Thank you to the person who left a very kind, but anonymous comment on a recent-ish post. I wish that I knew just who you were to truly thank you.

Getting better about blogging is part of my plan for this year. I’ve got lots of plans, including things like doing my makeup more often, and actually removing it at night when I do wear it. Rather than giving you a big list of things that I could think that will fit into this category, I’m going to simplify and tell you that I’ve realized that this year is the year that I’m going to be the person I want to be.

The most interesting of facets of this plan would probably be the new recipe idea. For the next twelve months, I am going to ask friends for suggestions, and then try out a new-to-me recipe every month. The one friend I’ve told about this so far initially asked if I was going for dinners or desserts. I had said whatever at first, but I think now I’m going to try to do one of each every month. By the end of the year I should have some fun cooking stories and a small cookbook of recipes I like to make! There may be even more to this plan that would include dinner parties, but that has yet to be determined. So far Double Champ and my future roommate are the only sure-fire beneficiaries of this idea.

What are your favorite recipes? And just how difficult might they be for someone who has never made them before?