I was pretty serious about yesterday’s post and my need for a ring to go along with it. A personal, close reminder of what it is I’m working for.

I’m all about the handmade for details like that, so of course I turned to Etsy to start a search. How convenient for them to be featuring the artist that I think I may ultimately buy from! Her shop is currently closed because her stuff is too cool and too many people want it, so she’s got to catch up on orders, but here are some pictures I’m pulling from her sold items to share with you what I think I want.

For the record, these images are all coming from her shop, so they belong to her, or Etsy or however that all works. You can click through to the full sold listing, which will also take you to her shop!

I like the simplicity of this one.

But I love the stone on this one.

And either way I think I’ll need the earrings to match!

If I could get this, with the herkimer diamond (that’s the stone in the other ring and the earrings) and oxidized silver, I think that would be my favorite.

What would you go with when marrying yourself? Anything else I should be considering?