I often try to look for the silver lining in storm cloud types of situations. I’m often better at doing this for others than I am for myself, but let’s not get picky here and just celebrate that I’m about to talk about a silver lining for myself right now!

I’m unemployed.

I don’t want to be.

Rent is due much sooner than I’d like and I don’t have all of it for this month.

Those are all not happy things. The amount of debt that I’m getting myself into by charging a lot of things that I should just not be spending money on is also not a happy thing. The things that I’ve been able to do around my house when I’m not looking for a job are happy things.

I have made curtains for 8 windows in our house, and am getting ready to make some pelmet boxes that were introduced to me by a lovely blogger at The Little Green Notebook.

I have started a pretty awesome garden, including making a planter from the grate-thing that Jake used to store his clothes in and some landscaping fabric. There is currently a tomato growing on the plant in that container that I hope will be huge an ripe soon, and I hope it will be followed by many more! There aren’t many blooms on it at the moment to turn into tomatoes, but I think that might have to do with the transplant last week and getting used to the new container and surroundings. The strawberries were stunted a bit when I moved them and now they are extra awesome!

My roommate and I are painting the last parts of the interior of our house, though as I type this she is doing a lot more painting than I am. It’s one of those things that I really have to be in the right frame of mind for, and when I tried tonight, I just wasn’t feeling it. She will probably finish the room she’s working on tonight, and then it’s mostly my room I have to take care of!

More important than the act of creating things that I’ve been able to do is the feeling that being creative has once again stirred in me. Once I get going, there are a million things that I want to do! I have tons more that I’d love to get done before school starts.

Let’s see… I could organize my room and be able to keep it clean; Redo the old furniture in the basement and sell it; Plant a million more things so our grocery bill goes down; Make the display for my makeup I’ve been wanting to do; start making jewelry again and maybe sell some on Etsy. I need to stop before I start making new things to do in my head.

I’ve realized through all of this that a lot of the times that I get in a kind of funk, it’s coinciding with times that I haven’t created anything in a while. I hope to be able to continue even small projects all the time now that I am aware of this phenomena. If you’re feeling yourself in a funk, I suggest the same. Maybe just try buying the ingredients to make pizza instead of buying a frozen one. Even the little things help!