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New Obsession

I came across some awesome camisoles at Forever21 a week and a half ago when I went to exchange some tanks that were too small for me. The tanks were $4.50 each, but the camis were only $2.50, so I got four camis for only about a dollar more. I’ve never been a big cami girl, but I totally fell in love with this color.

Since I was so drawn to that color, I decided to grab another great blue, a grey and a black as well. Forever21 doesn’t do refunds, so it’s easier to get more than I brought in for the exchange.

I wore them pretty much non-stop last weekend. I had to warn both Diana and Ashley that they were new and I wasn’t sure if they were too stretchy to sleep in without having any wardrobe malfunctions, but they were way too comfortable to sub out for a t-shirt. (Last weekend was also the super sleep-over weekend, which is why I slept next to both of those awesome ladies. Lucky Poor Bri slept in a different room the night I was at her place and there was no risk of unintended flashing.)

They are the perfect length to peek out from below a t-shirt or sweater, especially on a cooler day that could use another layer. When I realized how much I love them, I decided I would go back and get more. I walked out of Forever21 having bought $36 worth of them.

Please remember that these are $2.50 each. I now own 16 of them, though 2 are black, because why not? Can you really blame me though? Look at all the colors it comes in!

To be honest, the picture I have up there with the girl in the tank is technically the v-neck version. I have the scoop neck in most of the colors I got because that’s what they had in my size.

I guess it’s a good thing that I just bought a couple dressers to make pretty, I need somewhere to put these! (More on the dressers later, and that’s not quite the colors I’ll be using.)

I’m looking forward to layering these like crazy this summer. Two camis and a cardigan and I’m good for any day of a Sacramento summer!

Now, how many are you going to get?

Xoso Babies!

This was my day yesterday…

First I got to hang out with Chloe and her awesome mother Melinda, which included a trip to Old Navy, where I got some really good fall weather clothes that I didn’t expect to find. Melinda also tried on some jeans that looked super cute, but she wasn’t completely sold on them, so she passed.

There’s a sale today on baby stuff, so she’s going back and trying on some more jeans while she’s there. I hope she can find something she likes!

After that I got to come home and get to a little bit of homework before going out to dodgeball, where I was promised another smiling face!

Has anyone else but their parents gotten to see both Xoso babies on the same day?

Luca wasn’t as smily as he has been other times, but he was still fun to see. That should really happen more often. Maybe times when his father isn’t throwing dodgeballs in his direction, being the only reason that the baby wall was needed!

Please excuse my messy hair, and the poor lighting not showing how awesome my new highlights are. And yes, that is one of the new sweaters. I also got a solid purple, considering changing that out for the purple argyle, or maybe even just getting the purple argyle as well. I’m such a sucker for argyle right now!!!

Let me know what you think, feel free to click through to the Old Navy site and suggest other colors!

Loving those grants!

One of the best parts of this new exploring I’m doing, is that I need more dresses and skirts. I went out last night to find said new garments. With the intention of spending $100 and purchasing this awesome shirt dress, I took myself to the mall.

On my way there I passed by a shopping center with a Ross and a Marshall’s, so I decided to go check out what they had. 11 dresses later, I had a bit of a self-esteem boost by fitting into the smallest of things I tried on, but I was also a little bummed that nothing really worked.

NY and Company didn’t have the awesome shirt dresses anymore, so I tried on some other things. Much of it was awesome, but I have only one place to wear that style right now, and I wasn’t up to investing that money for just a few great pieces that I’ll wear at most once a week.

I started becoming disappointed, how is it possible that a girl can go into the mall wanting to spend $100, have things fit, and still be empty handed?

Then I went to Forever 21. I’m not a big fan of that store, but it is very possible to find good items when looking correctly. Just when I was about to give up, I turned around and found this amazing thing!

I also found a cute cardigan, but the color isn’t online. This is the right sweater, but I got it in red.

I was feeling pretty good then, knowing that I had a couple of button ups at home that would make this into a great outfit. Even so, I decided to head down to Express to see what they had.

What did they have you ask? They had a buy one get one 1/2 off sale. I went for it.

Oh, and that yellow belt? Yeah, I got it in green.

I ended up spending more than my goal, and I’m totally glad that I did. I never do that kind of thing for myself, and this is definitely a good reason to do so!

My bed time has now passed, so this is going to come to an abrupt end rather than a clever one.