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I literally laughed and probably looked crazy as I was walking to my car after work at the record store today. When I got off at 10:30 and had a half hour drive ahead of me, I realized that I work at 4:45 tomorrow morning, and I work until 11PM, with only a 3 hour break.

Should be an interesting day.

Money money money mon-ey, MONEY!

After several weeks of not quite enough hours at work and being unsure of making rent, I recently found myself another part time position. I was told at my new position that I would be getting a max of three days a week, at about six and a half hours each. Combined with the regular twenty that I’ve been getting at the first job, this is absolutely ideal for the last few weeks before school starts.

Cue irony.

Since I’m actually a rehire at the second job, and they have the time for someone who is already 95% trained, they’ve scheduled me for 32.5 hours in the next week (Wednesday-Tuesday). With the new job being awesome and getting the schedule done weeks in advance, I make the old one work around it, even if that means taking a cut in hours at the old job to make it work. I got there at 4:45AM today to find out that I’m actually scheduled for 28 hours (again Wednesday-Tuesday).

Anyone want to do that pretty simple math for a second?

A week and a half ago I would have been totally happy with 28 hours, and now I’m scheduled for more than 60! I’m sure it will actually be less than that with the way that the old job sends people home to cut hours, but I will be working much more than normal, which will mean a much bigger paycheck than normal!

With a little luck, I will have 1/3 of my credit card debt paid off before school starts again!

Money money money mon-ey, MONEY!

The Scheduled Disbursement date is the earliest date the Financial Aid Office is allowed to begin the check disbursement process and not the actual date you will receive your check. If your funds have been received from the appropriate federal, state, or private agency and you have no holds, the earliest you can expect your Fall 2009 check is around August 31 and your Spring 2010 check is around January 25.

I just found that on MySacState. My birthday may not be much fun this year. I had thought that my Financial Aid was going to come through on my birthday, but it looks like it may not be for another week or two after that. I guess it’s time to start picking up shifts wherever I can at work. Oh wait, I’ve already been trying to do that! I did work with my manager last night, who had mistakenly been under the impression that I lived with my parents. Maybe now that he’s been corrected he’ll give me a bit of priority when it comes to hours. I mean, giving the 20-year-old bubbling idiot who happens to be trying to save up to get married is only doing his fiance a disservice.

Anyway, I get to start doing things like returning my plastic bottles and cashing in any spare change I can find for any amount of spending money I can get my hands on. I know that it may not be ideal, but I don’t want to stop having a social life just because my loans don’t come through until September.

If anyone has any other ideas for me to make money please let me know, when I have some I’ll buy you a drink!

Best waste of money ever

I bought some shorts on Wednesday.

On the Target website they’re listed as $25, but I’m pretty sure I didn’t pay that much for them. Anyway, today, only two days after purchase, I can almost take them off without unfastening them. I should have tried on the size 4.

PS. This is the first time I’ve ever bought a size 6, and it looks like I’m headed to a 4!?


I’m really not enjoying these early morning shifts, but I’m getting through them.

There is a new Jamba location going in on campus this summer, so I’m definitely hoping to transfer there and have a less stressful Fall semester while completely paying off my credit cards. Sure, I’ll have a bit more student loans because of this, but those have a purpose, right?

I went to collect my paycheck from The Fund today. I haven’t worked there for over a month already! I was pretty sure that I worked there for 3 shifts, but I only see 2 on my check. Oh well, guess it’ll take me a little bit longer to pay my credit card off. It’s really only a matter of about $20, but every $20 is that much closer to the end of it, right?

I will be trapped no more!

On the note of credit card debt, since I’ve mentioned it twice already, I’m currently at $2,038.01 in debt. At the beginning of this month it was more than $2,600. I’ve already got another payment set up and I’m pretty sure that I will be done paying it off before the summer is over. I will be updating on my status, I’m more than excited to start over without all of this stuff. If I continue with my eyes open as they are I should be in a nice position to do anything I’d like involving credit by the time I’m really out of school. That may or may not include purchasing a home.

As of 9:48PM Monday night, I have no idea whether or not I work on Wednesday morning. It’s a bit frustrating that because the computer is down my manager waited until today to take the schedule home and do it by hand. It’s how it is though, so I’ll just have to track him down tomorrow to figure it out.

This post is far too boring to continue. It’s now time for bed so that I might be more entertaining tomorrow!

Lots of talk about money.

Last week I got a big surprise in my bank account. Since finding Mint, I haven’t been using my Golden1 credit union account much because I can’t keep track of on there and I like the idea of understanding my spending better. Because of that I haven’t been checking my balance very often, why would I if it hasn’t changed? I got an email through Sac State’s online interface (or whatever) saying that my eRefund had been sent. I didn’t really know why that would be, so I checked my account, and there was a deposit of $1,524 from Sac State!

This was a huge surprise, and I was blown away. If that had come through a week earlier I probably would have been a little bit stupid and quit my job out of spite following a couple of difficult days at the beginning. Luckily though, I found it on a day that I had a lot of fun at work and then I had a day off, so my mind was more on what “extra” I could do with the money and not on how it could cover living expenses.

I quickly made plans to pay off about a third of my credit card debt with a large chunk of this money and get a good start on a real savings account with the rest. With all of this going through my head and knowing that I didn’t have to work the next day I stayed up later than I would have and did a little research.

I found the email that I’d gotten a week before about my financial aid being revised, and I tracked down where it said that I would be getting this grant. I also found something else in that research. The first $1,524 was for the Spring 2009 semester, but I was also supposed to be getting the same amount for Fall 2008. I found this along with a second email notifying me that my eRefund had been sent.

That’s right, on Thursday night I had a new $1,524 in my account, and I found out that another $1,524 was headed my way.

I thought of quitting my job right away. With 3 grand I could easily get through a couple more months without having to think about money for a second. Fortunately for me though, I’ve just witnessed a friend having less luck than he deserves when it comes to money issues and I realized that working and continuing to earn an income is a very good idea while working toward other goals.

I had a lot of fun looking up where I wanted to start a high yield savings account that night. I found a great direct online savings bank with the following mission:

“ShoreBank invests in people and their communities to create economic equity and a healthy environment.”

Um, if you happen to be reading this and you don’t know me, that could kind of be my own personal mission statement. (If you do know me, I hope that you already knew that.) I’m really looking forward to setting up payments to credit cards and transfers to a new savings account in the next few days. I’m also looking forward to knowing that even paying off so much and setting up savings I still have a couple months of bills that I don’t have to think about.

Sorry for the text heavy entries lately. Here’s a little something from one of my favorite webcomics.

**I forgot to add, while I am glad that I was able to learn from my friend’s actions, I genuinely hope that things turn out for the best for him very soon!

An attempt to save money

Originally uploaded by purekatherine

In this time that I’ve been out of work cash for food and gas has not been the easiest to come by. So when I was at the grocery store and needing to find some cheap snacks I noticed that Goldfish were on sale for a dollar a bag.

In an attempt to get better food into my system and in hopes that they wouldn’t be quite as good as regular Goldfish, therefore lasting a bit longer I bought the Whole Grain Goldfish.

Unfortunately, I was not off to a good start. I had to open them in the car because somehow I got a huge hunger wave as soon as I sat down in the driver’s seat. I sat and pondered for a second once I got the bag open. Could these really be as good as the normal ones?

I dove right in. Took a few and was shocked.

The damn things are just as good as the regular Goldfish, just not as salty!

The bag is now gone, but I was able to make it last more than a day, so I guess I got my dollar’s worth. So if you’re wondering whether or not you should go for the Whole Grain Goldfish, I say go for it!