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Star Wars

Ever met a chick with Star Wars sheets?

A few nights ago the topic of Christmas presents came up. We still haven’t exchanged them. Mostly because neither of us actually have the gifts in our possession yet.

He offered to give me a clue though, and I love trying to figure out what someone is going to give me, if only to let them know not to waste money on something I’m not going to like. He prefaced with saying that the hint would either give it away, or completely confuse me. I think he was banking on the latter. I guess I should have mentioned to him sometime before that I used to work at Pottery Barn Kids. His clue was that if I wanted to return it I would have a credit to PBKids, and I took maybe have a second to think before literally squealing with joy and doing an odd kick-thing that would have been jumping up and down if I wasn’t laying down at the time.

He’s getting me STAR WARS SHEETS!!!!!


Except that he’s not, because they’re way too expensive and I’m not going to let him. But seriously, this boy not only hit the nail on the head with the gift, he hammered the nail in completely with just the one tap. I guess I was worried about nothing.

Except now I have to come up with something cooler for him. I mean, what I had was spot on, but not nearly on the level of Star Wars sheets.

Jedi Pod

On Tuesday on my way to tutor Lizzie I saw something I thought was interesting.

While in traffic, I came up on the left of a Honda Fit (pictured above) with the very interesting license plate “JEDIPOD” that did nothing but make me giggle. I noticed the license plate first, which I enjoyed by itself, and then I noticed how totally appropriate it was for the car which I don’t think I’d come across yet. Yes, I realize that it looks more like a storm trooper, what better cover for a Jedi trying to infiltrate?

I felt very connected to the driver, as though I could totally hang out with them and not feel like a geek relating everything to Star Wars (though the LOTR references might still set me back, I don’t know how deep their nerd-dom goes).

As I passed the car though, I was both amused and disappointed. We were in some relatively annoying traffic. The kind that isn’t really slow enough that you’ve got to call in late if you’re on your way to work, but it’s pretty packed and there’s a lot of stopping and going. Since I was passing the Jedi pod, they were obviously in a slower lane, and to my dismay the driver was in full on yelling road rage at the car in front of them.

Not very Jedi like at all.

On the plus side, I got to enjoy a moment of two pleasures; Star Wars and irony all in one moment!