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18 Days left!!

I think I may have mentioned recently that I like the month of August. The biggest reason that like the month comes a little late in its span of 31 days, but that just means that there’s time to anticipate and prepare for it. The great day of which I speak is of course the anniversary of the day of my birth!

I enjoy my birthday, as it allows for me to be the center of attention without having to work very hard for it, or be seen as an attention whore because of it! One aspect of my birthday can be a let down though, and that is the opening of gifts.

I am not an easy person to shop for. I don’t really want just something random that I would like because it will probably sit around and take up space. Instead I’d prefer something awesome that I love and is also functional so I can remember the giver fondly when using their gift!

When something like that isn’t an option I like to remind people that cash fits the description of being both awesome and functional.

If cash as a gift isn’t really your thing, but you’d still like to get me something, I have come up with a small list of things that would delight me to (probably) no end.

Personal Library Kit

This would be awesome for not only books, but movies! I could be comfortable lending out my stuff to people knowing exactly who has what, and who to call to get it back!

Pretty External Hard Drive

Thanks to a friend’s knowledge of the product, the above external hard drive is no longer the specific one that I would like, but it does seem that I need one since the computer that I’m currently using has as much memory as my iPod does. I like the fact that I can get so much memory for (what seems to me) such a deal.

I’m being a princess on this one though, and I do want it to be pretty, so unless I post another one that I like, please just give me the mula to find my own rather than pick one for me!

Quilting tools!!!!

If you’ve been reading, you know that I’m going to start on a t-shirt quilt as soon as you all get me some funds to buy the supplies! A slightly quicker way to do that would be to buy me the supplies directly!

Book Money!!!

The only big problem I’ve found with the job that I like is the way that it tempts me to spend money that I don’t really have. So give me some to spend while I’m working!!!

Maybe on something like this…!

A Nook!

Even with all of my hesitations about the Nook for myself, I have no doubt that if I were to get an eReader, it would be the Nook. I actually really wish that I had it last semester for my bajillion novels I had to read in just 16 weeks!

Ok, I think that this 5 item list is a great start, perhaps I will add more in the coming weeks.

Learning things I already know

I am a lazy person.

Seriously. I know that I just posted about taking risks and technically that involves doing something, but generally, I prefer to sit on my ass and do not very much. If my boyfriend is there doing nothing much with me, that’s even better! If only we were lazy enough to just order delivery and a movie on demand, I probably wouldn’t even have to get out of pajamas ever at his place!

I’m reminded of just how lazy I am on days like today. Days that involve me sleeping in until some time after noon simply because I don’t have a list of things that I know I want to get done that day.

Yesterday I was out the door on my bike around 9:30 in the morning because I had a list of things that I wanted to do which included riding my bike and writing a blog. I got everything on that list done that I absolutely had to get done, just because I wrote them down!

You know you want to buy this for me!

I’ve noticed this before, and pretty much just ignored it because, well, obviously I’m too lazy to really care, right?

Well no longer! I have enjoyed my days of productivity (especially since I tend to include naps on my lists) and I would definitely like to keep them up. So this is going to be the start of a new kind of feature on this blog. A feature in which I challenge myself to do new things and let you know how it turns out.

Doing this (and actually documenting it) is being inspired by a lovely lady over at Not That Kind of Girl who is doing 250 new things in only a year and sharing her experiences. My formatting is going to be a little different, since I think I’m going to be sharing my challenges ahead of time and then posting a week or a month later, but it’s all about trying new things which is going to happen!

So for my first challenge to myself, I am going to write To-Do lists in advance so that I get my lazy ass out of bed and get to doing things! I don’t know how long I’m going to give this one yet, but it will be at least two weeks. In that time I’ll determine just how long I need to get this down to habit!

My turn!

I can’t…

+ believe that I’m as excited as I am to be so busy in the next few weeks, and maybe months.
+ snap.
+ wait for a girls weekend in Vegas!
+ sing, but do you think that stops an awesome karaoke performance?
+ keep my blossoming flowers blossoming.

But I can…

+ handle anything that I really want to. (Especially with the amazing new friends who are super supportive!)
+ remember (seemingly) useless information like dates and random trivia.
+ skip backwards, and while spinning!
+ bake/cook decently. (And when I say decently it means I just don’t have the space to do it well.)
+ see the positive in almost any situation. (Seriously, ask me how my most recent heart break will lead me to marry Joey Fatone if you don’t believe me.)

I won’t…

+ let a friend buy something that I don’t think looks good without giving my honest opinion about it.
+ smoke.
+ ever stop trusting that there is good in everyone.
+ stop believing.
+ worry my life away!

But I will…

+ support anything that a friend does as long as they are doing it for the right reasons. I may not agree with their decision, but I will support them.
+ become better with my money.
+ start taking more pictures.
+ drink most things with grenadine.
+ hold onto that feeling.

I shouldn’t…

+ put off my homework until the last minute.
+ sweat the small stuff. (And lately I haven’t been!)
+ be up this late!
+ spend about 1/4 of the money that I do. (Well, at least not on what I spend it on.)
+ put off until tomorrow what I can get done today.

But I should…

+ let the people I care about really know how much they mean to me.
+ read more.
+ get into a more regular sleep schedule.
+ eat better.
+ find some wine that I like to relax with sometimes.

Stolen from this awesome lady. Hoping that another lady, or two, or three I know will follow suit.