Want to know what I did on my day off? Probably not, but this is my blog so I’m going to write about it anyway.

The day started with a little bit of sleeping in, which surprised me because I slept to much yesterday. I was fully awake around 10, at which point I read on twitter via my phone (as in I was still in bed) that there was a tutorial in the Etsy Virtual Labs that sounded interesting, so I got up and made my way all the way to the couch to check it out.

The video was interesting and I found some great sources for sewing and hopefully quilting through it, but I think missing the first few minutes of it really made me miss the point. I guess I thought that a Virtual Lab put on by All People Quilt would have been more about quilting than about pillow cases, so I assume there was something to address that in the first few minutes. I did check out the website and the specific video they were referring to, which allowed me to learn how to make a French seam, which I have to say is kind of an impressive thing for people who notice details. Also, it’s really simple!

After that I wasted a bit of time online. Just being a little lazy and catching up on blog reading and such. I had a request to wash some uniforms for this week’s XOSO games for a particularly awesome player, so I went to grab those shifts from his floor before returning the redbox movie to Safeway and stopping by what seems to be a well-established community garden to see how things work.

I ran into some trouble there, as the garden is locked and there was no one there for me to talk to and possibly let me in. I have to admit that in my walk around the quarter block that the garden comprises, I was impressed by some aspects, but rather disappointed in some others. While it seems that there was lots that was growing well and that is awesome, it also didn’t seem so welcoming. If I do end up making a go of this Urban Community Garden I definitely want it to be welcoming and feel like a place that anyone can come to enjoy.

After being disappointed by the garden I went over to the downtown Ace Hardware to just take a look at some things and have a couple of keys made. While I was there I was treated with the unintentionally worst customer service I’ve had in a while. I was actually pretty pissed about it, so I’m sure that you’ll be hearing the full story later.

It was still only like 1:00 at that point, so I came home and put on a movie while I did some dishes and made some macaroni. When I put the mac & cheese in the oven I started making some fruit roll-up!

For the rest of the evening I cleaned up around the house (though it’s nowhere near where I hope to have it at the end of the week), took a shower, dried my hair, cut my bangs and even cleaned my ears in a doctor-approved fashion (q-tips are no acceptable people).

All in all I’d say I had a very productive, though domestic day, and you know what, I’m really proud of that! I mean, how many people do you know who make homemade macaroni & cheese, fruit roll-ups and cut their own bangs all in the same day? And look amazing while doing it all!