going through my clothes and desperately trying to convince myself to throw things out, or turn them into rags, or donate them, or set them aside for the t-shirt quilt I decided I’m making. I didn’t get very far in actually getting rid of things, but I was able to organize a lot, which is a big step for me! Now I will just have to spread that out to the rest of my room and then finish painting it!

I feel like I’m rambling. Mostly because I was just going to start talking about the party that I’m now wanting to plan, which doesn’t really go with this thread. I will take that as a sign to abruptly end this post before boring you to death. Hopefully the instances of this needing to happen will become fewer and much farther between as I get better at this whole writing thing.