I started a Couch to 5K program this week because I needed something productive to use up some frustration that I’ve recently run into. I’m not a huge fan of running, so I’ve never been much good at it, though I might also not be too much a fan because I’ve never really been good at it. But it would be nice to be able to run without feeling like death if I ever needed to, so I’m going to learn!

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While I have done the first run, and I started the second one today, I think I’m going to restart the Week One workout next week. I feel like getting a fresh start and figuring out how I can work it into a MWF schedule is a good idea.

I got halfway through the workout today, but I had foolishly started it about 1:45PM, when I hadn’t had a meal yet (actually, I still haven’t had a meal today). I got almost halfway through when I canceled it. I know that I could have pushed through, but I would have felt horrible afterward. So instead I decided to mark it as unfinished and try it again, hopefully tomorrow morning!

My first run actually went pretty well. I started it much later in the evening than I’d intended, about 8:30, when it was definitely going to be full dark soon. I almost put it off because of that, but then I decided to go for it because I’ve been listening to Rent a lot lately and there truly is, “No day like today.” To combat dealing with the dark I decided to just stay to my block, that way my roommate would know where to send the cops looking for evidence if I didn’t come back.

I ended up really liking keeping to the same block. It meant that I only had to look for cars when I crossed the alley, and I know that the alley isn’t very busy anyway, so I wasn’t really slowed down at any point. I think that I will switch up which blocks I run on and use the warm up to get there, but I do think that I will be sticking to the single block running pattern.

I will probably keep you abreast of my running progress, but I really just said that so I could use the word abreast. Because I’m still in 7th grade.