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Lots of walking!

I walked over 60 blocks today!

First I went to the bookstore and I purchased a couple of the short stories I’ll be reading for my literature classes this Fall. From there I went to the grocery store, where I picked up some toilet paper and a few other small necessities. The plan was then to go home, which I did.

Once I got home though, I realized that I really did have time to go to the rally that the Capitol that I’d been wanting to go to all day. Sure I have an opening shift at work tomorrow and I should be in bed before 9, but I’m only young once, and this is definitely a fight that I believe in. So I chugged some Dr Pepper for the sugar and caffeine, and off I went again!

The rally was nice. Though the party would have been better, I do understand what overturning a majority vote could do to our political system. We’ll just have to take to the streets and organize better than we did before, and get it on the ballot again.

I also read in the park in my bathing suit today, which was nice and sweaty! I can’t wait to do it again tomorrow! Maybe I’ll have company then!

So Tired!

It is 8:25PM and I am about to get ready for bed.

I am very tired from a very full weekend, and I have a big day tomorrow.

Work from 5:15AM to Noon.

Shower and gathering of school stuff until 12:45PM when Liz will pick me up.

Class 1:30PM-7:15PM.

Home around 7:45PM, and then SLEEP!

I’ve got a decent amount of reading that I need to do before class on Tuesday, not really sure when that will happen, hopefully some on my breaks at work, and then maybe during the one class that is in conferences tomorrow, though I’d hoped to be taking a nap at that point. Maybe we’ll be slow at work and they can send me home early!

Just a note about today, since it’s all I can really handle. Got off of work early and was able to go visit family, which was really good! I think a few of my cousins are going to join my sister-in-law and I in the Race for the Cure. I really hope that we can get a huge group together. Kristin is going to participate in a triathlon the weekend before, so she and I might actually skip ahead of those who are just wanting to walk. My brother suggested skipping the length, and if we could, I would LOVE to do that!