It’s almost 3:30 in the morning. I got off the phone about an hour and a half ago and I haven’t had any caffeine today, but I’m still awake.


Because I would like to let you know that the date I had tonight was fine, but neither of us is truly interested romantically. Fortunately for both of us we were really honest about it and we both have someone else that seems to have more potential for us.

I never really even got to use his nickname though! That name would be Target Dog, since he, you know, has a Target dog.

I’ve been talking a lot with a guy who is on spring break and out of town. It’s been kind of awesome and I really hope that our first meeting goes as well as our phone conversations. I’ve been having a rough time coming up with a blog name for him, though I actually asked him if he had any recommendations/preferences if I were to ever mention him. Tonight I came up with two!

He can either be The Professor or Mr. Hyperbole. No, he is not one of my professors. Do you really think that I would be posting about it publicly if he was? He is currently studying for his PhD in Literature at a local school though. Awesome, right? The hyperbole comes into play when he likes to talk about everything like it’s the best thing ever in the world. Totes normal, I know.

So, knowing nothing else about this guy, which is a better name to use?

The Professor or Mr. Hyperbole?