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…by Katherine standards…

Even though I didn’t get the job that I wanted with Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California, things seem to be on an upswing.

The company that I’m temping for has been very happy with my work. I feel badly that I wasn’t feeling 100% today so I called in sick, but I’m feeling much better now so I’m hoping to go in early tomorrow and see if they’ll let me tweak my hours for the week by working extra tomorrow but putting it down for today. Unless of course they just want to pay me overtime for the technical over time that I’ll be offering to work.

I have a hair cut scheduled for Tuesday evening. Let’s hope that I remember to take before/after pictures. Anyone want to e-mail me on Monday evening as a reminder? Or better yet if you have my number please feel free to call or text a reminder on Tuesday!

I’m not going to do it this time, but I’m defitnely thinking about going dark like the picture of Feist below, or lightening my hair a lot. I’ll talk to Courtney about it while she’s cutting. She’s the first person that I really trust to do what she feels is best, and based on watching What Not to Wear I think that you hair dresser’s opinion and expertise is a key factor in great hair styles. I also know that she’ll be really honest with me about what would look better.

I have the feeling that she’ll take me lighter. She’s talked me into highlights before, and the only time that I really want the dark is when I’m watching something Feist related. Or Walk the Line.

I also picked up my new contacts today. One of them is specifically for astigmatism, so I guess it’s weighted to make it stay right side up. I haven’t changed them yet because I can’t find my contacts case, and I want to be able to put the onld ones back in if I can tell that the new ones aren’t working out.

I did some other things, but I’ll just sum it up by saying that I had an extremely productive day by Katherine standards and I hope to do the same again soon. Say…tomorrow?

And the nominees are…

So, time is up and we have only two suggestions. Should make your voting easier. Especially since I couldn’t find a not ridiculous picture of Melrose that I like. Mallory, if you can find a better one please let me know and I’ll switch them. Oh wait, you added a link in your comment didn’t you. I guess I’ll have to go check that! (That would be the much better one that Mallory provided on the right.

And then there’s Leslie Feist. I totally didn’t see it at first, ’cause I’d only seen her silhouette CD cover and the video for 1 2 3 4, in which I don’t think she looks fantastic. Once I was advised to watch more videos though, I realized that I also wish I had her wardrobe for a lot of them!

We’ve had another nominee! Katey Sagal. I have to say, I’m flattered, and I totally see it. Please, if you don’t know who she is take a look at the Google Image Search. That pic is really just kind of for fun.

So now you get to comment at tell me which you think I look more like! Feel free to ignore that this isn’t the best picture of me and scroll down to watch the videos instead.

Also, feel free to weigh in on whether I should dye my hair dark like Feist’s or go for lots of highlights. It wouldn’t be like Melrose’s, but it would definitely be more blonde.

Interactive Blogging

modelnecklaces 006
Originally uploaded by purekatherine

In an effort to have something more fun to do with my blog and get me back here more often, I’ve decided to ask for your help!

This is the official beginning of The Search for Katherine’s Celebrity Look-A-Like

It’s pretty much just you guys finding celebrities that you think look like me, and then I’ll post pictures of them, if you want to find a picture yourself go for it. If I have a picture of myself in a similar pose I’ll include that as well. I’ll talke the first 10 suggestions, or I’ll stop on Saturday, which ever comes first.

Then you guys will get to vote, after which I get to vote, and I will announce who it is determined that I look like.

Tresume and breaks

Why does Tresume smell so awful now? It used to be pretty good. I didn’t bother smelling it at the store when I needed some better conditioner because I have very fond memories of the way that it smelled from many years ago.

When I used it in the shower last night though, I almost gagged on the smell. I don’t know about you, but that’s not exactly the reaction I want from something that I’m putting onto my hair.

Sorry I’ve been gone. Life has kind of gotten in the way of blogging. Unfortunately not all of the reasons behind that are positive.

I’m actually only blogging now from my temp job for this week. I know that when I get home tonight I will pretty much have just enough energy to hold my head up through the end of Project Runway and then pass out.

If it wouldn’t make me speed through my lunch way too fast I’d get into my tiff with Project Runway, but I’d rather enjoy the only real break I take during the day. Maybe I’ll be able to write on my lunch tomorrow. Then I’ll either be totally ok with the show again (if Ricky goes this week) or pissed enough that I’ll consider not watching it until about 9:58 pm next Wednesday.


Originally uploaded by purekatherine

Alright, it’s official. If you haven’t been to my Etsy store yet this year, you will be very surprised the next time you do.

I’ve gotten one sale from the new look, and I hope that will start jumping up higher soon.

I’m hoping to get 3 listing changed every day, as well as at least 2 new listings up every day. I just got up a brand new plastic bubble gum pair of earrings, but now that I think about it, I only have so many aunts, so i guess my shop will just have to stay full and pretty and full of my original photos for a while.

Light box!

I don’t have a picture of it yet, ’cause my room is a mess and I really need to clean it up before I can set up everything again. I did take some pictures last night though, and I determined that I definitely need more light. So I went to my mom’s today and got another lamp. Oh, and I haven’t yet tried the new bulbs that I got.

I’m sorry to say that I won’t actually have new pictures that I’m comfortable posting yet, but I promise to stay up late tonight to get some and post them as soon as possible.

Until then I’m going to get back to cleaning before going to my mom’s to make dinner for my brother and his girlfriend tonight.

Maybe I’ll share just what I made when I get back. It’s a twist on tacos and it’s awesomo!