I’ve been wanting to get in the practice of taking a few supplements daily. Supplements that I take at various times for things and I’m always great about it when whatever is driving me to take them is present and obvious, but how nice would it be if I took them every day and then I didn’t have any real flare ups of those issues?

Guess what, all I needed to make sure I take them every day seems to be a pill sorter.

My employer is changing healthcare companies, so when the new one came in for a presentation last week, a pill sorter was one of the promo items they gave out. I filled mine up with the 3 pills including the chasteberry supplements I want to take daily and guess what I have done LITERALLY EVERY DAY SINCE THEN!!!!!

Yup, I took them all. It’s been super easy and I don’t see it stopping. I really can’t believe how simple it was. Should make it easy for travel and such too!

Feel free to remind me of this some time in the future when I’m over complicating things but the simple answer is clearly worth a shot.