I know you are all eagerly anticipating my dodgeball update, and I’m working on it, but while I’m working on it, would you do me a favor and help a friend of mine out?

Is it just me, or is that kind of totally awesome? Right, I knew it wasn’t just me, so head on over here and rate it super high so my friend Joyce can win the $2500 to spend on supplies and make more stuff! (I’m hoping that she’ll come do a Second Saturday again soon and have something that will fit perfectly in my room. I might just commission her for something though too!!)

Did you vote yet?

Ok, I’ll wait.


Wasn’t that easy!?

Now that you’re done voting for Joyce, you should head on over to her website, http://cayelanistudio.com and take a look around. Rose Leilani’s He’e is so not the only awesome thing there!