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Oh, right, I read!

I don’t think I’ve shared here the blogger book club that Ashley unintentionally started about a month ago.

Well, that summer reading is starting today! I’m not always the best about not spoiling things, so I would recommend that you just join us, so I don’t have to feel bad about it!

I know very little about this book other than it’s on the “Hipster Reads” endcap at work.

I will be doing as much reading as possible in cut off jeans and plaid shirts, neither of which have been washed in far too long.

And it begins…

I took another look at my most confusing syllabus this morning while in the corresponding class, and things made a lot more sense.

The amount of work that I’m going to have to keep up with also seemed to get even bigger, though that is the class that I will have the least amount of work outside the classroom. So while the teacher was telling one of her tangental stories, I started writing out a homework itinerary for myself. I started doing this at the end of the semester last spring, and it seemed to help.

My day was scheduled to go something like this:

class 8:00-9:50
break 9:55-10:30 – read Zinsser intro
class 10:30-11:45
head home 11:50-12:10
eat/get settled* 12:15-12:40
read 12:40-2:00 – 2 essays in Zinsser
walk around block 2:00-2:10
read 2:10-3:00 1 or 2 essays in Zinsser EDTE 150 article
work 3:00-8:20
-read Zinsser on break
food 8:30-9:00 make macaroni
read 9:00-9:45 EDTE 165 articles
Hunger Games 9:45-10:30
BED 11:00

I don’t actually start work until 4, but I put the extra time in for getting ready and transportation. It’s now 3:15 and I’m already ready for work, so I’ve grabbed the articles that I didn’t end up reading in the block before work and I will hopefully get through some of them before clocking on and on my 15 minute break!

I did alter the schedule a little as I went. Around 1:30 I was having trouble keeping my eyes open, even though I really liked the essay that I was reading. So I set the timer on my phone and closed my eyes for about 12 minutes while on the couch. Since I’d like the essays so much I was still able to finish my goal!

I also didn’t get to the EDTE 150 article because I was researching a Federal Work Study program that might mean I get paid for some of the schoolwork I do this semester because it involves tutoring elementary school students!

*Please note that I tried to be reasonable with not getting to work right away because if I had tried to do that, I would have ended up behind and disappointed. I’m proud of myself for having that forethought!

You may also notice that I have scheduled myself time to read the awesome novel The Hunger Games tonight because I think it’s important to have the pleasure reading in there too. Also, I really just can’t get enough of this book. I have the feeling that I’ll be finishing the trilogy throughout this semester even though I have so much reading for class as well!

I’m proud of myself for keeping pretty well to this schedule. If I can have several days like this, especially over this weekend when I have the most “free” time, I should be able to get ahead of my school work and guarantee me an awesome GPA for the semester!

I caved.

I really didn’t want to, but I’m headed out to Clear Lake this weekend and I need something that (be nice, Katherine) will keep my interest, but isn’t really something I have to think about. I mean, tanning is not supposed to require thinking, right?

I asked Laura if I could borrow the first of the Twilight series. I saw the movie. I was not impressed. I’ve spoken with some who love the books and still didn’t like the movie, so I’m not really worried. I really just don’t want to get hooked on this series and have to read them all though. I ended up snagging my hair dresser’s copy tonight when I went over there to water her plants while she’s out of town. I don’t think I’ll take this one out of town though, just in case something were to happen, I would be more comfortable telling Laura that I had to buy her another copy than the woman I trust to get my color and cut just right.

So, let it be known, Gina, Laura, Valerie (though I don’t think you’re even aware that I have a blog, maybe you don’t even read blogs!) and anyone else whom I’ve told I really didn’t want to get into them. It is starting tomorrow while I’m required to be at my lady appointment 15 minutes early (oh what I do for free healthcare). Unless of course I start tonight after my shower!

Friends, a boy and some good advice.

I really can’t express just how much fun I’m having lately. I’ve found some really amazing people whom I’ve somehow fooled into thinking I’m just as awesome as they are, and we’re having a ball. Everything from Bowleoake and crazy Luau parties to just hanging out at home and having some home made macaroni, we’ve got good times no matter what.

I’m blown away by the kind of support that I’m getting from the amazing women I’ve found. Sunday night, we seriously hung out at my house, I made macaroni, and we repaired a dress. After a pretty crazy party the night before, it was kind of just what was needed.

Part of knowing these marvelous ladies is listening to the advice that they give, even when it’s something that I’ve heard before and resisted. Last week a friend posted the suggestion of reading He’s Just Not That Into You. I’ve heard of it before, and thought about reading it, but simply wasn’t going to do it. I expected that it would be condescending and possibly demeaning, and I wanted no part of that.

Taking a risk based on the awesome time that we’d already spent hanging out, I asked to borrow the book. Worst that could happen is that I just don’t like it, right?

Well guess what. That’s not what happened. I’m only halfway through, and I love it. It’s already helped me loads with some things that I was holding onto, and even with a boy I met up with last night! This is a boy I’ve know for about 3 years, and we’ve gone through a few different phases of romantic-type relationships. This time around he (let’s call him Blue for ease of future references, if they should occur) has made it clear (as in stating it flat out) that he would very much like to date me as soon as he moves back to town.

I am very much in support of that idea, so I don’t want to do anything kind of stupid that would scare him off. Especially not while he’s still 2 states away. I also don’t want to get myself too worked up to be let down, which the book is helping me to do. Last night we only had a few hours together, and I’m really happy with how they went. He moves back to town either mid August, or early September, and now I kind of can’t wait.

It’s a really good thing I’ve got these awesome girls to keep me occupied until he gets back and can take me on that date he’s promised!

Oh work…

So here was the original plan for this evening…

Work until 9:40-ish.
Get home, relax and catch up with friends.
(This was after the MJ get together got squashed.)
Write a blog about how awesome the past couple nights have been and the awesome friend who accompanied me on some grand adventures.

Here’s how this evening actually went…

While at work get begged (not really, but it adds a dramatic flair) to switch for opening shift.
Figure out that opening would mean more cash and time to tan, so I accepted.
Work until 9:40-ish.
Get home, relax and catch up with friends and slightly catch up with friends.
Write a blog about how awesome the past couple nights have been and the awesome friend who accompanied me on some grand adventures not having time to write a blog.

The plan for tomorrow…

Work way too early, and a little too long. (4:45AM-1:00PM)
Tan/Read in park with friend(s?).
Make some extravagant plans.
Blog about the awesome week I’m having.
Dance the night away!

It will happen, you will be jealous of this week.

What is sleep?

I’m definitely up way too late. Can you blame me though, I was only 27 pages from the end of Wicked when it was really time for me to go to bed. And of course once I finish it again I can’t just go to bed, I have to check to see if anything has happened online in the couple of hours that I decided to read!

Luckily for me, two of my favorite bloggers lived up to those titles, and I am now going to bed rather amused and looking forward to adventures tomorrow!

Midwest Magic!

Tonight, I was feeling magic in the air. There were thunderstorms in the forecast and everything smelled amazing. So much so that I actually wandered outside to just be for a little while. I wanted to walk around Old Sac and just take everything in during that awesome pre-storm energy, but night had already fallen and I didn’t want to go alone. Nor did I want to take away a lead from Sweet n’ Hot by grabbing one of the guys upstairs. So out front I sat for a little while.

When I got home, I couldn’t ignore the magic outside my window, but I had no one to take a walk with me, and it was almost midnight, so I just had to settle for an open window and blinds.

As I sat down to read more of Wicked (oddly enough the scene describing the tornado) the lightning really got under way. As I was putting down my book and thinking Screw it! I’m going out to get me some of this magic! my phone rang, my darling brother who had just turned me down for a walk in the pre-storm magic was being called outside as well.

As soon as we were outside, the sky just seemed to open up and pour on us. I couldn’t have asked for much better. Only one thing that I can think of right now would have topped it, but playing in the rain with my brother while my soul was reenergized by nature is a damn close second!

Sadly, I got no good pictures of the actual lightning, but my friend Davis got the one above!

Jeff and I got some other awesome pictures. There are a select few here, and more on Facebook. I’m pretty sure that 97% of the people who read this will be able to find them on Facebook. If you can’t see them because I don’t know you and you would like to, let me know!

My hair is totally going to be tangled and smelling of rain tomorrow. I can’t wait for the reminder of the magic!

I definitely felt like I was back in Iowa for a little bit, for all of the reasons that I loved it there. (I didn’t completely hate it!) Specifically, I’m recalling a trip Mallory and I took to Maid-Rite, during which we got caught in what seemed to be a 15-second downpour the moment we got out of the car and ran inside. If I remember correctly, it wasn’t even raining when we left her house, just a couple miles away.

Now back to Wicked! You don’t really think I could sleep after such fuel for the soul, do you?

Summer Reading

Today on Facebook I asked for some help in compiling a Summer Reading list. I was very happy with the quick replies, but of course as soon as I posted the request, I realized that I have access to a list of possible books I will have to read this fall. Since I’m taking so many courses, I might as well get a head start on my reading and only have to skim them later, right?

So now I’d like to read about half of the books that I know I’ll have assigned this Fall if I can make it happen. Here’s what I’ve found…

For my American Gothic class:
Joyce Carol Oates: American Gothic Tales;
Charles Brockden Brown: Edgar Huntly;
Edgar Allan Poe: Tales;
Henry James: The Turn of the Screw;
Charlotte Perkins Gilman: The Yellow Wallpaper
Shirley Jackson: We Have Always Lived in the Castle

For my American Lit II class:
The Norton Anthology of Modern Poetry, Richard Ellman ed.
Kate Chopin The Awakening,
Joseph Heller Catch 22,
Percival Everett Erasure,
Alice Notley The Descent of Alette.

I can’t honestly say that I’m excited about the Anthology of Poetry, but at least it’s modern stuff, which I tend to despise less than other stuff I’ve had to read.

I have two more classes that I’ll have reading to do in, so I should probably really get going on some of these books. Luckily a couple of them are ones that I’ve actually wanted to read before, so maybe it won’t be so terrible!

Thanks to all who gave recommendations, I definitely wrote them down and will be checking them out if I manage to finish all of those by the end of the summer. Any encouraging remarks about what I have to read would be greatly appreciated!


I woke up pretty early this morning for having finally put down Wicked just after 3 last night, so of course I picked up my book and started reading again at 8:30. I was much more tired than I’d thought though, because I ended up falling back asleep again, only to wake up around 3!

It’s really nice to have three days off in a row and not feel like I completely wasted my day by sleeping through it. Apparently I needed the rest. For the past hour or so I’ve done about nothing, which has felt good. I do plan on cleaning my room a bit and doing some laundry at some point today, but without anything to do tomorrow, why bother right away? I’m letting the process all marinate in my mind so that I may be able to move through it all better when I actually get down to it!

I’m pretty darned sure you should get that for me since my birthday is less than three months away! (Yes I am already counting down, don’t judge, even with the large number that it will be, I like my birthday!)

I think I’m going to try to tweak my Fall schedule a little bit tonight. After I get my room a little bit more organized (read throwing some stuff out) I want to really look into the Spring semester and see just what I will need to do then to reach my goals. I’d like to find a way to get 20 hours of work in each week, and that great opportunity of a Jamba Juice on campus isn’t such a fancy idea anymore. That location is going to be a franchise location, so working there wouldn’t have all the perks of working for Jamba, like being able to transfer to lots of different locations in the country.

I definitely need some time for homework next semester though, since this semester’s grades didn’t turn out the way that they were supposed to. And of course there are some recent developments that I hope to have some time for next semester as well (which also means I’m hoping they last that long)!

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this yet, but within 12 hours of my roommate telling me that she was giving notice, I already had a potential roommate. Let’s hope that the character of this house doesn’t scare him off though!