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I’m an awesome sister.

Hey guys, giving my brother a little plug and an html lesson. If you’re a total nerd awesome you should check out his blog by clicking the picture of he and our next door neighbor non-biological sister.

(Seriously though people it’s about video games and ridiculous fantasy card mumbo jumbo and some Dr.Who (ok, so that one I can get behind have you seen Blink? Carey Mulligan is totes adorbs in it!).)

Also, just to really drive home the point in my title, totally changed a dirty diaper today. Sandy aka sis-in-law can vouch for me. It was gross.

Teaching Secrets

I love my weekly sanity fix. There is always at least one postcard that is more than exactly what I’m feeling at the moment. Usually it’s the positive or neutral ones that I identify with, which is good, right?

—-Email Message—-

i’m planning on becoming a teacher when i graduate and i’m absolutely terrified that i’m going to have a student just like me

I consider that postcard to be a bit of a positive, and the comment to be a neutral. I’m not completely sure about the teachers that I had still, but I have recently said the email message word for word to a few people while talking about student teaching positions.

I’m starting to get pretty excited about school being done. Now that I’m going to be working around 20 hours a week, I think that things will go by much quicker and I’ll feel more like I’m accomplishing something. Though I think that could have come from the summer schedule for the local community colleges coming out on Wednesday and figuring out what I’m doing for this summer.

I’m hoping to take three or four classes this summer while they’re short and quick. It will take a lot of work and a good deal of focus, but it will make my Fall and Spring semesters much easier. They actually would be pretty easy right now if I decided to just get my BA in English like the plan has been since applying for Sac State. I’ve recently realized that it’s very possible for me to get a minor in Education in the same time, so I intend to do so!