I took another look at my most confusing syllabus this morning while in the corresponding class, and things made a lot more sense.

The amount of work that I’m going to have to keep up with also seemed to get even bigger, though that is the class that I will have the least amount of work outside the classroom. So while the teacher was telling one of her tangental stories, I started writing out a homework itinerary for myself. I started doing this at the end of the semester last spring, and it seemed to help.

My day was scheduled to go something like this:

class 8:00-9:50
break 9:55-10:30 – read Zinsser intro
class 10:30-11:45
head home 11:50-12:10
eat/get settled* 12:15-12:40
read 12:40-2:00 – 2 essays in Zinsser
walk around block 2:00-2:10
read 2:10-3:00 1 or 2 essays in Zinsser EDTE 150 article
work 3:00-8:20
-read Zinsser on break
food 8:30-9:00 make macaroni
read 9:00-9:45 EDTE 165 articles
Hunger Games 9:45-10:30
BED 11:00

I don’t actually start work until 4, but I put the extra time in for getting ready and transportation. It’s now 3:15 and I’m already ready for work, so I’ve grabbed the articles that I didn’t end up reading in the block before work and I will hopefully get through some of them before clocking on and on my 15 minute break!

I did alter the schedule a little as I went. Around 1:30 I was having trouble keeping my eyes open, even though I really liked the essay that I was reading. So I set the timer on my phone and closed my eyes for about 12 minutes while on the couch. Since I’d like the essays so much I was still able to finish my goal!

I also didn’t get to the EDTE 150 article because I was researching a Federal Work Study program that might mean I get paid for some of the schoolwork I do this semester because it involves tutoring elementary school students!

*Please note that I tried to be reasonable with not getting to work right away because if I had tried to do that, I would have ended up behind and disappointed. I’m proud of myself for having that forethought!

You may also notice that I have scheduled myself time to read the awesome novel The Hunger Games tonight because I think it’s important to have the pleasure reading in there too. Also, I really just can’t get enough of this book. I have the feeling that I’ll be finishing the trilogy throughout this semester even though I have so much reading for class as well!

I’m proud of myself for keeping pretty well to this schedule. If I can have several days like this, especially over this weekend when I have the most “free” time, I should be able to get ahead of my school work and guarantee me an awesome GPA for the semester!