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swing dancing

Sad Katherine.

I don’t think I’ll be going to Camp Hollywood after all. It seems that in the time that I’ve been put on the waiting list and have still been socializing and such, I have depleted my CH Funds. Because of that second factor, it looks as though I will not be able to go to the Seattle Lindy Exchange the following weekend, which I’d hoped would be a decent alternative. It’s looking like I will have to wait until September for the San Francisco Lindy Exchange to be my first event.

Only a week after that one is the Cowtown Jamborama in Omaha, which I’m hoping I’ll be able to make it to as well. I think that my school schedule will probably have an impact on that one though. Maybe I can email professors now in hopes of getting some fort of syllabus early.

I’ve heard quite a bit lately from more experienced dancers (though I think it’s all been leads) who believe that going to Lindy Exchanges is actually better to learn than going to events like Camp Hollywood, though I haven’t heard much about why. Any of you dancers reading care to answer that one?

Tonight there’s a Jack and Jill competition at Midtown Stomp in which I’m almost considering participating. For those of you unfamiliar with social dancing, a Jack and Jill is a competition in which all dancers sign up individually, and then the leads and follows are paired up randomly for each song. Rather than being judged as a couple, as other competitions are, each dancer is judged as they entered, individually. I’m going out to happy hour tonight, so it will probably be decided then. Wish me luck in case I do it!

Club 21

Tonight I had a night of dancing that I really needed. Lots of good leads and some super fun Hustle at Club 21.

I can kind of feel that some awesome changes are happening my life concerning the making of super awesome new friends. I think the best part about that is that I don’t in any way have to drop any old friends in the process!

Living Life!

I know that I’m going to get some scoffs at this, but sometimes, Grey’s Anatomy is totally spot on.

In one of the later episodes of this season there was a comment made to the effect of the realization that as much as we seem to always be preparing for the next stage in life (i.e. after this semester, after next semester, after graduation, after credential – the life of an English major doesn’t have things like residency that take years) our life is happening all around us. If we don’t pay attention while it’s happening, we’re going to miss something.

I’ve been thinking about that notion a lot lately as I’ve really become emerged in the world of swing dancing as well as the social scene that accompanies the awesome workout. Though one of the social circles I’ve become very much aware that life is happening and I’m rather proud of the fact that I’m now embracing it and enjoying it to no end.

There’s been a bit of drama with a boy who seems to be enamored with me and my wonderful new guy friends doing all they can to cock block (though it’s more just buffering for my benefit), and some interesting instances that have come out of that. I feel bad for the guy, ’cause I’m simply not interested. If he would chill a bit I’m sure that he could find a girl who would be a much better fit for what he’s looking for without much resistance.

I’ve also met some really amazing new friends. The kind of friends who notice that my pants are too big and decide that we need to go shopping for new jeans, or have work in a couple hours, but will spend one of those hours not reading with me at the park. (We should really do that as much as possible this summer, I definitely got a little sun yesterday.)

This life enjoyment is what’s hindering blogging lately. If I wasn’t so happy with my lack of sleep and intense sign language studies, I might be sorry!

All pictures of the 1:30AM dancing in front of Rick’s Dessert Diner that is definitely my favorite dance moment yet!

Bad Blogger

As busy as I am lately, I’m determined to blog regularly this summer. I don’t think that I’ll have something every day, but 3-4 times a week, with one of them actually having some sort of substance would be nice.

Maybe once I get used to this non-stop summer I seem to have gotten myself into.

I really like the way that my friend Gina blogs, it’s usually after her posts that I’m kicking myself the most for not being a better blogger. I hope she doesn’t mind me linking to her, she really cracks me up, so why not share?

I have my second night of the beginning swing series class I’m in at Midtown Stomp Friday and I’m stoked. I can’t wait until I’m not being silly and doing stuff like looking at my feet when I’m dancing!

PS. Why do I look so blonde in pictures?

Great Weekend!

I know that I don’t normally update on Sundays now, but I didn’t update yesterday, and I have something to say, so why not?

This weekend has been one awesome weekend of dancing for me. Starting on Friday, I decided that I was not allowed to sit out more than two songs in a row at Midtown Stomp. I’m pretty good at not dancing sometimes, but that’s not really going to help me, so I don’t want to do it as much! I don’t think that I fully stuck to that decision, but the only time that I did miss more than two songs in a row, I also wasn’t in the ballroom, so I feel like I stuck to it.

I got to dance with a cool guy I met at Sweet n’ Hot last week, and he started actually giving me some of the direction that I really need with Lindy. It’s very exciting. I’m enjoying this all so much more than I expected to, which really does say a lot, and getting better is quickly becoming a big goal for me.

There was a party on Saturday that I didn’t think I was going to go to because I was supposed to be at work until 11, but when I got out just after 10 I decided to make a surprise appearance. I don’t think I’ve ever felt more loved than I did walking into that party full of people who’d spent the previous night trying to convince me to come while I insisted that I couldn’t. Sure, many of them we drunk, but I felt loved none the less.

While I was there, I got to dance a lot more than I have before (somehow I danced for I think 7 songs in a row) and I even learned my new favorite. Hustle!

I have so much fun dancing with Jeff. He’s an amazing lead, and I rarely doubt where he wants me to go. I sometimes don’t read it quite right, but I’m learning! I really love the moments where I’m not so comfortable with something, but I just go with it anyway, and I figure out something new!

This week I’m really looking forward to dancing three nights! It will be my first time at Club 21 for their Tuesday Swing, so that should be interesting. Sadly for me Jeff will not be there, but I can’t really find fault with him for that. Plus, it’s good to dance with other people, if only to reinforce how great a lead Jeff is!

This week I will also be starting to take classes through Midtown Stomp, which Jeff is actually going to take as well. I’m very excited and can’t wait to see just what I’ll be able to do after the classes. Especially since Jeff is taking them as well, I know that I’ll have opportunity to practice!

The dresses that I’ve been posting are ones that I would love to wear dancing. Not always the most practical, not always a price I would pay, and not always something that would look good on me, but fun to look at anyway!